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Monday, December 4, 2023

Please Note: We Are Not Under Any Bench

 By Anna Von Reitz

One of my Readers recently sent me an article by Armstrong Economics explaining the English "Legal" System --- that is, the polluted system of Equity Law created by Scottish Admiralty Barrister Lord Mansfield in the 1750's.

Armstrong Economics decries the lawlessness of this legal system.  So did our Forefathers, voting with their feet in 1776. 

Here's the key missing bit, folks -- it's not our system breaking down.  It's the British Territorial System breaking down. 

Here's the news, a 150 years late, but still true: 

1. We, Americans, are not naturally any kind of "United States Citizen"; we are American State Nationals and we don't need to be anything else. 

2. We, Americans, don't stand under any Constitution.  Our Federal employees are the ones obligated to perform under the Constitutions. 

We, Americans, stand under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, instead.

3. We, Americans, don't live in a democracy; we live in the republican States of the Union. 

4. We, Americans, don't live under the British Legal System, unless we conduct business on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways. 

We, Americans, live under our Lawful American Court System, which is being restored right now. 

So everything in this article from Armstrong Economics posted below is interesting and insightful, but neither the King's Bench nor the Queen's Bench have any business addressing rank and file Americans -- and that is precisely the reason their Legal System is breaking down. 

It never applied to us, but they fraudulently entrapped us in it, and used it to fleece us blind. 

The British Court System misapplied here has been part of a National-Level  Identity Theft and Credit Fraud Swindle promoted by our two erstwhile foreign Federal Municipal Corporation Subcontractors residing in the District of Columbia.  

Americans have been deliberately confused with "Residents" --- foreign citizens allowed to be in this country under the provisions of the Residence Act for the purpose of providing us with "essential government services" per Article IV of all Federal Constitutions. 

We are not "residents" in our own country. We are part of the natural civilian population.  

The British Legal System applies to British Territorial U.S. Citizens living here as residents in this country, not to us. 

But in 1865, this venal British institution crept ashore and started operating here as an undisclosed war reparations collection agency in the devastated Southern States.  

The British Territorial U.S. Government created Military Districts and [Military] District Courts that became famous as "Carpetbagger Courts" because they were run by strangers from the North who arrived in town carrying "carpet bags" -- cheap luggage at the time. 

Of course, they were strangers. They were British Admiralty and Maritime Court Lawyers -- just like Abe Lincoln, enrolled in the Illinois Bar in 1834.

Why would a lawyer in Springfield, Illinois, be studying Admiralty and Maritime Law in 1834?

Springfield, Illinois, is land-locked.  

The nearest large body of water is Lake Michigan, 200 miles away.

Just sayin'.  Lincoln was recruited. 

Water seeks its own level and he was lower than the bilge in one of Queen Victoria's frigates. 

The following year, 1866, this cozy deployment of foreign courts on our land and soil was challenged in the U.S. Supreme Court and resolved by Ex Part Milligan, 2 USC 71, which provided that these British Courts had to stand down as soon as our normal civilian courts were restored. 

Thanks to nobody telling us, it's been 157 years and this same venal foreign British System has spread throughout the country and continued to fleece and cheat and illegally confiscate assets and property from Americans under False Pretenses ever since. 

We are finally reopening our American Common Law Courts. The foreign courts of "strictly limited jurisdiction" are being Notified and the Exodus is underway, though most of the King Rats left this country 30 years ago. 

All this British-sponsored unjust enrichment and illegal confiscation is now coming to an end and the Bar Association Members who have acted as the British Raj in America are feeling the heat. 

Imagine Clint Eastwood saying, "Do you feel lucky?" 

There's only one of two possible conclusions: the Bar Members were so ignorant and incompetent they didn't know their own business and didn't know what they were doing to their countrymen --- or they were perfectly well aware and committing inland piracy just the same. 

The punishment for inland piracy, which is still on the books-- is gibbeting. The prisoner is placed in an iron cage which is welded shut and hung from a convenient post, often at a crossroads.  Mother Nature, the elements, and the birds and insects are left to do their work. This is how the tradition of crossroads being haunted got its start. 

I have advised all Bar Members to throw in their cards and vacate their seats.  Hired Jurists have to ask themselves how much a job is worth. 

Start studying American Common Law and pre-1750 British Common Law. 

Next time you hear anyone talking about the King's Bench or the Queen's Bench, remember that "Bench" means "Bank" --- they've been "banking on" the hapless American Public for 160 years. 


Bear in mind that this was done under conditions of secrecy and color of law against an unarmed civilian population that was loyally paying their wages. 

Next time you see King Charles on the tele, mentally put some big furry rat ears on him, draw some whiskers, and see what you see. 


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