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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Radical Leftist Polarization of Law Enforcement Personnel !

Subject: Bozeman paper interview w Steward Rhodes & Elias Alias

Here's a teaser from the full article found in the link below:

"We think there is cause for concern," said Travis McAdam, executive director of the Montana Human Rights Network.

And the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks "extremist" activity throughout the country, in a report this month points to the Oath Keepers as a "particularly worrisome example of the Patriot Revival." The SPLC further reports that it’s likely only a matter of time before some segment of the Patriot Revival becomes violent.

The Department of Homeland Security considers groups that reject federal authority in favor of local authority "rightwing extremists," according to an April 7 "threat analysis" released by the agency.

And that doesn’t sit well with Alias.

Radical Leftist Polarization of Law Enforcement Personnel !

From the desk of Paul Stramer -- Wednesday September 2nd, 2009

The radical leftist Montana Human Rights Network, along with the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Lee Newspapers chain, and some federal agencies, are involved in a borderline criminal conspiracy attempting to demonize, scandalize, slander and paint all law abiding and freedom loving Americans as criminal, or potential terrorists. They speak the same leftist, communist language as every communist agitator in history. They abuse their power of communication and free speech to promote lawless hate against law abiding, and freedom loving people nationwide and worldwide.

The reality is that they themselves are the real terrorists. They endorse the radical leftist agenda and threats of taking guns away from law abiding citizens, making everyone dependent upon a socialist or communist police state for their very lives, taking away private ownership of property, destroying freedom of speech and of the press with their so called "hate crimes" legislation, and destroying the most successful document of government ever devised by man and inspired by God, the Constitution for the United States of America, the SUPREME LAW OF THESE UNITED STATES.

These organizations, in effect, don't believe in the Rule of Law. They believe in the rule of men making the rules as they go, and their leader seems to be the person who claims to be the President, while hiding all evidence of his eligibility, and organizing "communities" of lawless street agitators like ACORN and SEIU and other highly paid subversives intent on destroying the rule of law and replacing it with total government control of every facet of your lives.

These organizations are feeding the Federal fusion centers, and all federal, local and state agencies with FALSE INFORMATION designed to create paranoia in the ranks of "Law Enforcement" and polarize them against anyone who talks against the radical left agenda. This is the classic communist strategy of radicalization used to stir up hate and discontent among the public, and goad private freedom loving residents into some kind of physical conflagration.

Communists have used this method in every country they have subjugated throughout their history. They will and have gone so far as to plant agent provocateurs inside various freedom groups who will goad members into some illegal activity, so the radicals have the opportunity to further radicalize and demonize those organizations. Ask Randy Weaver about that? Was Timothy McVeigh one of these agents, and was he a patsy just like he said he was? Why were they in such a hurry to kill him if not to shut him up because he knew too much about who really engineered that attack?

Sorry boys, we are smarter than that.

You are wasting your breath, because the people don't believe your tired old lies and buzzwords any more. They don't believe that the word Militia is a bad word even though every time you use it you attempt to associate the word with some lawless warlord in Somalia or some other country. We know that the lawful militia is a concept embodied in the early history of our nation and is greatly responsible for our freedom early on in our history. We know that the militia itself is embodied and defined in the laws of our country and that the concept is perfectly lawful. If you don't believe it, don't take my word for it.

Go to the internet and read for yourselves.

We the People don't believe that your tired old buzzword "Freeman" means "criminal" like you want it to mean, since a true Free Man is a We the People resident and Created being who did "ordain and establish" the Supreme Law, the Constitution for the United States as a law for GOVERNMENT to follow, in order to SECURE the unalienable God given rights bestowed on Man by God in man's very nature.

We don't believe your tired old buzzwords "Right Wing Radical" since a true right wing radical would be an anarchist who believes in no law or government at all, which is the real opposite of your Radical Leftist agenda of TOTAL GOVERNMENT made perfect in communism, the rule by the bullet or threat and intimidation thereof. We know that the only difference between your leader's socialist agenda and communism is that socialism is totalitarianism by the ballot, while communism is totalitarianism by the bullet.

We also know that you preach freedom only to use it as a cloak for malice. All we have to do is go to your websites to see your endorsement of immorality at all levels.

Travis McAdam continues to mouth the same language as communist/leftist agitators whether he knows it or not, and so does Morris Dees of the SPLC, insofar as from their own words they seem to parallel the Marxist agenda that has been used throughout the history of communism. Just go read what they write and endorse, and then read the communist manifesto at the link below and decide for yourself.

