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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I wish I could take credit for this brilliant article, but I can't. It was written by one of our readers who has done his homework as you will soon see. He goes by the name  NEO and I am trying to persuade him to make this the first in a series of regular articles on similar subjects but with no time schedule.
Please comment below and help me with that project.
Those who follow the news events across the country are well aware of the increasing reports of atrocities and killings of innocents all across this country by law enforcement personnel. If you have seen some of these reports then you are as aware as I am of how incredulous these stories are. 

One has to wonder how in the world our country has devolved into such insanity. Those the public once considered the peace keepers, public servants, and protectors are rapidly becoming assassins and thugs. The courts have openly declared that law enforcement has no obligation nor duty to protect the people. Indeed, we have now witnessed a situation in which you call law enforcement at your own risk. The truth is that what we used to call peace officers no longer exist. What has replaced them is not public servants or peace keepers but corporate enforcers and revenue generators in a commercial system of profiteering and plundering. They now exist to protect the corporate enterprise from the public and assure it a continuing revenue stream.

There are stories coming in each week where law enforcement was called to assist in some minor incident and someone ends up dead because so-called law enforcement showed up. 

What we are witnessing is an inevitable result of the things we, as a people, have accepted and believed in for the past several decades without question. Our failure to question or understand was an error for which innocents are now dying. 

You no longer have to be a criminal or commit a wrong to end up quite dead. It is without a doubt complete insanity. 

This writer grew up in a world in which I intuitively knew that I owed no man any explanations or excuses for living. I knew that no one had any lawful right to accost me, stop me, question me, interrogate me, make demands of me, touch me, insult me, require me to justify my actions, or order me around. In the old days such behavior by any man toward another was an affront that could result in the violator's death and all understood that. Consequently it rarely happened unless someone decided they had an irresistible death wish.

But in this day and age all people are viewed as criminals by the law enforcement community and treated as such. It is expected that man cower in fear, follow orders, answer to anyone's interrogation, subject themselves to any number of humiliations or abuses an officer can imagine to inflict without question and without refusal under threat of death. And, it seems we have a large number of them on the streets absolutely wishing to kill someone and any damned excuse to do so will do.

That is bad enough but the courts have held that it is okay for these law breakers to lie under oath and for their cronies to lie to cover for them. They have become a brotherhood of criminals working for an organized criminal syndicate. (noted: there are a few individual exceptions but they are being weeded out over time and replaced with these psychopaths)

This is all absolutely absurd and unacceptable at every level. We need to understand how this has come to pass and why we have been conditioned over the years to accept such atrocities and injustices. The reasons exist, the intent is certainly present, and the understanding is necessary if this is to be stopped. Of course the choice is to get it stopped or let it continue to progress at our peril.

People of our current day have drifted so far from reality and the real law that they cannot even conceive of what real law is or how it should function. We are far far far from where we should be as a people or a nation.

At the time of the founding of our country there were at least some learned men who understood the law, its source, and its purpose. The "law" of the land was the common law. The common law was really quite simple. It followed the Ten Commandments and it boiled down quite simply to "DO NO HARM." Doing no harm meant do not harm another, their property, or commit fraud. Whether an act was accidental or criminal came down to intent and was one reason why juries were to be composed of one's neighbors, friends, and people who KNEW the accused.

The old expression that "ignorance of the law is no excuse" came from this very simple law amongst men to do no harm. That simple principle was instilled in the very young as they grew up. Although few people could read or write in those early days, they all understood the law of "do no harm". In the event anyone violated that law a jury of people who knew the accused wrongdoer was assembled to determine the facts and determine the recourse, remedy, or reparations to be applied.

In those days if a party was injured in some way, let us say robbed for example, the injured party filed a "claim" against the wrongdoer. A common law jury of the wrongdoers peers, those who were neighbors or knew the accused, to determine the legitimacy of the claim and the reparations required to make the injured party whole again.

The people themselves were the law makers and the law enforcers. No unjust laws could be enforced because they did not exist and the people would not have allowed them to be applied if they had. The findings of a jury could not be overturned by ANY COURT OR ANY JUDGE ANYWHERE. The decision of the people was final.

