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Saturday, February 10, 2024

International Public Notice: The Bank for International Settlements

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Bank for International Settlements was conceived as a means to establish oversight and cooperation among central banks worldwide, a "central bank of central banks" to create standards of operation and impose a degree of professional accountability among the members. 

Unfortunately, it has thus far largely failed in its mission to promote fair practices and professional standards for banks that are engaged in the inherently criminal business of commodity rigging -- especially currency rigging. 

Basel 3 compliance standards have been ignored for years and every time we come push to shove such that there should be no further excuse --- something else comes up. Basel 4 has similarly been skirted around and delayed, delayed, delayed. 

What results is that good central banks assemble their resources and do the work necessary to harmonize with the BIS compliance standards, and bad central banks go on doing whatever they please, usually by creating an endless stream of excuses. 

The Federal Reserve and Global Federal Reserve operations have been among the worst offenders; their excuse is that they own the preponderance of gold deposits in the 63 member banks of the BIS, but this is not true according to the account agreements and records of Federal Reserve Depositors.  

What we find instead is that the gold that has been distributed to the Philippines by the U.S. Navy and to the other Central Banks belongs to private depositors, especially American depositors, who were "written off" as being "dead" and "missing" and otherwise unavailable for comment while the Federal Reserve and Global Federal Reserve latched onto their assets and continued on their heedless and largely criminal course. 

The excuse for this, as in so many other instances of criminal activity against individual Americans and others across the globe, has been the unlawful and unconscionable conversion of Americans and people of other nationalities into the presumed political status of British Territorial Citizens and British Crown Municipal Corporation Franchises -- that is, slaves. 

This so-called Federal Dual Citizenship was conferred on the victims based on another False Presumption arising from the repeated bankruptcies of incorporated Federal Subcontractors. 

Each time one of these foreign incorporated entities went bankrupt their personnel were left in a condition of statelessness; as millions of Americans had been deliberately misidentified and registered as British Territorial U.S. Citizens via an unconscionable contracting process, they and their assets were similarly presumed to be stateless and subject to salvage operations by Creditors of these Federal Subcontractors. 

We are in fact the only organizations and individuals having and holding the entire survivorship interest in this country and in the individual estates thereof. Americans have never been stateless. 

All other Creditors are foreclosed by the actual owners of the purloined gold and silver assets, land assets, cash assets, and corporate assets; we are also the preferential creditors and Priority Secured Parties of all U.S. Citizens and Municipal Franchise Corporations that have been created out of thin air for the purpose of impersonating us. 

This afternoon we are forwarding copies of a letter sent to The Bank for International Settlements, requesting a validated settlement of all our organizational and individual accounts from all the member central banks. 

A similar letter is being sent to the Supreme Court of the Philippines and the Government of the Philippines regarding the safekeeping accounts established by the U.S. Navy and successive Presidents of the British Territorial United States of America, Incorporated. 

These foreign corporations have misrepresented and impersonated the people they are contractually bound to serve in "good faith".  Their continued operations and False Claims both in Maritime Commerce and Admiralty venues cannot be allowed.  

The Federal Reserve Banks, including the Global Federal Reserve, must come to terms with the actual owners of the assets concerning the use and disposition of the assets and all credit derived from the assets, too.  

These banks cannot be allowed to continue to operate in this lawless and self-interested manner via criminal impersonation of depositors; owing to their practice of "fractional reserve banking" which is itself a form of illegal gambling, these institutions are in fact already bankrupt and in receivership to their depositors and we have provided Due Process Foreclosure. 

It should be understood by now that our Federation of States is Holder of all Mutually-held governmental powers of the sovereign States of the Union and that we have nothing whatsoever to do with our erstwhile Federal Subcontractor's bankruptcies nor their Successor's wrong-doing.

It also follows that the Acts of the 34th Congress dissolving "Judicial Districts" reflects business conducted by the British Territorial United States of America, Incorporated, for its business purposes, as we, Americans, do not have "Judicial Districts".  

It also follows that all such conventions and actions such as the Convention signed at Montevideo and the resulting Federal Code 49 Stat 3097, Treaty Series 881, is a Sea Treaty of the British Territorial United States of America, consigning its "states" to International Law --- not our states, their states, which are in fact states-of-states.  

Similarly, the International Organization Immunities Act of 1945 placing all courts under the jurisdiction of the United Nations applied under Title 22 CFR of their Federal Code, applies to all the British Territorial Courts, and makes it clear in 8 USC 1481, that these men and women are operating as Foreign Agents who voluntarily surrendered their American citizenship and have nothing to do with us, having no cause to even address us, much less lay any False and Presumptive Claims against our assets or claim that we were ever magically converted into British Territorial U.S. Citizens via unconscionable contracts. 

We have been the victims of nothing less than a National-level Identity Theft scheme promoted by our public employees, both Territorial and Municipal.  Like any credit card hacker, they have impersonated us for the the purpose of accessing our credit and abusing it without our knowledge. 

Via their unauthorized and undisclosed registration activities on our shores they have concocted  unconscionable contracts with Americans and have pretended that these same Americans voluntarily and knowingly adopted the political status of British Territorial U.S. Citizens. 

They then copyrighted the names of their victims -- an illegal act of latching upon privately held copyrights already in existence, and used this as a secondary means of fraud by incorporating Municipal citizens of the United States -- franchise corporations of the US, Inc. in the names of Americans, thus seeking to arbitrarily confer another set of foreign citizenship obligations on our people.  

These crimes of denigration are crimes of state and they have taken place under the noses of all the administrative and peacekeeping authorities on this planet, people and institutions alike, who all have cause to know that: (1) securitization of living flesh is both unlawful and illegal; (2) both slavery and peonage have been outlawed worldwide since 1926; (3) there is no lawful money available from the Federal Reserve; such assets can only be illegally and unlawfully derived from latching onto assets belonging to depositors.  

Such as, for example, the receipts from no less than ten (10) Social Security Administration bonds issued against the labor assets of our people and enforced upon them under Color of Law, based on the supposition that they are not Americans living in their own country, but are instead the employees and dependents of two foreign municipal corporations owing debts to State Trusts used as "investment funds" by the Perpetrators of these fraud schemes. 

Neither Treasury Notes nor Federal Reserve Notes nor any other kind of "note" -- especially notes appearing without a certain date of repayment -- can be considered money.  This is well and firmly established even in the jurisprudence of the Perpetrators of the schemes that have sought to bind us. 

All such notes issued by the British Territorial or Municipal "Federal Reserve" operations have been "mistakenly" issued against our assets, both our physical assets and labor assets (peonage) based on these aforesaid impersonations and pretensions of contract with Legal Fictions constructed out of hot air and private commercial scripts issued against our assets without our knowledge.

The central banks are responsible for allowing this travesty to find fruition and for promoting a system of phony "money of account" based on such vacuous suppositions. 

Once an accounting can be established of all institutional and individual accounts, it is our fixed and determined Express Trust and Will as the Holders of all the unique survivorship interests involved in this debacle, to remove our assets to our own chartered Bilateral Bank System. 

Countries that wish to be free of this criminality, this taint of fraud, are welcome to join our Bilateral Bank Community.  

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 9th 2024


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