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Friday, January 26, 2024

International Public Notice: Declaration of Intervention

 By Anna Von Reitz

We, that American States and People, are the long-lost Foreign Sovereigns who purportedly disappeared 160-plus years ago-- at least, according to our self-interested Federal Subcontractors. 

They have neglected to tell the world that they "disappeared" us using phony legal scams, unconscionable contracts, and bushwah.  We were here the whole time and they were operating under a cloak of secrecy and False Legal Pretenses to defraud their employers and the lawful inheritors of this country.  

Now, having failed to start race wars, religious wars, or foreign wars, they are trying to start a "civil war" in this country, while both the corporations trying to foment this are ultimately on our payroll, are owned by the same foreign Principals, and are offering violence against us because they can no longer commandeer our assets as collateral and access our credit to pay their bills.

They have nobody to blame but themselves and their actions are thoroughly illegal and dishonorable. 

The first Bad Actor is a foreign Municipal Government Corporation doing business under various present and historical franchises as the UNITED STATES, US CORP, E PLURIBUS UNUM, GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, etc., chartered by an unauthorized "independent, international city-state" located in the District of Columbia.  

This city-state is ultimately owned and run by the UN CORPORATION (also functioning under various other names) which was first organized as a Vichy French Corporation in 1943 for the purpose of receiving and holding foreign assets stolen by the Nazis in the first four years of the Second World War.  They colluded with certain Swiss banks and Swiss bankers, most notably, USB in the West and HSBC in the East, to store their plunder.  

Large amounts of assets belonging to the seventeen still-occupied nations of Western Europe thus remained under the control of the Nazis and the Roman Catholic Church. Together, these foreign interests have created what is known as the Empire of the Cities -- small enclaves within larger nations operating independently and making their own laws as oases for organized crime, i.e., pirate bases. 

Examples include the UN Compound in NYC, both of which exist apart from New York City, Washington, DC and the Municipality of Washington, which similarly inhabit the City of Washington, DC and the District of Columbia, the Inner City of London existing within greater London, Hong Kong existing as such a city-state in Taiwan, Vatican City within Italy, and numerous other such so-called enclaves that echo the pattern of extremely small monarchies such as Liechtenstein and Monaco, which have been used as trading grounds and safe havens, like Switzerland, for otherwise outlawed criminal financial, military, religious, and racial cults. 

A civil war is a war between organized groups within the same country, however, as Patrick M. Regan notes in his book, Civil Wars and Foreign Powers about two thirds of the 138 civil wars taking place between 1945 and 2000, were instigated by or suffered intervention by foreign powers. 

These "foreign powers" have been largely misrepresented; as the illegal and immoral occupations of both the US Corp and USA, Inc. and their various franchises and iterations, have, for example, been attributed to America. 

America had nothing to do with these rampages.

Rome and Britain did. The Nazis did. Numerous European monarchies did. Various European-based corporations, both Municipal and Commercial did.

The city-state bases for organized crime are supplemented by over 950 military bases operated worldwide by the US CORP or its current iteration, NATO, and the misnamed DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, aka, DOD and PENTAGON. 

These tiny pox-like city-states mark the face of the Earth and are responsible for enabling and expediting the majority of crime on this planet. They are generally under the sway of a Satanic religious cult that was developed in the Middle East approximately 8,000 years ago during the reign of King Nimrod and Queen Semiramis --- who became honored as a goddess more familiar to us as Ashtoreth, the Great Abomination of the Bible, Astarte, Isis, Sybil, Cybele, and yes, Columbia --- as in District of Columbia. 

The devotees of this evil cult came here in search of religious freedom after a long period of violent suppression, but promptly abused this tolerance by scheming to overtake all the other religions -- Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, Buddhist, et alia, by unlawfully converting and overtaking these other religious organizations via a process of undisclosed incorporation. 

The Roman-affiliated parent corporation operates the Federal Civil Service in this country and directs most Federal Agencies, plus numerous STATE OF STATE franchises, which were all ultimately owned by the Pope in his former Office as Roman Pontiff.

Although the office of the Roman Pontiff has been formally dissolved and the current incumbent "Pope" Francis appears to be tasked with performing the work of the Roman Pontiff without the authority of the Pope's ministerial office being transferred to him, he is the apparent Successor for the business at hand.

