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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Why No RV?

 By Anna Von Reitz

There is no RV and there can be no RV because there are presently 22 wars taking place in the world. 

The bankers have agreements called "bank treaties" in place, agreeing that no RV can happen while there are active wars taking place. 

So, if any two banks want to stop an RV for any reason, all they have to do is hire some mercenaries or stage a putsch of some kind, and voila -- no RV. 

If logic prevails, there are somewhere between two and forty-four banks, or bank associations, keeping the madness going and preventing an RV.  

All they need is a lot of money and a handful of thugs on each side to stop any Revaluation of Currency.  

As the banks can make "money of account" out of thin air, money is no problem. Finding thugs is never a problem, either. 

So long as these banks are allowed to operate and continue in this fashion, there is no hope of peace breaking out and an RV actually happening. 

To all of you faithful followers of Judy Byington and everyone invested in Zim and Dinar and other foreign currency speculations, those who haunt the air waves waiting for the magic 800 numbers and the opening of the Redemption Centers --- wait no more. 

The mystery of literally years of waiting and being told, "It will be on Friday", and "It will be on the Fourth of July", and "It will be...." and "We are really really close now...." is now solved.

There will be no RV until there are no wars going on worldwide. 

So, unless we all collectively throttle the offending banks and keep them from funding wars for profit, there will never be an RV -- not in our lifetimes, and probably not ever. 

With 22 wars going on right now, though only two of them, the wars in Ukraine and Israel, are being reported in the mainstream news, you can judge for yourselves what the likelihood of an RV is.

We have done our best to sound the alarm and bring world attention to the atrocities and loss of life in Africa as old European colonial powers seek to continue their control over the resources of Africa and to force able-bodied men from Africa to serve as "volunteers" in the Ukrainian War fiasco.  

More than 600,000 people have been reported dead in Ethiopia alone. 

Let that fact sink in, and as you do, remember this --- wars beget wars like bunnies beget bunnies. 

The trauma and the atrocities of every war breed vengeance, and while everyone dreams of "their side" winning a crushing and all inclusive victory over everyone else on Earth, we all lose.  

Even the winners in wars actually lose.  

The only ones who win anything in a war are those who stage and promote and fund it --- the banks, the politicians, the mercenaries,  and the "defense" subcontractors.

The average living people always lose and pay the war debts, one hundred percent of the time, and that's if they are lucky enough to escape with their lives.  

These facts are never taught in public school, because our public schools have been run by the U.S. Military, which was unlawfully converted into a mercenary organization by Abraham Lincoln. 

Read that -- our beloved military makes money being hired by banks to fight in mercenary wars for profit.  No matter how they try to avoid that fact and drape their actions in patriotism, glory, and derring-do --- guarding a poppy field in Afghanistan is guarding a poppy field in Afghanistan.  

Murdering civilians because those civilians have built homes on a piece of ground desired by wealthy developers, is still murdering civilians for profit.  

The men doing this are still criminals and outlaws, pirates and brigands, and the days when we could claim ignorance and avoid the stench of this are gone.  

You have to observe these things for yourselves, but once you do, you can't forget. And you probably can't forgive, either, which is the whole problem with wars and all wars to end wars.  

The 600,000 Ethiopians killed all had friends and families, just as the people murdered in Lahaina and Gaza have friends and families.  The survivors will hate the attackers with all their hearts and for all their days and teach their children the same, so that these wars, once begun, self-perpetuate. 

The victims of these crimes will excuse it as "war" and not see it as profiteering. They will focus their hatred on the uniforms of the men in the field, and attribute these disasters to racism, or religion, or politics, or struggles over natural resources, but the actual blame should come home to roost where it belongs, with the bankers of Wall Street and Fleet Street and Shanghai and Jakarta and Abu Dhabi, Geneva, Brussels, Frankfurt, and Edinburgh. 

If they didn't fund wars and ever-more deadly high-tech weapons, wars would stop.  

If everyone gave pink slips to those public officials and military officers responsible for promoting wars and for war profiteering, wars would stop.  

If we stripped the miserable renegades of their profits, wars would stop.  

If we simply wised up our sons and daughters, wars would stop. 

Most of all, if we just woke up en masse and said, "What the....?" one morning, and actually thought about wars and who profits from them, wars would stop. 

Ask the famous, "Who benefits?" question. 

The U.S. Military has been unlawfully converted into a Mercenary Force since the 1860s, and it has been directed ever since by a foreign, for-profit Municipal Corporation in the business of providing government services. 

Put two plus two together and see if you come out with four? 

Then take the over 950 military installations that Americans are paying for worldwide to the bank--- and know for certain that there will be no peace and no RV, either, until this situation is fully rectified.    


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