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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 11th – Revival of the Citizens Militia according to Subsection E of the Texas State Constitution

What is wrong with the Montana Sheriffs?

This Email went out to all Texas sheriffs this morning by Sheriff Elliott of Edwards county Texas in behalf of the Texas State Militia! Sheriff Elliott had me daft this email for her!
Hello to all our Sheriffs in Texas
Dear Sheriffs of Texas, we at the Texas State Militia would love to invite all of you to a very special meeting here in Edwards County Texas At the Sheriffs dept. in Rocksprings May the 11th at 10:00 am to announce a very exciting and historical event, The revival of the Citizens Militia according to Subsection E of the Texas State Constitution. This event is being hosted by Sheriff Elliott of Edwards County. This meeting on the 11th is to introduce the Commanders of the Texas State Militia, to give you their contacts and to familiarize you all with the TSM intent and structured layout of the Citizen Militia here in Texas under the TSM. Here is the link to the Texas State Constitution on the constitutionality of the Citizens Militia RE: Reserve Militia,,
Another useful piece of referal information on this subject and the history here at this link,
As we all know there has been a growing of interest in the Militia within the state of Texas and across the nation as well! This is a very good thing to see citizens wanting to be involved to help within their states to serve their communities, it is their right to do so legaly and safely with the Sheriffs surpervision working with the Sheriffs Deputies in any event of the sheriffs chosing, whether the event is a disaster or a man made event! This is the Texas State Militia's stance on these things! 1.Professionalism, 2. Safe unit Structures, 3. Serving the community. We also realize that there can be a danger to the call of Militia if we do not organize the Citizens Militia in a productive safe way involving our county Sheriffs so security and quality of militia members are to be maintained. The Texas State Militia is structured in such a way. We can even further this organization with the valuable input our Sheriffs provide, Please visit our Website at
We are excited to the prospect of having our Sheriffs ear and their hearts and we are seeking an endorsement from the Texas Sheriffs across the State. We are law abiding Citizens that not only wish to strengthen our 2nd amendment rights but to also serve the community by working with our Sheriffs to help them secure the counties in which we live. The Texas State Militia members are volunteers, we cost nothing but some trust! We all know that our Sheriffs are over burdened at times with many troubling things and the TSM can help our Sheriffs immensely, we are very well trained and disciplined, we are a Well Regulated Militia according to law! Please come to the meeting in Rocksprings to help this piece of Texas History thrive. If there are any questions please contact me at 830-591-3177 or contact Sheriff Elliott in Rocksprings. Hope to see our Texas Sheriffs on the 11th at 10:00 AM. Sincerely, Rick Light, Texas State Militia Commander, Edwards county platoon.
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