It's really mind-blowing that the local cops and sheriff's deputies are sucking this propaganda up like candy. They don't bother to even talk to people who love the Constitution and freedom to get their views. They just seem to believe all this leftist propaganda without question, and they won't study any history, or law, or any other view. Remember, law enforcement personnel, that those who refuse to learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Are you doing your own thinking or are you letting your boss or some federal agent do your thinking for you?

As a result of this propaganda, law enforcement generally now refuses to believe there are actually people out here that believe in the Rule of Law, and are willing to put their lives on the line to protect the Supreme Law so everyone can continue in Freedom and Liberty.

True radical leftists are liars leading liars and they will all fall in the pit of human suffering just like millions in history who have believed Satan's lies and followed the big government deception of free bread and circuses. Those socialist and communist systems of government never work and while they are in control, millions of people suffer and die. Is that what they want? Are they deliberately trying to reduce the population without destroying the infrastructure? Is it Total Government they are after and they think they will be in the ruling class in this totalitarian structure?

Beware that this is an old song. It's been sung throughout history. It's the song of God's enemies, and God always comes out on top.

Here is a history lesson for all the local cops, sheriff's deputies, elected officials, and any other office holder whether appointed or elected that is helping this radical leftist agenda. You have nothing to fear from us freedom-loving people as long as you obey the law and take your oath of office seriously, and with an informed mind.

But when radical leftist (read communist) organizations are done using you to subjugate the American populace, you will be the first people they will eliminate, because they know they can't trust someone who is willing to sell out their fellow countrymen.

That is the history of communist agitators throughout the history of the leftist communist conquest of countries in the last century.

They eliminate, usually with a bullet in the head, everyone who helped them get to power. They purge their ranks of local officials, and bureaucrats that helped them create their police state. Then they go on to kill everyone they think might have a potential of creating any dissent at all. Don't take my word for it. Google "communist purges" and do your own homework.

I am sorry you are so ignorant of history, the law and your responsibility. The classic definition of ignorance is "Not knowing what is required by one's station in life." You took an oath to uphold, defend and obey the Supreme Law, the Constitution for the United States of America, the only document of it's kind in history that has secured our God given rights for well over 200 years, and the document that the whole world admires and wants to imitate. Our shores are constantly bombarded by people fleeing other forms of government because they fall far short of ours.

You have broken your solemn oath to uphold the law if you endorse the rule of men that these radical leftists promote. When you trample on the rights of private residents of the county or state you live in, you can be worse than any terrorist.

When you threaten law abiding residents with the loss of their freedom for holding to the Supreme Law, The Constitution, you are worse than any terrorist because you are the very persons who are sworn to uphold our rights and protect us from the lawless and radical leftist agenda especially if they are in a majority. We do not have a Democracy (mob rule) in America. We have a Constitutional Republic designed to protect the minority from the will of a lawless majority.

We don't ask for much from you. We only ask you to actually read the documents you swore that oath to uphold, defend and obey, and then to OBEY THE LAW, and refuse to threaten and intimidate private law abiding residents who are only insisting on being heard.

We want you to stop falling for the lies of the radical leftist conspiracy. We want you to study the founding documents you swore to defend from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Then we want you to do your real duty, which is to secure the rights given by God, the author of nature itself, the rights those documents embody and protect!

Until you do this you can't be trusted by We The People to uphold your office. You can't be worthy of your paycheck.

Ask yourself this question? Who is running your department? Is it the fusion centers or some federal agent? Are you taking their word for what is going on, rather than doing your own homework and talking to local residents about these issues? When was the last time you read the Constitutions of the USA and Montana? Do you understand what they mean? Are you doing your own thinking, or are you letting your boss hold your paycheck over your head, while you just follow along blindly?

Are you swallowing what Travis McAdam, SPLC, and the fusion centers are saying without checking it out. Well you should get the information about Oath-Keepers right from their own website before you do something you will regret.

Don't take the word of the people who brought you Waco and Ruby Ridge, namely federal agencies. Question boldly, embrace the truth then do your job right and with integrity. Keep your Oath. If you can't take that heat, then get out of the kitchen, and make room for someone who will keep their oath. Perhaps someone like former Sheriff Richard Mack.

See his answer here to the latest diatribe from SPLC.

If this letter makes you angry, then you must be doing something wrong. If you are uneasy about it just call me and ask lots of questions. I can direct you to much good study written by dozens of authors that prove what I am saying about the law.

Here is a place to start.


Paul Stramer
Eureka Montana
406 889 3183
Skype: pstramer

Republican Precinct Committeeman Precinct 3, and State Committeeman, Lincoln County Montana

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