That is the beauty and the simplicity of the law of the land and the common law. It was this system of law upon which the Constitution was written around. It was understood at the time because the common law was the law of the land. It was the LAW the founders understood to be used across this land and never intended it should be replaced in this country.

One of the causes of the revolution is never discussed in the public schools or the history books. It was the desire by certain investors, bankers, and monarchs to impose a different system of laws into the colonies. That system of laws was/is known as the merchant law. It is a system of laws written to facilitate commerce between merchants, bankers, and nations.

The merchant law is international in character and was needed to be rather uniform to facilitate commerce between nations, merchants, and bankers around the globe. It is also known as the law of the sea, international law, and/or admiralty law because on the "seas of commerce" the captain of the ship makes the law. 

The colonists knew and understood that bringing these laws of commerce onto the land would be devastating to the people and the country as they basically create a system in which everyone is considered either a debtor or a creditor. The intent of bringing these merchant laws onto the shore was to make the colonists debtors and enslave them to the international investors, bankers, and monarchs.

This was in large part the underlying cause of the revolt but it included the control of our currency. I won't get into the currency as that is another vast subject unto itself. My intent is to bring us up to speed on the problems we have with our justice system and law enforcement. This past history just helps to see the differences between where we once were, and should be now, as opposed to what we are witnessing today and why.

Our country and our people have indeed been enslaved but it did not happen overnight. This has transpired over a period of 150 years. The merchant law was indeed brought onto our shores and did indeed replace our common law. Today the merchant law is known as the Uniform Commercial Code. It was completed and made "uniform" by the Bar Association in the mid 1940's, and copyrighted, but was not adopted into all the states until around 1967. 

For those who have been around long enough to consider the difference....look back at life in this country in the 1950's and even the 1960's and compare it to what you see around you now. It is a vastly different country and what were peace officers, trusted friends, and neighbors back then are now called law enforcement officers and have become militarized thugs in uniforms hiding behind badges. Public servants are now corporate officers and personnel offices are now known as "human resources". This is because we moved from a private society to one in which everything and everyone is now considered a commercial entity by the corporate state.

What were once public servants are now a bigger threat to the public than the terrorists or criminals. It is astounding when you think about it. It is like once they put that uniform and badge on they cease to be humans or responsible honorable individuals. They claim that following orders excuses them from the real law which is "do no harm". That badge has become an excuse for law breaking via some perceived, but illegitimate cloak of authority. So, we need to look at that issue and we will.

First, let's go back to the colonies. I cannot envision anyone stopping one of the pioneers or colonists and demanding to know where they were going, what they were doing, what they were thinking, what they were planning, what their business was, telling them to spread their legs, feeling them up and down their bodies, throwing them to the ground, tasering them, clubbing them, cuffing them, pushing them around or ordering them around. Can you?

I'd be willing to bet those folks would have shot the man who dared to talk to them or treat them in such a manner. What's more, I don't believe any other colonist would have blamed them. In fact, they would likely have assisted anyone accosted in such a manner. Such behavior impuned a man's honor and men used to be honorable enough that they would not permit their honor to be impuned. A lot of duels resulted from simple verbal insults to a man's honor.

One has to wonder if modern man has any honor left judging from what they now tolerate. But, I digress. I think we all know and understand that men of old would never have stood for what we witness today.

One reason was because they knew and understood the law. That would be the common law. Under that law you owed NOTHING to anyone if you had done no harm. As long as you were minding you own business and not harming anyone they had best leave you alone. THAT WAS AND IS the real law.

The real law is being violated every day. Our founders and the colonists understood that government and legislators made rules for government and government employees in regards to their work but the colonists also understood that it was not the job of the legislators to attempt to make laws governing or regulating private man.

The simple analogy I have used previously is this: God created man. Man answers to God, his creator. God, however, does not answer to man. The maxim of law is that "the created can never control that which created it". Simple enough. Man does not control his creator, God. Most people can surely understand that simple premise.

Man, created the States and the governments. Man is the creator to these entities. The colonists understood the simple premise in law that what he had created got its authority from man. Man was the source, the authority, and the creator and for government to reverse the tables and claim the authority to rule over man was an absurd, irrational, and totally unacceptable concept.

The only LAW given to rule man was God's law and that is the foundation of the common law. It is the only legitimate law that ever has governed man.

