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Friday, August 4, 2023

Asset Pumping

 By Anna Von Reitz

My position on Private Membership Associations (PMAs) has been dealt with on several occasions.  In articles. In webinars. In interviews. 

Go to and use the Search Engine. 

I consider PMAs to be private clubs at the best of times, and at the worst of times, they act as secret societies. 

I don't belong to any PMAs myself. 

So why would I tell my Readers to join a PMA in order to get an account in "my" bank?  

I wouldn't.  And I didn't.  

Those promoting the Global Family PMA and its credit union were doing that on their own as PMA members. 

The most that was ever said to me or by me concerning that, was that they could migrate their credit union accounts over to the Blue Dot Bilateral Bank System when it opened up --- in the future.

The members of any credit union will be able to migrate accounts to our new bank system.  The rain can fall on the ocean, too. 

There was never any lack of clarity about the following issues in any of my discussions with anyone: 

(1) The Blue Dot Bilateral Bank System, aka, "my" bank, is a completely separate endeavor from the Global Family Private Membership Association. 

(2) I never required anyone to join a PMA in order to get an account in "my" bank.  

(3) I also never suggested that anyone go around opening multiple new accounts in Federal Reserve Banks all over the country. 

It looks to me like the people promoting the PMA and its credit union were involved in an Asset Pumping Scheme. 

Remember the bank scandal a few years ago, where the banks were creating multiple new accounts for depositors without telling them?  

Those "extra" accounts were used to make illicit escrow deals, money laundering, and, what the public wouldn't realize --- asset pumping. 

The more accounts a bank has, the more asset credit they can leverage from the public trusts.  

And while it is illegal for banks to purposefully create extra accounts for themselves, it's not illegal if individual people do it for them.   

Our people were being used to pump billions of dollars of credit assets into the Federal Reserve Bank System,  including Wells Fargo, which, last time I looked, is owned by the Department of Justice.  

It wasn't any pyramid scheme benefiting me or Hunter Aki, but it was an asset pumping scheme benefiting the Federal Reserve. 

So now we know why Darla, Anita, Yvonne, Xavier, and Eddie were pushing people to set up all these extra accounts.

Let's ask all the people who followed their lead--- didn't any of this hit you as strange?  


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