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Monday, June 10, 2013



Sunday, June 9, 2013, 6:13 PM

In May of this year, Joel Boniek of Park County, Montana was convicted by a jury of fleeing or eluding a peace officer, resisting  arrest and obstructing a peace officer.  This while
Boniek was traveling on a private road, going to his home which was threatened by a grass fire.
         For this so-called crime, a misdemeanor, Boniek was threatened with death by Trooper Sulages and Deputy Sheriff Hopkin, and Hopkin said under oath that he would have shot/killed Boniek if he had driven past Hopkin.
         After a trial full of irregularities, Prosecutor Carrick said in her closing statement that people must be controlled by law enforcement officials and public servants. She said if we are not controlled by government people, there will be chaos and disorder, even criminality.
         This is insulting, demeaning, and illogical.  Every responsible man or woman should be outraged at this idiocy.
It is not because of  police who come and take a report after a crime that we are safe. We live in peace because nearly all of us are peaceable people.
Carrick obviously does not recognize that society is self organizing.  It is not because of government that we have food, housing, goods, recreation, worship, business, charity and jobs.  We have these things because people naturally do these things in a free society.  All the things government does can be done by private initiative in a free society. In Park County, we have fire protection because of VOLUNTEER fire crews. ANY power government has is delegated to it by the people, to be used to protect our rights.
         In  the American system, government is instituted to protect the rights of the people to order their lives as they see fit. “To secure these rights, governments are instituted among men.”  Declaration of Independence. 
         Joel Boniek was doing  his natural, God-given and Constitutionally protected duty to see to the protection of his family, home and animals.  He was violently prevented from doing this by officers who ought to first protect and serve the people.  Carrick used public resources to enforce this outrage, and the jury put its stamp of approval on this action.  Potential jurors who knew the issues and did not agree with the government’s action were excused.
         So, the message to all the people is, “You will be controlled by the government, your duty and rights are irrelevant, and you may next be threatened with death if an officer thinks you are defying his authority.”  (In Montana, you can be arrested even if the arrest is illegal! Makes you wonder what the legislature was smoking when they did this clever move.) “If you are not part of the government, you are irresponsible and incompetent.”
         You might rightly ask yourself, “What moral, ethical or philosophical system justifies using violence or the threat of violence against a man who has not harmed anyone?” This is not the way of Freedom or America.
         The crucial question is, do we want a government that controls our lives, or that protects our natural and God given rights? The founders of America were clear in what they envisioned.  Joel Boniek agrees with the founders.
          An appeal of Boniek’s conviction has been started.  He could use your help and encouragement if you value and believe in the American system passed down to us.  This is a matter of principle, and he is standing for your freedom and self determination, as he stands for his.  He could have made a deal with the government, and let the situation continue to get worse.  But if freedom is taken away in small steps or large, it goes away just as surely.
Ask yourself:
         Do you think that a policeman should be free to shoot you as you go peacefully about your lawful business, just because that policeman decides on a whim that he disapproves of what you are doing?
Do you think that the judicial system should condone and perpetrate the exclusion of God, the constitution, the credentials of public servants (whether or not the public servant properly hold their offices), the proper role of the jury in American justice,  and lack of due process?
Do you think it is right to exclude from "Volunteer Firefighters" the volunteer help of the homeowner whose property is burning?
Do you think policemen should harass and attack people in desperate situations instead of helping them?
If you say no. then this case is working for you. Would you consider helping support this effort?
·      The proper role of government is to secure our rights, not control us.  This is not the case in Park County.
·      The official position of government and “peace” officers in Park County is that the people are irresponsible and must be carefully supervised. This ought to offend everybody.
·      Park County public servants, led by Fire Chief Dan Babcox, do not respect our property rights.  This needs to stop.
·      Law officers threatened to shoot a peaceful man.  Each one of us must now be afraid we will be next.
·      These excesses will not become fewer, since they have been validated. The trend must be reversed.
·      Officers in Park County are not tasked with serving and protecting.  They supervise and control.  They have become our masters, rather than our servants.
·      The judicial process has become less just and right.  The prosecutor asked that there be no references to God, the constitution, oaths or bonds of public servants, laws,  fully informed juries, and more.  This is un-American.
·      Fires are fought by volunteer crews.  The DNRC promotes landowner and fire crew cooperation.  This is not the norm in Park County.  This needs to change.
Your help and support is requested and appreciated.  If you have a word of encouragement or support, let me hear from you.  If you can give support, thank you!
Joel Boniek
c/o 41 BlackHawk Dr.
Livingston, Montana
P.S. If you haven't heard from me in some time, this and "hunting yaks in Outer Mongolia" helps explain what keeps me busy. 

Feel free to pass this on to anyone who would want to know. I will stand for freedom and justice. I know you will, also.

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