On this earth there has always been a group of dominant people who have sought to rule over mankind. It is most difficult to physically dominate all of mankind by physical brute force alone. Control of man is much easier to facilitate if one can control the perceptions, beliefs, and the minds of man. To do that one must shape and form what the common man believes. 

Man must be taught to believe and accept certain premises which facilitate his domination and ease the physical control. Man had to be taught to be "obedient" and obedience had to be taught as virtuous. 

The word government itself describes its purpose and intent.

To govern means "to control". Ment comes from the word "mente" which pertains to the mind, or mental. So government is the word created to describe the control of man's mind to facilitate domination. Once the mind control ceases to work all that is left is the brute force over the muscle of man. We are beginning to see the failure of the mind controls as the lies and deceptions become more and more widely known. The result of this loss of the mind control is the increased use of force. One only needs to look around the country to see it manifesting.

Now, we have looked at a bit of the historical past, what law meant to the colonists, what law really is, what was brought onto the shores and implemented into the states in the 60's, and had a brief look at where we stand today. Now let's look more closely at some of the reasons why.

As the merchant law was adopted into all the states all actions within the country became "actions in commerce". The tricks used to manifest that into the legal system involve quite a number of tricks, deceits, frauds, and a great many "operations of law" as they are called. (although they have nothing at all to do with the law) Codes are called "codes" for a reason; it is because they are written in "code". It is called legalese, is written by BAR members using words of art or "terms", in which the meanings of words used in common everyday language are changed to mean something entirely different than the common man assumes them to mean.

A number of things have to be understood as we proceed down this road. First, the legal concept of the corporation. It is fairly commonly known that a corporation is what is known as a "legal fiction". It is also called a legal "person", or "fictional person". The corporation is in fact, a FICTION. A fiction is something that does not really exist. Simple enough, so far.

The next thing to realize is the maxim in law that "the law can create the fiction, but the fiction cannot create the law." GET THAT? 

The next thing people need to realize is that virtually all the various governments have been incorporated. The UNITED STATES is the parent corporation and the states are now agencies thereof as they incorporated as subsidiaries or franchises of the parent. The counties and cities fall right under the states and the parent.

So, government is now essentially one giant corporate pyramid of "for profit" commerce. They are all linked at the hip financially and the motive is profit. The profits come from the people as the people are the only true source of wealth generation via their time and labor. The trick is how to make controlling and dominating these worker bees to maximize profits.


If the reader will recall early in this presentation I said that if you were injured you would file a "claim" against the wrongdoer. That was the old system. In the new system they get pretty excited if you should mention you wish to file a "claim". 

The new system demands that the injured party file a "complaint" with the authorities. The compliant is what one might call a subrogation of ones rightful claim. It assigns the rights of the damaged party to recover his damages from the wrongdoer over to the state/county/government corporation. They then claim to be the injured party, hence the STATE OF vs. accused.

They will them prosecute and make every effort to achieve a conviction of the accused. As the injured party you can forget recovering your damages or losses from their prosecution. In their system of commerce it is about making money for the company. They do this by issuing a number of bonds on the accused. They issue BID BONDS, PERFORMANCE BONDS, AND BAIL BONDS. You, the damaged party become a victim of the corporate state in addition to being the victim of the wrongdoer. There are no reparations to you nor recovery of loss. YOU BECOME THE VICTIM OF DOUBLE JEOPARDY.

Those bonds are then sold in the markets on Wall Street and make up a part of the market known as derivatives. They, the corporate state, make money by imprisoning people. Corporations have been set up which are also paid handsomely to house these folks and many of the inmates do work in prison for other corporations working for as little as 25 cents per day.

What's worse is that the corporations running the prisons pay incentives to so-called judges and prosecutors for filing charges, achieving convictions, and keeping prisons full by sentencing.

The accused no longer has a jury of his peers, but a jury of ignorant people who know neither the law nor the accused. The juries now follow the orders of the court administrator and no longer serve as law makers or authorities. 

The details of all this are not the point. The point is that crimes pays. The corporations are profiting from crime. They are making billions upon billions of dollars on traffic citations of all sorts. The amount of money they take in is absolutely staggering. I saw a figure a few months back on the amount the state of Texas took in, in just one year, from seat belt violations and it was in the billions of dollars! 

