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Monday, June 10, 2024

Comment to All Comers

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ever since we began the bilateral banking initiative there have been nay-sayers and infiltrators and greedy-guts aplenty.  Despite all that, we have built one of exactly three (3) systems that are more-or-less competent to provide transaction services that everyone will need simply to stay alive.  

More-or-less I say, because every system is not equally suitable for every use.  

Our bank system is built for people and small businesses, not corporations.  

We fully admit and acknowledge that it is understaffed and that the growth curve is exponential so that we are always struggling to train new people and the current staff is always overworked.  

That said, we do the best we can with a bad situation and keep on trucking. 

There are some people who have been blocked.  In every instance that I have investigated those same people asked that their accounts be closed at some prior juncture.  

Their accounts were closed, their deposits were returned, and now, they want to "reopen" accounts that no longer exist.  

It's their own fault that they no longer have a Global Account and their own fault that they have to go back through the whole process and do it over and wait their turn at the back of the line. 

There are also quite a number of people who have changed their email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses or other data, who are waiting for their accounts to be updated --- and some who have forgotten their passwords and Usernames, so that those have to be updated, too.  

Please be aware that whether the data correction is your "fault" or not, it still has to be done and someone besides you still has to do it.  

It can seem like it takes an unreasonably long time to do something "simple" but consider that this is a bank and every change in data, especially contact data and ID data, has to be checked. 

The AFD in your accounts is there by the grace of God and other people who were vigilant while you slept --- people who had great courage and who suffered a great deal in order to bring you hope and relief in a time of darkness. 

You may never know their names, but I am one of them, and I can tell you that I am mortally offended every time I hear some know-it-all grousing about the bank and accusing people at the bank of "theft" or "lying" because of some computer glitch or error or change in information, or worse, their own request to close their account once it was established. 

People have been jailed, beaten to pulp, and even died to bring this brand new, clean banking system to you. Show some respect and gratitude.  These are people I love, people you should love. They have suffered for you; have you suffered for them? 

This most recent flap over the Virginia Assembly Credit Union is par for the course.  

It should be apparent that Americans don't need credit. We are owed more prepaid credit than we can ever spend. Why would we need a "credit union"?  

Our institutions are Prosperity Unions, not credit unions. 

The Virginia Assembly Credit Union is self-evidently for people who were born in America, but who are working for or dependent upon one of the Federal corporations or their franchises. The "Virginia Assembly" being referenced is also, therefore, the District Assembly in Virginia. 

Why are we bothering about them? Because they are living people, Americans.  They have families, homes, and lives that need to be defended. So, here we are, doing what a good government does. 

The credit union sent out "bonds" to help fund the capitalization for their credit union; U.S. Citizens use bonds to get by; Americans, generally speaking, don't need or use bonds. 

So we had a potential situation where Americans could have been bonding themselves and their estates to future performance bonds,  and acting as U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States again, without even knowing it. 

I had to call a halt to that, and show everyone the right way for Americans to make donations, but simply the confusion this simple disconnect caused set off a whole new wave of drama and brain-dead accusations. 

Please, before you open your mouths, think twice. 

Why would I, the Fiduciary who has fought so long and so hard for all Americans, want to harm Americans who happen to be U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States living in Virginia? 

I don't want to harm them, I want to help them. There are simply boundaries that have to be observed the same way you observe the centerline on a two-lane road.  

U.S. Citizens and citizens of the United States bond themselves because they have to operate on credit. 

Americans have access to both assets and prepaid credit, but for the purposes of endowing a Credit Union, they set aside assets of the State Trust to back it. 

That's the proper way to do things and it's all good, but because some people insist on making assumptions and running their mouths, we have all gone through multiple episodes like this where everyone is pointing fingers and hopping around like fire ants at a picnic -- without really knowing or understanding what's going on. 

Do me a favor and stop it. 

Grab an oar, be positive, and help. We all have far too much to do to waste time and effort and passion on petty stuff and wrong assumptions. 


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