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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Update: Clark Co. Sheriff Announces BLM ‘Will Cease Operation,’ Cattle Released

Stewart Rhodes called late Saturday night to say the BLM has release the Bundy cattle and their cowhands have taken them back to the range.
If they change their mind down the road, everyone has made up their minds to do this same thing only 10 times bigger.
The Sheriff finally came to his senses and realized he could have  a feather in his cap by making this happen.
There were no shots fired, even though many in the crowd were armed with AR15 rifles and more.
Everyone exercised lots of patience with these BLM people but were very firm and sometimes heated in their exchanges.
The simple fact is that the Feds were very much outnumbered and maybe outgunned as well.
They are beginning to see that thousands of Americans are just NOT HAVING their TYRANNY any longer.
The traffic on the interstate highway was backed up for miles from the actual overpass where the cattle came home.
Of course the BLM will never tell the truth about who really owns that land (state and county land) and they want you to believe that Clive Bundy still owes
over 1 Million dollars to the taxpayers. It's all a fraud of major proportions, and has to do with who has jurisdiction, and who was there with water, and mineral rights first. That is the Bundy family. 
Follow these links for more:
This is a long way from over:

Paul Stramer.

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