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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Second American Revolution will NOT be a No Win War!

From the Resistnet Blog "Montana Big Sky Patriots" found here:

Posted by O2Cav91
Allow non-felon American citizens the option to concealed-carry, plus REQUIRE the flight crew to carry, and then remove all restrictions and let the dice roll.

Bloody as hell for a short spell, but even the muj's will eventually figure it out. ...or the USA could ask itself the mind-numbingly OBVIOUS question: "WHY ARE THERE NEVER ANY ATTACKS ON EL AL?"

Posted by michael frazel
To 02 CAV 91 from an A Co 1st of the 7th 1st Cav 70 to 71 11B . Don't just make it an option make it mandatory for any head of household and an option of anyone not a felon to own and carry a weapon. Allow ( I would make it mandatory) to carry a handgun on public transportation. Yes it would be bloody for a while but what a polite country we would end up with............

Comment by O2Cav91
You'd get no argument from me on those points, Michael.

The limp-left is attempting to not only turn this republic into a nation of politikally korrekt eco-wimps, they've succeeded in making it a crime to offend people...i.e., Congress' recent "hate crimes" legislation.

I'm a Christian, but in the case of where this nation is headed, I have to put my money on Darwin.

We start to stop this slide at the ballot, come November, or things will get ugly....and I'm thinking of the LEFTISTS who have heart-burn with their "Anointed One".

THEY are the ones who get violent in their demonstrations of "tolerance", and I think they're going to get dumber than usual in 2010.

I hope not, but I'm not optimistic about the self-discipline of the lunatic left...they're not exactly known for their good manners....and Welcome Home, trooper.

Comment by Mel Frost
Hi guys,

Co B, 7th Avn Bn, 7th Inf Div 11f, 11b Tong Du Shon/Camp Casey.

Wouldn't that make a polite society in about 6 min

We never had any terriorist problems back then, we kept our M14's in the houch with us and our ammo at our duty position/station... CQ had a .45 and so did the OD... Message traffic was always Secret, sometimes TS... My operations building at the airfield (A-220) had claymores in the flower beds... The first tunnel under the DMZ opened while I was there...

Buy ammo....forget the stock market!!


Remember to let them start the fray. We are defensive only. They don't have any reason not to start something, because they can't argue with the truth, so they always attack the messenger of truth.
They are being excited and pushed by Satan himself, who wants millions of souls in hell as a result of the violence.
Once they  become the aggressor you have the right to defend your life, property and country.
End it quickly with Victory and get back to peace. That is what the founders did.
There was no reprisal against those who were too gutless to fight for freedom.
And don't think you are a patriot, until you have exhausted every other lawful means of turning this mess around.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting this Link Paul,
    I was unaware of this group.
    A quick check shows they have
    68918 members Nationaly and 196 in Montana.
    I am encouraged that there are (that I know of)
    20+ Constitutionally mind groups in Montana getting politically involved.




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