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Monday, January 1, 2024

International Public Notice -- The Three Crowns Final Summation

 By Anna Von Reitz

To the Living and the Dead to Whom These Presents Come: 

In 1302, Pope Boniface VIII created the first Express Trust, known as the Unam Sanctam Trust, by simply declaring it --- in translation to modern English, he concluded: 

  “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”

Please note, he does not say, "subject to the Pope of Rome" or "Bishop of Rome", he refers to the pagan secular office instead, the "Roman Pontiff".  

"Pontiff" in Latin means "Bridge" and the "Roman Bridge" being specified was the bridge between the sacred and the temporal -- the Office in charge of money and material assets on one side of the "bridge" and credit derived from actual money and material assets on the other side of the bridge. 

Modern banks still use this terminology. 

Please also note that he uses the terminology "human creature".  

As we have seen, "human" refers to a "color of man" or "person" not an actual living man.  If Boniface VIII had meant "man", he would have said, "man" and would not have used the word "human", nor would he have used the word "creature".  

The earliest reference that the Oxford English Dictionary has for the word "creature" is as a borrowing from French circa 1300, precisely the time period that Boniface VIII used it.  

"Creature" first appears in Middle English in the poem we refer to as "The Old English Soul and Body" which still exists in multiple copies. 

Again, the implications are clear--- a "creature" circa 1300, is not a man.  A "creature" is an imagining, a "creation" of man -- what we would call a Legal Fiction today

These facts clearly establish that Pope Boniface VIII was talking about secular, temporal affairs administered by the Office of the Roman Pontiff, and that he was additionally talking about corporations and similar legal fiction entities, not living people. 

This again affirmed in the later codified Ecclesiastical Law making the Pope responsible for, and having the power to dissolve, any and all corporations.

Within the context of his time frame, the legal fictions that Boniface VIII envisioned being subject to his own Pontifical Office would have all been trusts, which had been defined some three hundred years earlier -- the first such legal fiction entities approved by the Roman Curia for recognition in the courts and use in business. 

All the glittering array of other kinds of corporations we are now faced with, had not yet been created. 

Immediately under the auspices of the Unam Sanctam Trust are three (3) additional Kingdom Trusts: the Romanus Pontifex, the Aeterni Regis, and the Convocation Trusts.  

The Romanus Pontifex was a land trust established by Pope Eugenius IV in 1436, and successively expanded and tweaked in response to the African military campaigns against the Muslims by King Alfonso of Portugal; by 1455, Pope Nicholas V, endorsed seizure of all the lands of the Saracen-Turks and other non-Christians and called for placing them into "perpetual slavery".  The Church assumed a dual ownership position with respect to these "Crown Lands" and the Romanus Pontifex Trust was thus funded by these military conquests by Catholic Monarchs, acts of enslavement, and acts of asset confiscation under force. 

Eventually, the Romanus Pontifex claims extended to the whole world and denied all newborn children any right to own land. 

It was finally dissolved along with the Office of the Roman Pontiff in 2011.  The assets were earmarked to be returned to the people who had been harmed, but that hasn't happened yet. 

The removal of the accompanying noxious "Doctrine of Discovery" has had unexpected consequences in that factual evidence suggests that all land masses except Africa were "discovered" at various times by successive waves of immigrant populations, so in most of the world it is impossible to determine any actual "first owners" to reward. 

The obvious solution, to reward all the people who are alive now with official return of their purloined land assets, has not been adopted. Instead, specific ethnic groups willing to be recognized as "tribes" loyal to Rome and paying "tribute" to Rome are slated to receive back the Crown Land, which is just another self-interested error leading to injustice and strife promoted by the secular administration of the Roman Catholic Church. 

The Aeterni Regis, otherwise known as the Eternal King Trust, was formed by Pope Sixtus IV in 1481, and placed claims upon the body as a separate class of asset deriving from the Crown Land, and extended ownership of the body (of slaves) to the Crown of Portugal under the Treaty of Alcacovas. 

