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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Specifics for Sheriffs and Federal Agents Regarding the Difference Between "Law Enforcement" and "Peacekeeping" - by Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

This information is crucial and needs to get into the hands of all 3100 County Sheriffs and all Police Departments and all Officers and Federal Agents Nationwide.  Please help by broadcasting, reading, making videos, printing pamphlets, hand-delivering, and talking to all those you know. 

The Articles of Confederation, The Declaration of Independence, and The Constitution are Organic Law of the Land.  The Law of the Land is all Common Law.  It functions on the land jurisdiction of the United States and is attached to it.  A Common Law Court functions only within the geographically defined boundaries it serves.  All the offices associated with a Common Law jurisdiction or a Common Law Court including the Office of Sheriff are by definition Public Offices.  They are administered under the Organic Law and the Public Law of the United States known as the United States Statutes at Large. All Public Offices serve the government "of the people, for the people, and by the people".  All Public Offices are created and maintained by unincorporated body politics---- free associations of landowners and other members of the "free sovereign and independent people of the United States".  As you can see from reading Amendment VII, all conflicts arising between people and affecting private property of value in excess of $20 are owed service by a Common Law Court.  The Sheriff on the land is responsible for the enforcement of the Organic Law of our nation, including The Constitution, and the Public Law. He is the highest peacekeeping officer in America within the boundaries of his County. He has sweeping powers to deputize men and commandeer equipment, facilities, and supplies to secure the peace and guarantee the enforcement of the Organic Law.  A Sheriff on the land is elected by the people acting in free association as landowners in their counties. He has a Public Bond and he has an Oath of Public Office. 

But, when you incorporate anything, you remove it from the jurisdiction of the land and from the Law of the Land. 

Thus, when our Counties and States incorporated as franchises of the Federal "United States, Inc."---either out of stupidity or treasonous intent,  they became franchises in the same sense as we have franchises of Dairy Queen.  They no longer function as our organic counties or states.  They function as private corporate entities no different than Burger King or Walmart.  They have no authority as government, and are merely "governmental services corporations".  All the offices that were public offices associated with them immediately also devolve to merely private status.  Thus the "Sheriff" working for such a "Federal County" or "Federal State"  is no longer a Public Official.  He is a private security officer working for a private corporation, no different than a mall cop working for Walmart. The fact that he may or may not be working on a contract requiring him to provide "law enforcement services" in a particular county in no way imbues him or his office with any governmental authority or immunity.
  His job is to ride herd on corporations in general and employees of federal corporations especially.  These corporations set up as franchises of the parent federal corporation are all required to abide by the in-house rules of the "United States, Inc." or whatever federal corporation is acting as Queen Bee at the time.  Theirs is a government "of the corporation, by the corporation, and for the corporation". His job does not involved enforcement of the Organic or Public Laws.  His job is merely "code, statute, and regulation enforcement" that is meant to apply solely to corporations and corporate entities--- trusts, transmitting utilities, and so on.  He does not have a Public Bond, does not have an Oath of Public Office, He's in the same status as a Mall Cop and has no lawful right to deputize anyone or commandeer anything.  He is in private rather than public capacity and should not continue to call himself a "Sheriff" because there are no Sheriffs operating within the international jurisdiction of the sea and continuing to call himself a "Sheriff" sets up a condition of constructive fraud for which he can be held accountable. 

The same applies to the FBI, FEMA, DHS, BATF, IRS, and the host of other quasi-law enforcement "agencies" out there.  They continue to act as if they had something to do with the lawful government of the United States and as if they had some authority over the people of the United States, when in fact they do not and never have had. The rule is that if you can't do something acting in your private capacity, you can't do it, period, not at all.  If you can't bust down your neighbor's door and face-slam his teenage daughter and ransack their house looking for imaginary "contraband" as Joe Average, you can't do it as a Mall Cop, either.  

The only people who have that kind of authority are "Peacekeeping Officers" working for the unincorporated government of the land, and they are required to abide by the Organic Laws and Public Laws and to operate under Common Law when they do it.  

In 1976 the rats in "Congress" operating as the Board of Directors of the "United States, Inc."---- a doing business name of the International Monetary Fund--- declared with no lawful authority at all, that all our state offices and state laws were "vacated" and released to the trusteeship of the United Nations.  See the International Organizations Immunity Act and the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act.  Of course, nobody bothered to tell us. 

This had the affect of further removing all Federal County and Federal State and Federal Agency personnel from any valid Public Office.  Even though these "agencies" have continued to use the names of our public government offices and units, such as the "Bureau of Land Management" and  "U.S. Small Business Administration" and "Sheriff of Macon County"---- these are merely trademarked names, like brand names under new management, and have no meaning in terms of their actual authority or function. 

The FBI Agents out in Oregon are acting under Color of Law and pretending to be under the administration of our lawful government, when in reality they are just hired commercial mercenaries acting  at the behest of unknown private interests--- mostly banks--- and, as a result, they are engaged in armed racketeering on American Soil, against the American people, who are in fact paying their salaries via a criminally mismanaged "governmental services contract".  

So it is really very simple for anyone to determine exactly who these people are and what their status is.  Are they working for an incorporated entity or not?  If yes, they are working in a private capacity and have no lawful public function at all.  

