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Sunday, February 18, 2024

International Public Notice: They Have No Gold

 By Anna Von Reitz

The simple fact is that all physical assets belong to physical living people.  The Law of Kinds is invoked. 

Only men and women have gold, silver, land, soil, water, air, indeed all the material interests of this planet belong to people, not persons, and can only belong to the living people. 

Any provision we make for corporations to own anything extends to their right to exist and conduct business "for any lawful purpose".  Legal purposes are disallowed. 

Persons, mere humans, working as public employees and institutions have tried to insert themselves as middlemen and purloin the rights and assets of the living, but this cannot be permitted. 

And this is the issue at Law that our own courts which have superior concurrent general jurisdiction have answered; we do not choose to let our public employees represent us in the matter of our physical assets and credit derived from our physical assets.  

Our country and its fifty nation-states are fully endowed in all jurisdictions and have sent our lawful Fiduciary to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) according to our Law and Custom -- with reference to accounting due on land jurisdiction assets owed to Americans by the 63 central bank members of the Bank for International Settlements -- which includes the so-called Off-Ledger Accounts and Legacy Trust Accounts; there are no Legal Persons authorized to distribute or claim or use our gold, silver, land, cash, or corporate holdings and no current contract allowing their use or distribution. 

This should be of concern to the whole world, as our resources have underwritten all trade and commercial transactions in the Western World and part of the Eastern Hemisphere, too, for more than a century.  An accounting has been due from the Global Federal Reserve since 2005, and other banks are similarly overdue. 

The U.S. Congress has no gold of its own and has merely purloined credit based on our assets for over twenty years, based on the False Presumption that we have been silent and therefore allowing them to spend our credit willy-nilly on genocidal pandemics, wars for profit, and other atrocities -- which is simply not true. 

We fully respect both international and domestic laws against genocide and against criminality of the kind that has been fostered by these Legal Fictions and their Persons, and we have been steadily, determinedly, trying to gain the cooperation of the banks in addressing this gross malfeasance and misadministration of our assets, including our credit.

The idea popularized by the late-Queen's Government and the Government of Westminster ever since the bankruptcy of the old Federal Reserve System, that we have been "absent" or failing to do our part to manage our own business, is countermanded by a long list of court and administrative actions that admit that: (1) we are present; (2) we have the right to the assets and their administration; (3) the central banks have been continuing to discount our claims in the face of supreme court rulings and circuit and federal court rulings proving that we are the Parties having all survivorship interest in the Estates we have referenced. 

To avoid chaos, we have requested a simple accounting of our deposits with the central banks as a prelude to negotiations and stipulations that will allow us all to proceed on a firm and realistic footing. 

Our gold and silver, our cash assets, our land assets, and corporation holdings must be held harmless. 
There has been no contract allowing the banks to do what they have done since 2005. 

All of these holdings are ours and are under the direction -- not of Congressmen acting as "Representatives", but instead, are directly the responsibility of our Fiduciaries and our unincorporated Holding Company, The United States of America.  

The assets of the Avila Family Trust are likewise under the care and direction of living men and women, not Human Persons, and not incorporated Legal Fictions of any kind. 

This should be understood and accepted by everyone reading this, as it stands to reason that the three-dimensional world cannot be made to serve a realm of two dimensional fictional reality; the creation is never greater than the Creator. 

It would be a strange thing, indeed, if we were to hand over our most precious possessions and future to the care of Foreign Persons hired to provide certain stipulated services, none of which include any administration of our property and estates. 

We deny any contract with any Maritime or Admiralty or incorporated Church authority claiming a public or private interest in our Estates and/or Deposits related to our physical assets and credit derived therefrom. 

It is self-evident that our names and authorities have appeared historically and that our methods of doing business have stood the test of time without reference to any foreign power, much less such power as may be granted to foreign corporations in the business of providing essential government services. 

We repeat the obvious: neither the British Territorial U.S. Congress, nor any Congressman belonging to this Body Politic, nor any General or Admiral or Representative Person, has any gold of their own to offer, and therefore, no say in what we choose to do as men and women taking action with respect to our own physical assets. 

Both the assets and the credit derived from the assets belong to the actual Inheritors, Survivors, Progeny, Donor-Beneficiaries -- all living men and women without exception.  

We therefore call upon all recipients of this message to honor the facts and the Law of Kinds, the signatures and powers firmly attached to the multiple and irrevocable general Powers of Attorney, the Swift Messages that were sent to all the Central Banks by the M1 Authority, and court rulings that support our position.  We are available to meet with representatives of the Bank of Internationals Settlements and its members. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 18th 2024


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