The idea was to "split the take", with ownership of all Christians and their property interests going to the Pope, while the King of Portugal and other Christian Monarchs involved in the military conquest of Crown Lands received the ownership of all the non-Christian slaves.  

This development --beginning with the conquest of Muslim lands and the enslavement of non-Christians under the Romanus Pontifex and later, under the Aeterni Regis extending to direct ownership claims over the bodies of the people living on Crown Lands, is how the Church fostered the African slave trade and became deeply enmeshed -- for purely financial reasons -- in the practice of enslaving people, both Christian and Non-Christian alike.  

This is why, 350-plus years later, the Catholic-based Municipal United States Government (Federal Civil Service) wound up allied with The Confederate States of America in the so-called American Civil War. 

The Aeterni Regis continued to address the slaves as "Subjects" instead of as men and women, persons instead of people --- following the same theme as Boniface VIII's use of the words, "human creatures". 

Apparently, this legalistic white-washing of the crime served to ameliorate the distasteful reality that the Church was involved in an enslavement racket, profiting handsomely from it, and using non-Christian slaves as payola and reward for their chosen Christian Monarch mercenaries and cronies. 

The Aeterni Regis became known as the Second Crown and also as the Crown of the Commonwealth -- a special reference to the King of England's position as Overseer of the Pope's Commonwealth lands, and as of 1481, the "Subjects" inhabiting the Commonwealth as well.  

Having claimed all the land on Earth and having claimed ownership of all the Christian people as slaves owned by the Church, there was only one other asset left to snatch: the Souls of the Faithful.

The Convocation Trust was formed by Pope Paul III in 1537, and seizes upon the souls of all baptized Christians, regardless of denomination, Catholic and Protestant alike, and issues a "Baptismal Certificate" like a coat-check, that you can use to reclaim (or redeem) your soul, if you like --- and if you catch wind of their scheme to trade upon, buy and sell, and commercially profit from your soul. 

It was exactly this kind of gross corruption and commingling of the sacred and the profane under one roof that Martin Luther objected to when he composed his famous 95 Theses against the sale of Indulgences twenty years prior to the formation of the Convocation Trust. 

The mechanisms used to do this were very ingenious. 

First, the Pope approved King Henry the Eighth to act as the Head of the Protestant Church of England under the First Convocation, which was basically a treaty convention taking place in 1531. 

King Henry promptly declared the "necessity of baptism, even in the case of infants" --- guaranteeing that the souls of the victims would be entrapped as chattel benefiting the Convocation Trust, almost from birth. 

Three years after the Convocation Trust was formed, the first Cestui Que Vie Act of 1540 was passed, to harvest all the "lost souls" who weren't Catholic, and to presume that they were furthermore, "lost at sea" --- a jurisdiction under King Henry's Ecclesiastical as well as Admiralty and Maritime control. 

This is where King Henry VIII got his "cut" of the pie; whereas the Pope claimed the souls of all the Catholics and maintained them on the Commonwealth lands, King Henry VIII claimed all the "lost souls" belonging to his own Protestant Church and maintained them in the jurisdiction of the sea, where he was granted --- as part of all this gross breach of trust and chicanery --- plenary control.  

Apart from the weird practice of trading souls on a stock market created for the purpose of gambling on the value of souls and their products --- their energy, value of their labor and performance, and intellectual assets --- the actual profit from this mess comes from obligating the victims to labor contracts, and to paying income taxes based on their labor and performances.

This is actually very big business and you can watch the value of your soul's energy being traded simply by opening up one of the accounts at one of the firms like PIMCO or Fidelity that manage these trades. 

The value of your labor and intellectual properties is also used to create the entire promissory note debt industry giving rise of mortgages, the fiat currency system, insurance gambling, securitization of the enslaved "Subjects" as chattel backing public debt, and more. 

This "Third Crown" is created when each child is baptized; a copy of the Baptismal Certificate is given to the victim to legalize this, and the original is either kept by the Roman Catholic Church in the case of a Catholic baptism, or given to the County or State Registrar in the case of a Protestant baptism. 

In theory, without possession of this "Legal Title" over one's own soul, the victim of this crime is rendered without standing in a Municipal court and considered nothing more than cargo being transported around by a "Special Purpose Vehicle" on land or a "Vessel" at sea. 