Virtually all the Sheriffs in this country have been converted in this surreptitious way from being "peacekeeping officers" to being "law enforcement officers" --- leaving nobody in charge of enforcing the Organic Laws and Public Laws of this nation, except the People themselves, even though the People have continued to loyally pay through the nose for "Sheriffs" and "Deputies" and other such "services" aplenty. 

Now, given this as a background---- all you "Sheriffs" and "Deputies" and "FBI Agents" and others involved in this travesty--- have to ask yourselves two questions: 

1. Am I working for a corporation? 
2. Am I therefore working in private or public capacity?

If you work all day enforcing "codes, statutes, and regulations" you are a Mall Cop working for some version or franchise of the current "federal corporation" as a private "law enforcement officer" operating under international law. Any presentation or pretense otherwise is constructive fraud.  You have no public office, no public bond, no capacity to exert any governmental authority on anybody. 

If you work all day long enforcing the Organic Law and Public Law you are a Peacekeeping Officer acting with all the authority of the actual government owed to the land jurisdiction of the people of the United States behind you. 

All corporations and all employees of all corporations are obligated to obey the Organic and Public Laws of this nation and if you do not, you are acting as an "Outlaw" on the land or a "Pirate" on the sea-----that is, as criminals.  

You are also perpetuating war crimes against unarmed non-combatants when you trespass upon private property and pretend to have any jurisdiction over it.  The people of this country have the absolute right to defend their lives and their property with armed force, and even more so, when the threat and trespass is being offered by their own misdirected employees who are required to provide them with Good Faith Service. 

Everyone on both sides of this circumstance needs to wake up. 

All those presently acting as "corporate Sheriffs" and "FBI Agents" and "DHS Agents" and so on need to recognize the very, very thin ice they are skating on and be very circumspect in their actions.  

At the same time, they need to be asking themselves--- hey, wait a minute!  I am not a "citizen" of District of Columbia nor an employee of the bankrupt District of Columbia Municipal Corporation, and even less am I aware of being a UN Corporation employee!  What is going on here~!  What am I doing?  There's no parachute for me.  I have been recognized as merely a private corporate Mall Cop, trespassing on private property, which is against the Public Law!  

And those militia men are right.  They are here to enforce the Organic and Public Law of this nation. 

In most cases, the "corporate Sheriffs" love this country and want to serve their communities, they are just clueless about the insane web that has been cast around them and the way that their authority and office has been altered via the mechanisms of incorporation. 

There is nothing stopping any of these men from reclaiming their own poltiical status as "one of the free sovereign and independent people of the United States" and occupying the actual vacated Public Office of Sheriff.  There is then nothing stopping them from deputizing as many men as they deem necessary to arrest the criminals responsible for misdirecting and misinforming them and causing all this harm to this country and the people they are bound to serve. 

PS---- Yes, this DOES mean that every improper "federal action" from Ruby Ridge to Waco to the Bundy Ranch has been absolutely, totally against the Organic and Public Law of the United States and those who participated in and carried out these actions under Color of Law are international criminals guilty of multiple capital crimes and/or trespass offenses.  

Janet Reno and G.W. and Bill Clinton and all the other Party Hearties responsible for these and other crimes against the American People need to be rounded up and turned over international courts of record for trial as war criminals guilty of capital "crimes of aggression" against the peaceful non-combatant people of the United States. 

When we finally unravel the story of what went on with the Twin Towers attack, there will be plenty more to add to the docket.
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  1. Grateful beyond any ability of mine to express. Your work is magnificent and timely and your voice is the most important rally point of our time. As things come to a head, your guidance adds much needed clarity, even to those of us who have been studying and engaged in this battle for 40 some odd years.

  2. You cant make it any more plainer than that.....

  3. Yes, all of this is fact, but is God's will. All of these sheriff's are elected by people who vote, i.e. corporations themselves, and so if a sheriff "saw the light" and started acting as a peace officer, he would be quickly framed for something he supposedly did, and removed. If I were a sheriff and learned what is said above, I would simply resign with no comments, as my family wouldn't do well in my absence. The Lord sees all of this, and also knows the hearts of the people, and more than likely, if things go as they historically have gone, we will go into captivity, and it won't be pretty. God bless America is the chant...why would He? This has all been foreordained, and is being used for His own purposes which we don't know, however one thing I do know, which is that all things turn out for the best for those who believe Roman 8:28. He always has kept a remnant for Himself and we know that Christianity prevails in the end.

    1. We're not going into captivity. You believe be liars (beliar in the bible, found in Isaiah). We are a free and sovereign people and that is our destiny. You spend far too much time believing the infidel fear porn mongers.

      Foreordained? Sorry. With all due respect, it is time to shake yourself free from the brain washing implanted into you.

      The shallowness of your belief system will cause your complete collapse at the first mention of adversity. I feel bad about that for you. If you could shake yourself free from the grip the Vatican bible holds over your mind then you will find the courage it takes to address this truth will propel you into a very productive life of discovery.

      As long as you know it all, you're stuck in a muddy, confused mind.

  4. Update from the National Liberty Alliance:

    Sheriff Mack and the Constitutional Sheriffs have asked NLA to train them and we may have 1000 Sheriffs that are on board.

    NLA is working on getting the free Constitutional Course up on the website for the Sheriffs and anyone else interested.


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