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Friday, April 6, 2012

G Edward Griffin endorses Bob Fanning for Governor of Montana


2012 Apr 4 from GEG:

One of the slogans of Freedom Force International is: 'Why fight City Hall when you can BE City Hall?' In reviewing the Montana Gubernatorial campaign platform of Bob Fanning, I am happy to see that he and his Lt. Gov. running mate, Joel Boniek, are putting that slogan into action. They are promising a return to the principles of a constitutional republic in the strictest sense. They are advocates of sound money and a people’s militia, exactly as prescribed in our Constitution.

Their platform includes reintroduction of a county militia in each of Montana’s fifty-six counties, providing a sensible and lawful method for citizens to protect their local governments and provide true "homeland security."

Bob Fanning is aware of the mischief of the Federal Reserve System and the threat it poses to Montanans. His plan is designed to eliminate state dependency on federal funds, stimulate the development of local wealth in its place, and apply the principle of state sovereignty, as authorized in the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, to protect personal freedom and state independence of federal control over local matters.

Bob Fanning and Joel Boniek are offering Montana a real choice for freedom and prosperity. It is my hope that voters will seize this opportunity to reverse the trend into subservience to big government and get behind Bob’s “Montana Declaration of Independence”. To that end, I offer my endorsement for his platform and am proud to announce that he has been placed in the Freedom Force Hall of Honor for his dedication and service to the principles of liberty.

G. Edward Griffin

If you don't know who G. Edward Griffin is read this website:

See Bob Fanning's website here:

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