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Monday, April 22, 2024

Danke Gott -- Finally, What We Knew to Be True

 By Anna Von Reitz

The German people have long known about the vast genocide committed against German Prisoners of War and civilians by the Allies following the 1945 surrender. 

The Rhineland Meadows won't soon be forgotten. 

The horrible tragedy of it lingers like a bad smell that won't fade or go away.  Like the metallic tang in the air that still hangs over the ruined citadel of Verdun, some atrocities take on a life of their own.  

All those photos of German corpses labeled Jewish corpses, won't be forgotten, either.  

You haven't lived until you've had a full grown woman convulsed in tears draped over your lap for an hour, because she saw a picture of her younger brother in one of those mass graves. 

He was a German Lutheran soldier, last seen in the Battle of the Bulge, and surrendered there.  But Ike didn't honor the Geneva Conventions. Ike was worse than the Japanese commanders during the Bataan Death March, simply because with Ike, there were no survivors.  

Ike gave the orders.  

There were to be no witnesses to the American and British atrocities.  Prisoners were made to take the film footage and photos and then they, too, were murdered. Nobody escaped.  Nobody got out alive. 

But 37 million Germans went "missing", and ironically, all those publicity photos Ike had taken of the mass graves he created, somewhat backfired. 

Forensic photography and technological improvements like computerized facial recognition have left no doubt. The vast majority of the victims splayed grotesquely in those mass graves were Germans.  Six to one. 

General Eisenhower, an American of German descent, was responsible for six times more genocide than Hitler in Germany alone.  

Ike was too much of a gutless politician to do anything but go along with the plan to demonize the German people and murder them by the millions after they were disarmed and defenseless. Read it and weep: 

Just like the Israelis are still murdering the defenseless Palestinians in Gaza right now.  

It's always their modus operandi, to play the victim while being the villain.  

These venomous excuses for men don't even take care of their own people.  

Have you seen the disgraceful ads asking people to donate to Holocaust victims, ancient Jewish widows, holding begging bowls in their outstretched hands?  

This, in a country that gets billions of dollars of aid and donations each and every year?  Far, far more federal aid than any of our own States?  And they can't feed a few 100 year-old widows on their own ticket?  Really?  

This is the kind of hypocrisy and diabolical nonsense that these people engage in all the time. 

Does it really go unnoticed, that while they are whining like whipped puppies and looking back over their shoulders like men who have seen a ghost, they are playacting?  

At the same time they are doing this, they are senselessly polluting the Arab homelands with "spent" nuclear waste, and they don't care that our military members are exposed to the radiation and dying from it, too. 

I would say that they are afraid because they know what they deserve, and that is what gives their performances such authenticity, but no, they could not possibly have a heart or a conscience and do what they have done. 

Their egotistical elitism, which is itself founded on lies and the ravings of evil men, has caused them to hold all other men in contempt.  They think we are too stupid to know what they've done. They think they will get away with it --- again. 

But the Primal Creator has been aroused, and has heard the outcry from afar, and according to their own words, they will be utterly consumed and destroyed. 

Meanwhile, while they are busy bombing and poisoning, polluting, aborting, infecting and injecting and experimenting on others and lamenting "overpopulation" I have one thing to say ---- "You first." 


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