Just for the record since it is a bit off the subject; traffic citations are actually quite unconstitutional on their face because they are what the constitution refers to as "bills of attainder". At the time the constitution was written "bills of attainder" were outlawed because in old England a bill of attainder usually carried a death sentence. What a bill of attainder is boils down to a legislature claiming that if someone does a certain act that they are guilty of a crime. Hence, if your are speeding you are the legislature to be guilty of a crime and hence must be punished. That is assigned guilt by legislative fiat or decree.

The modern day "for profit" bill of attainder is more properly called a "bill of pains and punishment", but is still a form of a bill of attainder wherein the legislature has deemed one guilty and punishable due to an act declared punishable by legislative fiat.

The point is that these are profits to the corporations. There are quite a number of problems inherent in this system. For one; they are NOT motivated to eliminate crime but rather create the profit incentives to encourage it. How do you encourage it? By passing more and more ludicrous regulations; so many in fact that no one can possibly exist one day without violating some of those rules.

Ask any cop and they will tell you that they know that if they follow you long enough they can find you in violation of "something" and, if not, they can always pull you over and create something. It is commonly called escalating the stop. They can make accusations, false charges, and even claim you resisted arrest. 

There are actually many reasons for the war on drugs, but if you consider the millions of people imprisoned and the millions of dollars in profit generated from that, you can see another very big reason why this is really big business for the corporate state.

More criminals, more fines, more excuses to make false claims or false charges and the people become the prey. The law enforcement officers stopped being peace keepers and became revenue generators for the corporate state. Their new role under this system of commerce is to not only sustain a steady flow of revenue into the coffers of the corporate state but to find ways to increase them. THAT is doing their job and it has nothing at all to do with serving the public or fighting crime. Those days are long gone.

Preventing crime is NOT in their best interest. An injured party is nothing to them but a potential source for subjugation of rights for another prosecution to benefit the state. The injured party can forget reparations under this system because all proceeds go to the state. 

The problems we now see on the street exceed even the absurdity of these predators seeking to generate revenues on the backs of the people. Now people are being cowed and subdued with increasingly obnoxious and abhorrent behavior on the part of these "officers" all over the country. 

People are now being treated worse than criminals and slaves. They are being treated with disdain and total disregard of their humanity and it is becoming increasingly clear that the agenda underlying this is in fact anti-human as it places no value whatever upon a human life.
So, it is now worse than simply violating the rights of the people; now it is life threatening in scope. You will provide booty and revenue to the pirates gladly, willingly, and submissively or suffer the consequences. 

Logic could lead one to that conclusion without the obvious shows in violence and aggression, but for those who could not make the trip previously, it is becoming painfully obvious. Gone are the days that one could "assume" that someone shot by a cop had deserved it. Most likely in this day and age they did nothing at all to merit being shot or killed. In fact, the chances are quite good that they were minding their own business or that the corporate state singled them out for not begging or groveling at the feet of one of their thugs.

We recently had an elderly man in a nursing home shot and killed by cops because the nurses called the cops on the man when he refused to take any more drugs. Just last week we had a teen killed by cops after his dad called them to teach his son, who he had been arguing with, a lesson. Lesson learned; don't call the jack booted thugs for help. The stories are endless. Tragic indeed. But, we still have not gotten to the crux of these problems.

How did they start and how did they progress to this point? Well, most are busy trying to fix government because they see government issues as the problem....either it is broken, corrupt, too big, out of control, any number of reasons. Everything about the system is wrong, immoral, unlawful, unjust, and purely criminal.

Most of the error is unfortunately rooted in the people themselves. I know, you've probably heard that vague remark before. This piece is going to get more specific, but that is where our biggest problem lies.

It goes way back into earth history and precedes the formation of the American colonies. The dominating forces over man have long existed on this planet and mankind has simply yet to determine the truth. Our founders actually got close with the Articles of Confederation, but they still missed the boat.  

We already covered that government means mind control. Mind control amounts to nothing but manipulation through the controlled or manufactured perceptions of man. It boils down to creating and maintaining a set of beliefs built around faith or instruction without understanding of the underlying truth of what actually IS. ie...just take our word for is is for your own is what is best for the collective whole...but, just trust us on this. Listen to the "experts" and let them decide for all.

