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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

So Often Times It Happens....

 By Anna Von Reitz

This phrase has echoed down to me innumerable times over the past four decades.  It's from an Eagles' song: "So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key...."

Doesn't that just describe the lives and the misery of millions of American who wonder what happened to their country and don't realize that they are the answer they are waiting for? 

We've been "Missing in Action".  Asleep.  "Absent". 
America has been "In interregnum" so far as the rest of the world was concerned, for sixteen decades. 

For 160 years, we've left our employees minding the store.  Until now.  

The U.S. Army has been in charge and occupying our country since 1863, but nobody pointed that out to you when you were in middle school, choking down the history of the so-called American Civil War. 

Nobody told you it wasn't technically a "war" either. 

Nobody mentioned that the "Reconstruction" is still pending. 

Nobody said that the armistice resulting from Lee's Surrender at Appomattox was just an armistice -- not a peace treaty.  

Nobody explained why a real peace treaty wasn't possible --- and that would be, because the "American Civil War" wasn't really a war.  It was a mercenary conflict.  

And nobody revealed that the mercenaries are still here on our shores, still gratuitously keeping a "state of war" going with Cold Wars, wars on poverty, wars on drugs, wars on whatever, even in those brief time periods when our world would otherwise be at peace. 

These war-mongering corporations are the bane of our lives and the lives of billions of people on this planet and they are all ultimately owned by the Pope. 

They all exist under Ecclesiastical Law.  

And they are all supposed to be liquidated when they engage in unlawful activity.  

Somehow, deaf, dumb, and blind doesn't seem to explain the situation in which the Roman Curia has existed --- and profited itself --- in the midst of the horrific criminality that these corporations have spawned. 

Looking the other way or as they might grin and wink, turning the other cheek, doesn't explain their complete lack of action, either.  

They've let the corporations --- faceless, heartless, legal fictions that exist only on paper and in our minds --- run rampant over the living people and the living planet.  

It's not your fault that you were left ignorant about your own country's history.  You were just a kid, like millions of other kids, trusting your teachers to give it to you straight. 

Now, you know and you can't un-know. 

Life has to go on. You have to go on.  And your country has to go on.  

What happens now depends on you.  You have to take responsibility and do what has to be done if anyone is going to.  Nobody can do this for us. 

George Washington is dead.  So is Ben Franklin. 

We are the only ones that hold the key.  

Go to The American States Assembly website and learn more today.  


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