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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Updating the Bundy Ranch Victory In Nevada

BLM Backs Down To Go Figure Next Approach After Ranchers, Farmers, Good Neighbors and Militias Stood Tall

Jason Bean Photo courtesy of Basil Fishbone

This know: the Godless idiots at the BLM and other Fedgov departments and agencies which pack guns against Americans on U.S. soil would never know or understand what lives in the hearts and souls of the good Americans seated in saddles on their horses as shown in the above picture.

These American cowboys own a reverence for life and a love for their country. With and through their reverence for life comes their own self-respect and subsequent honesty, and thereby they forge in the living of each day a real value given back to the land which bore them.

The cowboys work the land, live on the land, love the land, and, as we saw clearly on April 12, 2014, they will stand for the land.

And so will their good neighbors and militia. In fact, a variety of Americans from many walks of our culture and society were gearing up to help defend the Ranch besieged by the BLM.  This one appeals to all sorts of Americans across the board.

Thank God!


But then there are the government guys and gals, an army of Feducated, programmed, trained, taught, pressured, motivated, conditioned, and mentally-engaged "Americans" who come from real American societies and neighborhoods and rural lands but who were misguided into a perception of the role of government in human lives which of course only reinforces the mandate of government-supremacy for the greater good of everyone.

The runaway federal government has so thoroughly concentrated the powers of government by interfacing all levels that it has written the rules of engagement for "enforcement agencies" to  militarily assault the good people of America. These people-turned-agent have been mentally programmed to see we the people as the enemy now. The imagery in their sense of duty includes the use and expression of brutality and even  the willingness to shoot their fellow Americans when ordered by government 'authorities'.


That is serious business.  So in order to put such policy in place it has to be reinforced by "orders".  Orders from a government which is in bed with corporate entities who have designs on the American peoples' properties, guns, and liberties. Orders from a government which is cooperating with a one-world government called the United Nations and its programs referred to as Agenda 21. Most Agents will enforce statutes and follow orders which are not lawful, and they will hardly think about it until long after the damage has been done.

They are taught to follow orders. They are not taught that their Oath was sworn to the Constitution instead of to the government which came out of that Constitution. They are not taught that the States created the Federal government and that the States own the rights of land-management while the Federal government has no such authority. They are just taught that if anyone dare question "authority", if anyone dare dissent, if anyone dare stand up for the Constitution in the face of governmental onslaught, if anyone dare have a patriotic thought left in one's head, and if anyone dare stand in front of them and tell them that the people say "no", then they may have to be willing to shoot Americans. That is what federal-level enforcement agents are taught and it is what most of them still believe. It is what they 'do'.

But that is soul-less, is it not? What these BLM agents did out there was heartless, cold, cruel, and a huge waste of public funds. It became a mechanism of governmental expression and assertion turned back into the face of the people who support the government and are loyal to the America this nation was created to be. It revealed to America what government considers to be its proper recourse whenever any annoying little *individual citizen* runs amok and refuses to pay proper tribute to the almighty General government. The agents who would enforce this may not have even known that their employer would order them to do things which violate their Oath. But one day this event will come back to haunt them, for as we all know, government propaganda is always seen through in time. Put another way by the late Steve Mason,

"Old soldiers with bad gums find out too late whom they really served."

How we can know that is by understanding what just came down at the Bundy Ranch at Bunkerville, Nevada, on the week of April 12, 2014.  After all the Fedgov huff and bluff, a posse of ranchers on horses showed enough popular support and old-fashioned American manhood to stand their ground and by God they ran the damned-by-God BLM out of there. 

They mounted up and rode into the face of the BLM's guns, and by their determination and courage, the cows came home. Add this video to your already abundant love for the American spirit.

Historic! Feds Forced to Surrender to American Citizens
Historic! Feds Forced to Surrender to American Citizens

Be of good cheer. The Bundy Ranch resistance movement has planted good seed in good earth and will bear much good fruit in coming times.  Oath Keepers will have much more to say.  We would like to thank everyone who supported this wonderful moment in American history in any way and every way.  Your efforts and deeds have shown that America is still "in there". You've given America hope.

Elias Alias, editor

PS: Oath Keepers would like to thank Josh Owens and David Knight for live-streaming the above video and much more at AlexJonesLive for InfoWars and PrisonPlanet.

PSS: This article was originally published at Oath Keepers, here:

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