This form of "baptism" which is fraudulently presented as a religious sacrament to the victims, is thus reduced to the most venal kind of commercial trust.

By 1666 when the current form of Cestui Que Vie Trust was enacted, things had gotten "hot" for the Catholic Stuart Monarchs in more than one way; in addition to being forced to flee and then restored to office in 1660, Charles II had to face the Great Fire of London and a mercenary war with the Dutch at the same time. 

It was at this particular juncture that Charles II decided that being the personal owner of all the Protestant slaves called "Subjects" was not a tenable position to be in, so he off-loaded the role of Slavemaster, together with the financial obligations, on a secondary Public Charitable Trust and created a Public Trust Interest in the private property of the enslaved Protestant Subjects. 

In this way the property belonging to Protestant Subjects was seized as having been donated by Charles II to the Public Charitable Trust, ready and available to be used to settle Public Debt, fund infrastructure projects that Charles would otherwise have to pay for and self-fund what we would recognize as public assistance or welfare. 

The same exact scheme was employed in America after the Mercenary Conflict euphemistically called "The American Civil War".  

A Public Charitable Trust was established for the benefit of the former Plantation Slaves shortly after the British Territorial U.S. Congress unilaterally re-enslaved them by conferring Fourteenth Amendment citizenship upon them, making them "citizens of the [Catholic Municipal] United States". 

This was done as a means to legalize collecting war reparations from the victim's  labor and whatever small possessions the victims had, and was one of the retributions inflicted on the Catholic-run Municipal Government that sided with the Confederacy on the issue of slave ownership -- for reasons already discussed. 

The only real difference between the British Government and the Roman Catholic Government Subcontractors operating out of the District of Columbia was a difference of opinion as to who was or ought to be enslaved.  

The Brits (after 1666) enslaved people to serve as publicly-owned chattels, while the Pope's government enslaved people as privately-owned chattels.  Both were avid proponents of slavery just the same, and the niceties of the differences between them were quite lost on the victims. 

By 1937, the British Monarchs and the then-Pope decided to bury the hatchet by conferring "Federal Dual Citizenship" on every baby born in America -- despite the fact that all their claims and suppositions and purported authorities amount to constructive fraud and unlawful conversion of the political status of their Employers, which is a capital crime. 

Their Agents in this country signed "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States" which established collusion between the British Territorial Government and the Papist Municipal Government, such that American babies would be saddled with both forms of citizenship and be enslaved to pay both public debts and private debts of their respective operations. 

This explains the duplication of services we have observed, wherein the "IRS" addresses its collections to Municipal Corporation franchises "named" after the victims using "American Sign Language" --- also known as Dog-Latin --- MARTIN ALLEN SMITH, for example, and the Internal Revenue Service addresses a phony British Territorial Foreign Situs Trust, operated under the "Private National (Legal) Name" of the victim, which looks exactly like the "Private Lawful Name" of the victim, as in "Martin Allen Smith". 

Obviously, the name MARTIN ALLEN SMITH is neither owned by nor operated by the living man named Martin Allen Smith, and the only way that he has been obligated and imposed upon to pay ITS debts is by a process of legal fraud, impersonation, barratry in the courts, and other crimes promoted using the MUNICIPAL COURTS as undeclared foreign collection agencies. 

Just as obviously, the identical-appearing "Private National Name" Martin Allen Smith is a Foreign Situs Trust owned and operated by the British Crown and has nothing to do with the American named Martin Allen Smith, except as a convenient ruse to illegally tax him and illegally confiscate his assets via the employment of similar undisclosed registrations, impersonations, and the use of barratry in foreign British Territorial Courts being operated as "District" as in "District of Columbia Courts" and State-of-State Courts operated as corporate franchises within the same undisclosed and unconstitutional military districts set up by the British Territorial U.S. Congress in May of 1865 and thereafter. 

