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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who is Paul Stramer

If you search the Internet you will find that I am called everything from a radical right wing extremist to a freeman, potential terrorist, anti-government, and every other derogatory political demonic name that the radical left can conjure up from the depths of hell.

They are putting your mind in a box of their own invention. You need to think outside their box!

In fact all they have is their tired old buzzwords and their propaganda machine. You should read for yourself about Paul Stramer on my websites.
You can find out what I truly believe and how we are fighting in the political and legal arena for your freedom and liberty. You can find out how we promote the Rule of Law rather than the rule of men, and lawful solutions, political solutions, legislative solutions, and political activity instead of the violence the radical left has used to subjugate people throughout the world in their communist uprisings.

Turn off the television, use your newpaper for starting your wood stove, and get some real information from the Internet. In upcoming posts I will be giving you names and website addresses that will blow your mind with their accuracy, and information you won't get in the mainstream media.

Here are just a few of my websites. I have over 200 sites on my server. Read the issues page to see my writings and others.

Then watch the videos and listen to the audio interviews. You will get the real picture. See the flyer for Richard Mack's appearance July 4th See our links to other organizations. See all my business ventures in one spot Protect your finances during the currency meltdown Earn silver each month. This blog. Press your RSS button and subscribe. My YouTube channel, where you will find lots of information.

That's it for a beginning introduction except to say I can be reached at my office between 8 AM and 8 PM at 800 889 2839.

I don't give interviews to news people without recording the interview and posting it in digital format on the Lincoln County Watch website.

Any quesions about our litigation against county officials will be answered by my attorney only.

Stay tuned for much information and almost daily updates.

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