So, the wisdom for the premise of allowing or creating a "government" to begin with escapes me as there is no logic in it for mankind. That said, we'll start with the founders and where we have gone wrong since then.

Keep in mind that the founders never did believe that "government" was lawmaker for, or over, man himself; that is not self-government. Legislative law making has come to pass since the founding of the country and made possible by the acceptance of the concept by the people themselves.

In the halls of the controllers all of what I am going to discuss is known and fully understood. It is only the uninformed masses of the people who fail to understand the truth. In studying the law and the court cases over the years their actions using operations of law make it obvious they understood the truth because they cleverly figured out ways using their merchant law to circumvent the real law of the land.

It is all perfectly "legal" but then legal and lawful are two entirely different things. Legal is also known as public policy and pertains to corporate affairs or concerns.

The big problem is not merely government itself but the "BELIEF" held by people that there is an authority over them outside, or in addition, to God. Man was never "lawfully" required to answer to anyone besides his creator. All other entities claiming to have authority over man are interlopers and charlatans. Man accepts their claimed authority at his own peril and risk.

In the first place man was never answerable to any other man nor any of man's created fictions. What has happened is that people in this country have not only accepted that the government can regulate them or make rules with which to fleece them but they actually "believe" this authority is legitimate. Man has accepted being commanded and ruled over by other men to his detriment.

For the authority to be legitimate it would have had to have come from God and the authority would have had to have been delegated by God to someone. I realize that there are people in the world claiming that god created government and that consequently government must be obeyed. That is ludicrous on its face and an obvious lie.

Long before there was government God set out what we know as the 10 commandments. To name a few, he said you should have no other Gods, that thou shall not steal, thou shall not kill, thou shall not bear false witness, nor covet thy neighbors property.

All one has to do is look around at the atrocities committed by government and one will quickly see that governments are far and away the worst violators and offenders of God's laws. So, it seems highly unlikely that God authorized or created an entity which would in turn violate all his commandments. They are the absolute worst violators of God's laws and are nothing but law breakers.

So, the claim God created this criminal enterprise is absurd on its face, but if that is not sufficient, we have the documents proving how and when government was created by men. If that is still insufficient one should consider that the name is merely a word and does not represent a real thing. It is a concept behind which a group of individuals act together as a gang.

The theory was that government was necessary "to protect the rights and property of men". The problem is that the minute the gang of individuals claiming to be government violated one of God's laws, or the common law of the land, government became nothing more than organized crime run by a gang of thugs and gangsters making their own rules, calling them "laws",  and enforcing them at the point of a gun. Call it what it is....rule by force.

It is little different than some of the old west towns where the merchants got together and hired a gunfighter to be sheriff to protect them and he turned around and became the thug collecting protection money from all the spineless merchants in the town and hence became their worst nightmare.

We are now faced with a corporation, which is a fiction, controlling and commanding real men, and claiming the legitimate authority to write their own rules enabling expanded theft from the spineless public. They have created their own courts and have hired muscle on the streets to generate increasing revenue streams using the money they confiscated from the spineless merchants.

There are those statists who claim that the authority claimed by this fictional entity called government comes from "we the people" and that because we elect them that we have delegated the authority to act in the name of the people.

That is just as absurd a claim as the claim that God created this behemoth. In the first place NO MAN can delegate an authority he does not have himself. God never gave any man the authority to violate his commandments, rob another man, kill another man, torture another man, in an act of aggression against his neighbor.

I have no right to rob my neighbor and I cannot lawfully delegate such a right to anyone else to do it in my name. It does not matter what name you wish to place on the entity...I cannot lawfully delegate a right I do not have. So, NO, government does NOT REPRESENT ME nor is it of me, for me, or by me. I doubt it represents you or your wishes either! 

So, the people could not have authorized government to rob their neighbors with taxes, fines, or fees. They could not have authorized government to start wars on neighboring countries or assassinate world leaders, or steal from other countries or peoples. 

The sad and glaring contradiction is that people actually accept...and "believe" that government actually does have authority to do all their dastardly deeds. 

We have come down, at last to the real underlying problem. The BELIEF that people have accepted all their lives that government actually has ANY LAWFUL OR LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY over man. It is the belief that enables all that man is being subjected to. All the wars, genocides, poverty, starvation, and chaos are not prevented by governments, but created by them.