We hold Jorge Bergolio, aka, Pope Francis,  the Roman Catholic Church, and its various chartered and registered corporations one hundred percent commercially and personally liable for promoting a civil war on our shores to our detriment, the actual employers of these Municipal Corporations and their own long-lost fellow Principals. 

The second Bad Actor is a British Crown Municipal Corporation, also ultimately owned by Jorge Bergolio, aka, Pope Francis, which has done business under various names as: The United States of America, Incorporated, the United States of America, Incorporated, the USA, Incorporated, and so on. 

The essence of the current conflict boils down to this: it is the contractual and moral obligation of the current version of USA, Inc. to protect our borders and secure our country from invasion. If they don't perform, they are in violation of the contracts allowing them to be in this country at all.

At the same time, the current version of US Corp is acting outside its jurisdiction and exercising powers never bequeathed to it, to prevent the USA, Inc. from doing its job. 

Thus, Bergolio is using both Municipal Corporations resident in the District of Columbia as sock puppets to promote a civil war by proxy over a border crisis created by the US Corp and its policy agreement masquerading as a treaty to create the so-called North American Union. This would involve erasing the borders between Canada, The United States, and Mexico, and thereby grossly violating the national sovereignty of all these countries. 

The catch in all of this is that the land and soil jurisdiction is not vacant and these corporations have no right or reason to do what they are doing; they are engaged in promoting an illegal Mercenary Conflict on our shores, just as they have been doing in so many other countries ever since the Second World War and they are doing this under the False Pretense that they are associated with us, are our representatives. and have our permission to tear our country apart for the sake of their wrong-headed and non-consensual policies. 

We are the only American Principals who have ever treated with Rome, those who hold the contracts, and the treaties, and who are the underwriters of this country.  

Rome and the disguised Roman Pontiff and all their corporations both Municipal and Commercial must immediately back off and respect their limited jurisdiction with respect to this country, and also recognize the limitations of corporate policies which apply only to actual employees and actual dependents --- which does not include their employers and fellow Principals. 

Likewise, the British Crown Corporation portion of this octopus-like Kingdom of Lies is castigated and reminded of its contractual obligations to us, to serve in good faith and to provide their part of our mutual defense --- not to play the carrot to the US Corp stick. 

If these Municipal Corporations want to fight, let them fight in court and let us get on about our business.  

It's clear that the Pope or his Successor "acting as" Pope, owes us good faith service and secure borders according to all three Federal Constitutions, and it behooves him to stand down Joe Biden and cease and desist all pretenses that we, the actual States and People of this country, are obligated by the actions of George W. Bush to proceed with any unification of Canada, The United States and Mexico to form any North American Union or to by any other exterior or legalistic means erase our national borders.  

Both these Municipal Corporations and their Principals are reminded that their presence here --and the conditions allowing their presence here-- are spelled out by the Residence Act.

This is our country and the Pope, the Holy See, the Vatican, and all organs of the Roman Catholic Church have cause to know that. We are intervening to prevent bloodshed and violence and an illegal Mercenary Conflict that might otherwise be promoted on our shores by Municipal Corporations that exist by our grace. 

Ditto the British Crown Corporation vendors. 

If necessary, we will call upon our traditional Allies in Russia and China for assistance to dissolve the District of Columbia altogether and be done with this continual criminal nuisance and meddling and misrepresentation by our Employees. 

All officers are advised to stop this nonsense immediately and permanently. Secure our borders as required by our contracts. 

The USA, Inc. is instructed to perform and the US. Inc. is instructed to stand down. 

It's true that Governor Greg Abbott is only the Governor of a State-of-State and an unauthorized State Trust organization.  The same can be said of the 25 (thus far) other State-of-State Governors. 

They lack the authority to speak for us, but as Principals, we can speak for ourselves to our employees: stand down and do your jobs in good faith as required. 

That means, among other things, immediately securing our borders and removing all improperly immigrated individuals back to their native countries at the expense of the corporations and Principals responsible for this mess. 

This is what happens when you lose your minds and believe that imaginary things rule the world.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

January 26th 2024


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