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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pray without ceasing for our country.

Make no mistake. We are fighting a war for the hearts, minds, and eternal souls of our countrymen!
Our opponents are:
1. Human frailty and the tendency toward evil from original sin.
3. Those who have sold their souls to those legions for the sake of some benefit while they are here.
4. The millions that don't get it because of their own fault.
5. Those who don't get it through no fault of their own.
The remedy is simple. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.  Let everything you think, say and do be a prayer for our country and even our enemies, especially those in false religions like the Muslims. Make this intention every morning, and make the intention to NEVER revoke this intention.
As an aid to your prayers here are some of the thoughts and prayers that are centuries old.
Oh My God, I offer Thee all my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings, of this day, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in reparation for my sins, in unity with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, throughout the world, in unity with the sufferings of Jesus on the Cross, in union with the sufferings of the holy souls in purgatory, for the intentions of the Holy Ghost, for our spiritual and temporal welfare and that of thy Holy Church, for all those whom Thou knowest that I ought to pray, and for whom it is Thy Will that I pray, and in thanksgiving for all of our blessings.
Dearest Lord Jesus have mercy on our country. I place myself in your presence and humbly implore thy grace and mercy especially on those of good heart who have yet to understand what they can do to fulfill your Holy Will in this regard. Please show me thy Holy Will for me each day and inspire me to do only that which pleases thee and is conducive to my eternal salvation and that of my family, friends and countrymen.
I am sorry for all of the sins and offenses of my past life, because Thou art all good and deserving of all my love. I am sorry from the depths of my heart for having offended Thee. I am more sorry for my sins than for absolutely any evil that could befall me in this world. I hate and detest my sins and resolve never to commit them again, and henceforth I resolve with the help of Thy grace to confess my sins, to do worthy penance, and to amend my life. Amen.
If enough Americans can find the will to pray and correct their lives, we can yet attract God's Mercy on our country.
Beg the Mother of God to ask Her Son to hear these prayers.
My sincere wishes for blessings for you and yours today and every day.
Paul Stramer

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