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Friday, April 11, 2014

U.S. Inc. feds vs Living Man

Bigger than Clive Bundy

No matter if you believe yourself a civilian (rome) or citizen (slave to corp) this is one of the most important video news today bar none

Download and share before it gets blocked
Notice that the speaker does NOT say he will have a gun but that he will be present and defend his land and rights with help from other locals that STAND and RECORD the abusive actions


  1. This situation is a microcosm of the citizen/government relationship. We'd better be careful to learn from this, as we WILL fall prey to a similar situation, every time we wish to keep private property rights. Study UN Agenda 21, carefully. It is the underlying cause for this whole scene. Our individual liberty and right to own property is at stake. Tom DeWeese and his American Policy Center is leading the defensive fight.

  2. FREEDOM Fighter
    Congratulations USA you are waking up at last.
    FREEDOM Fighters World Wide it’s time to UNITE.
    This is just Another JEW World Order “LAND GRAB”.
    America has been HIJACKED by the JEW World Order Communist Criminal Mafia.
    The COMMUNIST JEW World Order illegal Coup d’├ętat of America has started.
    America is run by the EXTREME JEWS who are COMMUNIST "ROBBER BARONS"
    doing Land Grabs, theft, fraud and corruption the very same as they did in the JEW Bolshevik Revolution USSR.
    FREEDOM Fighters World Wide it’s time to UNITE.

  3. Totally agree Snowy!!! The enemies of
    Christ are still with us this very day.......

  4. It appears that the local government have adopted the Agenda 21 Program. People, go to the local government in your town and insist that Agenda 21 be thrown out....If it is already under way, vote the bums out who support it.


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