It is that belief in a false claim of legitimate authority that allows politicians to act lawlessly and dictate their every whim and to declare wars and act pre-emptively against other countries. It is that belief in authority that will soon allow people to accept the punishment of pre-crime just as we have accepted attacking other countries "pre-emptively". It is that belief which enables these mini-dictators to do their dastardly deeds and escape all sense of personal responsibility and accountability for their acts and deeds.

The politicians claim they are just doing their jobs, just as the police do, and that they cannot be held responsible as individuals because they did it in the name of government. This whole concept goes back to officers of corporations acting in the name of a fictional entity to avoid personal responsibility or accountability for their dastardly deeds. It completely dodges personal responsibility for damages and harm done. 

Since the law of the land, the common law, demands that one do no harm, ANY act conceived of which serves to circumvent the requirement of the law of personal responsibility for one's acts as an individual is criminal in its inception. It violates the law and is breaking the law. That is why corporations are unlawful shields serving the sole purpose of allowing the law to be broken. 

All governments, federal, state, county, and city which have become corporations participating in this scheme of plunder are criminal and law breaking institutions behind which gangsters and thugs hide to avoid personal responsibility for their acts as individuals.

We have allowed ourselves to find and accept ways and excuses for escaping personal responsibility and these escapes set us up for what we now face. If one goes back to the concept of the corporation it is easy to see.

Why does one set up a corporation? Most people know why. It is a shield. It is to protect the owner(s) and/or stockholders and their assets from any personal liability. 

What was the common law about? It was about doing no harm. It was do no damage....AND...if you DID do some damage you were held personally liable and responsible for making the injured party whole again. It kept people accountable, honest, careful, and well as LAW ABIDING.

When people hide behind a shield in order to avoid being held personally responsible or accountable for their actions then they refuse to abide by the law. Forming a corporation to protect ones assets is essentially hiding ones assets from any damaged party and enabling oneself to walk away from harm unscathed and make a profit at the expense of the injured. It is to leave the injured party injured for your personal gain, or preservation of gains, at their expense.

Using the veil or cloak of government allows dominating men to plunder the world and avoid personal responsibility for their actions as individuals. Cops put on a costume and a badge and hide behind a cloak of perceived authority to commit all sorts of inhumane and atrocious acts and they too "believe" that this illegitimate false authority relieves them of all personal responsibility for their actions as individuals. The problem is that the system covers for them and permits it....indeed encourages it.

But ALL of us need to see through this veil of false authority claimed by these domineering controlling dictators over men. They are law breakers...not law makers.

We have become lost as a people because we are confused and conflicted. When we dodge God's law, we are law breakers. When we avoid personal responsibility for our actions or damages to our fellow man we join the criminals and become law breakers and part of the "Gang". For the LAW says do no harm and protecting oneself at the expense of those we damage is not a responsible act.

Government only exists because of the willingness to believe it is a real and legitimate entity with the divine right to rule over man. But, we have already covered that God could not have delegated such authority nor could man. Therefore any such claim is totally bogus and false. If the claim is false and the evidence proves the criminality of their actions then accepting the belief that government is necessary, legitimate, lawful, or beneficial is an irrational conclusion.

All governments boil down to a master/slave relationship at some level. It is a command and control system created by dominant men as a device to manipulate and control the many by the few.

We have been taught all our lives to "believe" the lies supporting the command/control system to create our acceptance of it. The truth is that when you carefully consider the facts, the truth, and the evidence they do not support the claims made to support the concept. The problem is that we still believe in it in spite of that.

It is the "belief" that this perceived authority of government really exists that corrupts the hearts and minds of men. In evaluating it closely you find that it is, at its core, anti-human and the natural progression of this, if extended out, is eventual death and destruction of humanity.

For those who doubt that, you need only consider how much more death and suffering exists in the world today than existed only a few decades ago. Governments are the biggest source of chaos, bloodshed, wars, mass suffering, theft, injustice, and are the primary driving force in dumbing down the people while destroying all real law, morality, humanity, our families, our unity, and the peace. All the wars of the last century have been caused by the ruling classes in "government" and have cost the lives of millions of innocent victims. Such atrocities would never be possible in the absence of this false belief in a right to rule.

