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Sunday, October 29, 2023

Dear Teri, All Coordinators, and Everyone Else

 By Anna Von Reitz

I think there has been a considerable liberty taken in interpreting my description of TACT as a "consultative group".  By that I mean that it is a group of consultants willing to be consulted about their respective expertise--- not that TACT has any separate individual group authority to manage our business "for" us, now or ever. 

I also think that the idea of "international trespass" is woefully misapplied in the context of a supposedly free discussion forum among assembly members who are participating from all fifty States.  When you leave the narrow confines of your own State Assembly emails and forums, you are understood to be entering the wider world and must expect to join the discussion on an equal, but not at all superior, footing.   

Nobody in international jurisdiction is going to show you any respect that you fail to give them in return. 

I also think you've got the structure of things all wrong. 

The Coordinators are not CEOs and they are not a government unto themselves. 

All of them taken together are individuals who are supposed to be working cooperatively with the State Assemblies and the Federation to build the Four Pillars and get their State Assembly properly populated and organized. That is their only job and should be their only focus.  

There is no role granted to-- or even implied-- for Coordinators to make legal or lawful determinations about the international crime of trespass, and to my knowledge there isn't a single Coordinator sufficiently trained in international law to make such a determination.  

So, what do the offending Coordinators think they are doing, aside from recreating the same ugly system we are determined to escape?  --A system where people abuse assumed authorities and then try to cover it up with a pious-sounding explanation?  

"Oh, we took a vote.....and we elected....(ourselves) with a unanimous vote..... and we.... proceeded to blackball and censor anyone we don't like."  


What does this sound like, if not the de facto corporate government in action?  

We don't create Ad Hoc Committees out of thin air, elect ourselves to positions of power on such Committees, and then set up shop to lord it over everyone else.  That's not who we are or what we do here.  

Someone, and it's the Texas Coordinator (again), is extremely and I do mean EXTREMELY, confused about how we do business and how the jurisdictions are organized and what the role of the Coordinator is.    

I am suspending Kathy Bainbridge and Kimberly Jones immediately, based on Texas's role in this Ad Hoc Committee fiasco and the correspondence I recently received regarding Texas recording practices.  It's clear that considerable deprogramming and education will be necessary before they can function properly as Coordinators. 

If anyone else in Texas has been reading what I have written and studied the structure of our actual government and feels that they are more or less up to speed and ready to help their State Assembly get properly populated and organized, please step up to the plate.  My email is:  Use the subject line: Texas Coordinator. 

Coordinators are ASN members of their State Assemblies and project volunteers so far as the Federation is concerned. This has been explained multiple times and should need no further discussion. 

The job at hand for all Assembly Coordinators is to populate your State Assembly and bring home as many Americans as you can.  Get those Americans organized first as a General Assembly, then, from among the members of the General Assembly, identify those members who are qualified and willing to act as State Citizens and populate the International Business Assembly, then or in tandem, identify those who are interested and willing to run the State Court, and those able and willing to serve in the State Assembly Militia. 

That will be quite enough work for any Coordinator to do without ramming around in international jurisdiction irresponsibly accusing others of crimes.  

I suggest that all Coordinators get focused on their actual work without delay and that they each observe the problems and errors I pointed out yesterday: (1) misusing vetting and misapplying it to the general membership instead of to would-be office holders; (2) misusing time outs for reasons other than actual disruptive activity, failure to use time outs progressively, (3) failure of new member orientation to help people join the right assembly -- state, territorial, or municipal; (4) using specious excuses to delay or deny assembly membership, misdirecting recorders; (5) police state mentalities promoting censorship and misuse of "Mute Buttons" when people aren't actually being "disruptive"; (6) using the Great Seal on State-level paperwork so as to misrepresent the State paperwork as if it were coming from the Federation of States; (7) combative and inappropriate behavior including misaddressing and threatening foreign courts and misunderstanding Ex Parte Milligan. 

Every Coordinator should know that Ex Parte Milligan speaks to our right to run our own courts for our own people living in our own states, but we equally have agreements in place which allow our foreign subcontractors to run their own courts according to their own laws and apply them to their personnel without interference from us.  

Censorship like slavery is an evil which taints everyone who touches it, and opens up the possibility of the same evil being applied to anyone who practices it.  If you don't want to be censored, don't censor others. 

If you don't want to be enslaved, make sure you eradicate enslavement all across the board. Leave it no corner in any jurisdiction. 

Coordinators are expected to know the answers to questions from the American perspective, and to do things the American Way. 

If you can do that, welcome aboard!  

Otherwise, go study until you can reliably discern the difference between the way these United States function, versus the way those United States function.  

If Mattermost needs a Marshal to ride herd on the discussion groups to remove filthy drunken rants and actual verifiable disinformation, the Federation will attend to that or any other practical issue in international jurisdiction, but be aware that diverse opinions will stand. 

Why?  Because that's the American Way.  


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