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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

On Being an Outlaw


See some great videos here:

My comments:

1. Obedience IS a virtue, but only when it's obedience to God's natural and positive divine laws.

2. Those laws will never conflict with each other, or with good moral conduct.

3. Resistance to tyranny IS obedience to God.  Thomas Jefferson.

4. When there are good and moral leaders in government they deserve our obedience, but please find one and point them out to me, then convince me they are not there only for their own benefit. The only one I have ever seen come close is Ron Paul.  The perfect politician would be one who would occupy the office they have in order to REDUCE THE POWER of that office over other people!

5. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Lord Acton

6. The worst example of abuse of power is evil and violent "law enforcement" personnel, with the possible exception of tyrannical presidents and top rulers. The worst part of evil law enforcement is that the violence is immediate and destructive of it's victims, and deserves the same instant justice.

7. The excuse advanced by some "Oh we were just following orders" or " I don't make the law, I just enforce it".  It didn't work at the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals and it doesn't work now.

Josie has a message to the Police

And here is the whole story that this exposes:


ARE YOU AN OUTLAW? If you are a cop who is willing to "follow orders" no matter what you are ordered to do, then YES you are an OUTLAW. You are breaking the highest laws in existence. You are breaking God's laws, the natural law, the Supreme man made law for the government to follow, the U.S.  Constitution, AND your oath of office.

JUST STOP IT.  You can redeem yourself very easily. Become a member of Oathkeepers, and CHANGE YOUR WAYS. Then convert your fellow officers to do the same by sending them to this article on our blog at

If you have read this article, and watched the movies, and followed the links and read those articles, YOU NO LONGER HAVE AN EXCUSE for enforcing bad, so called "laws".    and   both have examples of people who are good peace officers. That is what YOU should be. Be an Oathkeeper. START RIGHT NOW, before it's too late.

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