There is no valid argument supporting the existence of the concept; not one. Every single argument offered to support this concept is rooted in lies. But, if one cannot see that it is rooted in lies, the evidence of the failure of all forms of government is all around us to see with one's own eyes.

You cannot "fix" government. It is the acceptance of the concept at all that is the problem. As long as government exists at all it will always be the source of the world's biggest problems.

We do not need to destroy or attack government either. In fact, it does not exist to begin with. The buildings and people are there but there is no "government". Just gangs of individuals enforcing their will upon others at gun point. 

All forms of government ever devised served only to transfer the wealth and labor of the many to the controlling few. That is and always has been the bottom line truth. God gave no man the authority to control another man. 

It was always a few dominating men who convinced others of the need for the people to allow man to control other men. It is a foolish concept. People claim they fear and cannot trust their neighbor but believe they can then elect their neighbor to rule them. That thinking is self-contradictory, illogical and irrational.

It is the willingness of the people to accept that although "they" cannot and should not break the law, that it is quite okay....indeed even necessary....for some fictional entity to break all long as it is in the name of their newly accepted God called government. 

That is a double standard of morality and it is the source of most of man's biggest problems. Most people accept that it is unlawful to stick a gun in their neighbors face and rob him, but if a gang of thugs does so and claims it is the government or calls it taxes, then people accept it as lawful. In that case any highwayman can rob anyone; all he needs to do is to convince the people he has the authority to do so and create a name for that veiled authority. Indeed call it patriotic to submit to the robbery!

Once the people are convinced that the "authority" exists the highwayman has a license to steal. If he can take 30 percent or forty percent, what is to keep him from taking it all and what is the difference?

The plain and simple truth is there IS NO entity known as government. There is ONLY a gang of people masquerading as authority and acting as lawless criminals. They write their own laws to benefit their designs upon mankind and the people think those bandit's laws are legitimate even though they violate God's laws which the people are well aware of.

These things are not possible without the "belief" in the false authority by the people themselves. 

These people masquerading as authority cannot and do not write laws. It is a fictional entity they claim to hide behind and fictions cannot write law. The maxim of law is that while law can create a fiction (such as a corporation) a fiction cannot make real law.

Corporations and government therefore CANNOT make laws over man. They can ONLY make corporate or government "policy" and those "policies" do not apply to ANY real man except perhaps those working for the corporation. What they write is policy, statutes, codes, Acts, but they are NOT REAL LAW and thus DO NOT apply to real living breathing people.

The danger, however, is that people as a whole "believe" these corporate rules apply to them and they in turn demand compliance by all their fellow men so the sheep end up policing the sheep and enforcing unlawful legislative action upon their fellow man. 

Once again we find that the people have been duped and deceived into believing something that does not exist because they base their opinions and beliefs on what they are told rather than the truth and the knowledge of what really exists.

One cannot go through life basing their beliefs on lies and untruths nor upon blind faith and expect to be free or to prosper. One cannot be a living contradiction and live without conflict.
It is insanity to fear one's neighbor and yet trust him to rule you and to tell you what your truth should be or what you should believe.

There is no substitute for independent thinking and personal research in an effort to know and understand the truths in life. As long as people refuse to know and prefer to accept what they are told by those who seek to control and enslave them, they will always be someone's slave and victim.

It is the beliefs of the people and the willingness to accept the contradictions and law breaking of the gangs that lead man to the slaughter. No doubt there are those who understand the deceit and the truth who yield up their life's work begrudgingly out of fear because the crooks do have the guns and are willing to use them. That is a pity and it makes mice out of men. Worse it allows the system to perpetuate itself through the continued support of the masses and submits our posterity to continued and worsening enslavement.


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  1. Well done Neo, and while there is nothing here which those of us who have done our homework didn't already know, it is put together well and in plain
    english, I liked that. This is necessary today because Americans are dumbed down, dopped up, and divided on all fronts, and all by design.

    How many times have we heard that if you don't vote you have no right to complain, so we vote out one gang member, and replace him with another.
    Myself, I believe that if you do vote, you have no right to complain, as you have legitimized the gang, and all that comes with it.

    "The truth is out there, so ya better stay inside, because truth is treason in an empire of lies"..................Pete


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