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Monday, January 25, 2016

Cover Letter to Pope Francis - From Anna Von Reitz

From the Americans:

by Judge Anna Von Reitz

We are indeed calling upon you in your Extraordinary role as Trustee of the Unam Sanctum Trust and the Jurisdiction of the Air to act in our behalf in this matter addressed to the Board of Directors and Boards of Governors of the World Bank/IBRD/IMF.  Hard copy with seals is in the mail to you and HRM Elizabeth and those directly addressed. 

The Great Fraud that the Holy See and your predecessors participated in is fully known and exposed to millions of people worldwide.  Whatever the circumstances and reasons for this participation they are not important now. 

What remains is a prompt removal of false claims and improper administration of the Global Estate and especially our part of it.   We suggest that you access the Emergency Stabilization Funds and pay the American Armed Forces without respect to Jacob Rothschild.  His offer to operate the UNITED STATES under new management as a Successor has been rebuffed as just more of the same destructive and dishonest fraud. 

As we discussed with Pope Benedict in 2008 and as we have kept you advised since then, the entire mechanism and basis of this fraud--- including the Medieval misinterpretation of the Afterbirth as a deformed dying child and the establishment of an infant decedant estate in their behalf---has been fully exposed.  The Holy See's culpability is evident in the Summa Theologica and manifest in the current circumstance.  

The role of the Bar Associations, the Middle Temple especially in this instance, and the banks also is self-evident.  The privateers unleashed upon our trusting shores have wrecked their havoc and siphoned off our wealth for over a hundred years.  In those same hundred years Americans have loyally paid off immense sums of debt not their own and have preserved by industry and force of arms both the Papacy and the Monarchy; we are the Creditors in this situation and will not be obliged to accept any other role. 

We would also appreciate your correction of the ongoing false arrest and imprisonment of millions of Americans who have been incarcerated for profit  by the UN Corp dba IMF dba UNITED STATES and the FEDERAL RESERVE and their respective "STATE" and "COUNTY" franchises. We request the immediate and unconditional release of all people born on our soil who are being held for victimless crimes, including all those Americans being held for failure to file paperwork and pay taxes they don't owe. 

We request the end of the Foreclosure Fraud wrecking our country and its people, and the end of the use of private commercial mercenaries disguised as legitimate government employees on our soil--such as the ongoing situation in Burns, Oregon, where FBI Agents are threatening the people they are obligated to serve.  

We request the prompt liquidation of those banks and Bar Associations found to be operating as crime syndicates throughout the world and the transfer of their assets to new management dedicated to upholding the actual Law of Our Father.  

We note that the Roman Curia is responsible for the existence of all incorporated legal personas and that the Office of the Pope has retained both the right and the responsibility to repeal all statutory laws which are repugnant to justice and morality and to liquidate all corporations that are operating unlawfully and in violation of their charters. 

We request your assistance and the assistance of all your appointed administrators, Cardinals, Archbishops, Priests and Lay Brothers to re-educate and inform people everywhere concerning the nature of the Great Fraud and the justice of our actions as Children of God and beneficiaries of the Global Estate Trust.  

We wish an end to toleration of usury and idolatry in our midst and the adoption of a system of international cooperation to deliver credit, assistance, and relief to all people on this planet.  We have already suggested both an appropriate rationale and technology to deliver credit owed to every living man, woman, and child as well as a means for them and their countries to receive investment funding for all necessary and good purposes--- which shall no longer include making war and no longer include any necessity for defense of their lawful prerogatives.  

All that is happening has been long foretold and should come as no surprise to anyone concerned.  The true Kingdom of God is come.  When what is true comes, the false must pass away.  When the actual government stands up, that which merely represents it must stand down. When the actual people are present all "persons" must be dissolved. 

He is come and we are come.  This is the end of the world as people have known it and the transfer of power from Lucifer to the Lamb of God.  

We have established a lawful Commercial Obligation Lien in the amount of $279 trillion United States Dollars defined as one ounce of fine silver against the American Bar Association (ABA) and the International Bar Association (IBA) and the mis-named DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE for their part in these nefarious, long-lived, and pernicious acts of fraud and theft against the American People and our lawful government.   We request the immediate assistance of the Universal Postal Union and the Federal Marshals to aid in collection and enforcement of this debt from the offenders and their employers, the Federal Reserve Banks and the International Monetary Fund. 

A reward of 20% of all assets recovered is set aside as part of the lien provisions.  

These and all other such symbols of value are to be used only as a means to secure an orderly transition. These and other forms of idols must be recognized for what they are and ultimately relegated to the dustbin of history. When we were children we thought as children. Now we must think and act and be as Sons of the True and Living God.

You have chosen St. Francis as your patron and namesake and that claim upon his Spirit is upon One who was and is a true Lover of Man and Our Father in Heaven, so let it be that you act promptly in favor of the beneficiaries of the Earth and in accordance with the Will of all those who love the Only and True I Am. 


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  1. It's well and good, and even exceptionally good, that Anna writes letters like this to "high ranking" people imploring them to do the right thing...but what what about us? WE should be doing the same thing. Numbers DO make a difference and we can't expect Anna to carry the ball all the time. That's what our ancestors did, sat back and left it to someone else to "run government" and the criminals had their way. We have to become just as active as Anna is the a righteous cause. I've already written the Pope and expressed to him what a good job Anna is doing, and requesting as well that he perform accordingly.

  2. absolutely we need to write these courts and establishments to let them know we are all in this together. so get a copy of her affidavit and send it out. it cost less than 10.00 to mail certified. which i have just done in Michigan. Hopefully it shows on her next PDF mailing

  3. Love thy neighbours,more so,then your cellphone!!


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