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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Red Beckman Speaks #4

Possibly the Worst Crime in History!

It has been 28 years since the first copies of The Law That Never Was, Vol. I came off the press. This book should have put the Internal Revenue Service into the history books. It didn't work that way but the story is not complete. Twenty-eight years ago we knew that Federal Courts and Federal Judges were not dispensing justice. Judges at all levels of government have demonstrated their lack of integrity and good character.
Federal Judges have created a great mass of Case Law as they have tried to excuse and cover up another government created crime against “We the People.” I would like to say the Federal Income Tax is the worst crime in history but that may not be true. Don't forget the 50 to 60 million murders of the unborn.

Those orders, decisions and legal papers signed by Federal Judges will now become the prima facia evidence that will stop the IRS in their tracks. I now know of cases that have taken place in the past several years that have stopped the IRS thugs as they tried to extort and plunder productive people.

I will put a sample letter here and you will understand what I'm saying:

To: Sam Hoax, IRS Agent, Chicago, Ill.


I am in receipt of a letter from your office dated last week.

If you are creating a controversy between me and the IRS, I do hereby put you on LAWFUL NOTICE that the 7th Article of the Bill of Rights is the only access I have to Constitutional Due process. Rule 38 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure provides me access to a common Law Court and Common Law Jury Trial. I want to make sure you understand my situation. I am a productive, hard working American who will not allow you or any other agent of criminal government to use administrative procedures to steal and plunder any of my wages or investments. I have been investigating, researching and documenting evidence that proves our Constitutional Republic has been high-jacked, subverted and replaced by an unlawful, evil, majority-rule democracy.
I have in my possession a copy of the book The Law That Never Was, Vol I. This book is an analysis of certified copies of how State Legislatures debated and voted for or against the ratification of the 16th amendment. As you know, the infamous 16th is known as the Law which supposedly gave Congress the Constitutional authority to tax the incomes of “We the People.”

The Law That Never Was, Vol. I was first printed April of 1985. Since that time there have been many controversies where this book has been entered as evidence. The evidence of the fraudulent ratification of the 16th  has never been presented to a trial jury because criminals in black robes will not allow a jury to hear or consider the evidence. The Judges that made findings of facts and conclusions of law which they used to obstruct justice have an undeniable CONFLICT of Interest if they preside over an Income Tax controversy. Judges, prosecutors and IRS agents are paid their salaries from tax monies, and that makes them beneficiaries of the tax laws.
Judges, prosecutors, IRS agents and the Court House Janitor are all government agents. Federal Judges have been violating their Judicial code of ethics, obstructing justice, and sending to prison honest hard working Americans.

Federal Judges are given lifetime judicial appointments as a political payoff. They are political outlaws who are now being called to account for their crimes against “We the People.” They have signed hundreds or perhaps even thousands of documents that will be used to bring them to justice. Just as I have, millions of patriotic concerned Americans are reading history, researching and documenting what has happened to this the greatest most powerful and rich nation in history. Grand Juries and Trial Juries are going to become independent checks as “We the People” restore lawful government. Federal Judges will no longer be able to protect your abuse of
“We the People.”

Sincerely Angry,

Joe Six Pack

P.S. There are more of us than of you.
Red Beckman and his wife Earlene are,
in Red’s words, “partners in patriotism.”

Red Beckman was the inspiration to begin the research that proved the 16th (income tax)amendment was never lawfully ratified. Red is the co-author of the great book titled “The Law That Never Was” Vol 1
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