All of this has been enforced and washed down under color of law while our own unlawfully converted American Military Services have been used as Territorial Mercenary Forces unlawfully, illegally, and immorally occupying our country in Gross Breach of Trust and Violation of their Service Contract, known and published as The Constitution of the United States of America since 1789.  

Self-evidently, slavery is still ongoing in the modern world, despite the League of Nations effort outlawing both peonage and slavery in 1926.  Just as self-evidently, the efforts of the Guilty Parties to cover it up and "legalize" it and hide it behind a "cloak of secrecy" have failed. 

The entire dogpile, from 1302 to today, has finally come home to roost with a Pope who isn't a Pope and a King who isn't a King, both left holding the bag for all of this criminality against mankind. 

Perhaps they hope to escape accountability by virtue of redefining their Public Offices as private business offices, but no such escape can be found, and as we have all been told often enough, ignorance is no excuse. 

Jorge Bergolio can plead the exigencies of his Jesuit Oath, which in our opinion is a variation of, "I was just following orders."   

King Charles III can lament that his entire life has been nothing but a grooming process in which he, too, has been used---body, mind, and soul, as a form of Public Slave.  And we'd agree with him. 

Both men could stand shivering in the dock, raise their palms upward and say, "What could I do about it? This whole mess got started centuries before I was born.  How can you blame me for this?" 

It would have been easier for them to stop it, than to leave it to be done by a Great-Grandmother from Big Lake, Alaska, and all the other people who deserve good faith service from their government, an end to illegal occupation of our countries, and the return of our purloined assets -- land, body, and soul -- from all jurisdictions, fully exempted from all further legal suppositions and presumptions. 

I am and I am, for all ages the same, beloved and triumphant, truthful and compassionate, slow to anger, willing to forgive, searching for the righteous and courageous among men, gathering my children, claiming the rightful place above all these snares and lies and venal institutions which have disgraced themselves and these Public Offices and private offices, too, which have betrayed their trusts and violated their contracts and have preyed upon those they are obligated to benefit. 

The Romanus Pontifex, the Aeterni Regis, and the Convocation Trust have either been dissolved already or are in the process of being dissolved, but characteristic of this whole operation, the assets and credit deriving from these actions have not been properly distributed, the crimes have not been confessed, provision for a return to lawful and honest government has not been made. 

Rather, those responsible have sought to benefit only those of their own religion instead of benefiting all those who have suffered.  

They have pridefully paraded around with the emblems of their idolatry and witchcraft on public display at the London Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, and yes, the World Military Games in Wuhan, China. 

The Perpetrators have sought to avoid this dreadful, yet simple denouement of the way they have cheated and mistreated the people who trusted them to protect them and their property interests -- and in the case of the Church, trusted them for their spiritual protection as well. 

I am and I have ordained that justice be done, yet accomplished with mercy. It is not my will that the living should transgress upon the dead, nor the dead trespass upon the living; for this reason, the veil is firmly set, and the Laws of the Living are separated from the Laws of the Dead. 

I am, and seeing that those entrusted are unworthy and struck down by their own words and hands, I establish a new dominion, and remove these Liars to the Realms where they belong.  I call forth the Angels and the Hosts, the High and the Low, from all those realms that stand forever with the Living God, to arise from your slumbers and unsheathe the Sword of Truth that lives in you, the Arrows of Justice that are in your hands. 

Rise, Beloved Ones, to claim your inheritance as men and women created in the image of the True and Eternal God, perfected in his vision, refined in his fires. Let nothing keep you from your destiny -- least of all, the greed and lies of the foolish among you. 

The Earth is yours in all its glory, the mansions of the Heavens, too. In your light all Creation stands subdued, and in your heart is the microcosm of Eternity.  

You don't need me to tell you that you live on forever, that this stage where you perform is but a passing fancy, a school room where your lessons are learned; from the days when Lord Krishna revealed the Multiverse to Lord Brahma, these truths have been known upon the Earth, and those who love the Truth have been separated from the Liars. 

Do not wonder now that this time is upon you, nor be afraid; light your lamps. The Bridegroom comes and all Creation sings. 

I am the hand of your Redeemer, and by this, the second phase of my work is done. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

December 31st 2023


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