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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The Quiet Death of Human-Caused Global Warming Theory

 By Anna Von Reitz

Over the past few weeks I have been introducing you to a lot of concepts that are foreign, information about science that you have never heard about, and then, about the technologies that have been developed because of those new scientific discoveries.  I haven't gone it alone.

I've made you familiar with Gregg Braden and others who have, as independent and interdisciplinary scientists, been exploring this new realm of discoveries for decades.  Gregg has science degrees in numerous fields, including computer science, and most importantly, he has a personal Code of Truth.  

When Gregg Braden doesn't know something or he's not sure, he says so, and then, he offers his opinion.  

This is a traditional and honorable scientist at work, a man you can trust. 

Those who have politicized science, who have treated it like politics, and not cared how much they had to twist the data or even manufacture data to support their agenda, aren't like Gregg.  

They aren't open-minded. 

They don't accept what is and try to understand it better. 

They like to argue and fight and put other scientists down. 

They smooze around at cocktail parties and make friends with the editors of scientific journals and suck up to famous academics. 

That is, they engage in these activities of self-promotion, setting things up so that the path to publishing their "findings" is cleared --- instead of doing the hard work of science. 

The hard work, the long hours of mental and physical exertion, they have no taste for.  

Their actual interest in their subject is either superficial or driven by economic considerations.  They put no "heart" into it. 

Like lazy laborers at a construction site, they prop up their "shovels" with other people's work and try to look busy.  

They hire talented younger scientists and make use of their work, often misrepresenting their results once published, either taking credit for the results themselves, or besmirching the younger victim's name so that their career is stunted.

These "Poptards" are everywhere in science today, drawn like flies to the fat profits to be made from "producing results".  Few of them make any attempt to hide their true nature. 

The academics who are frauds all tend to flock together and discredit those who tell the truth about anything, and have a herd-instinct about defending their own positions at all costs.  

As in all other parts of this corporation-polluted world, things are upside down in Academia.  

The most Loyal Liars, like Dr. Fauci, are rewarded beyond all reason, while those who make an honest effort are denigrated and attacked because they are not politically correct, and because those holding the purse strings could care less about being scientifically correct. 

Like the 19th century Robber Barons, the politicians and CEOs  just want profits and results favorable to their next product campaign or political position. 

The thing about politically-motivated, profit-driven science is that it isn't likely to be true, and at some point or another that becomes very inconvenient for the Loyal Liars and Academic Poobahs who have sold themselves.

Here is a very convenient one page summary of exactly why the entire Theory of Human-Caused Global Warming is a hoax: 

Show it to all your gaga friends and relatives and ask them, in view of this, what's really going on? 

See if they arrive at the correct answer: the warming is localized and caused by increased volcanic activity, but is being exploited as a new excuse to tax people.

What can you do to help the Truth and the real scientists of the world survive? 

First, and foremost, you can ask for help from the Unseen.  Ask for the truth.  You will be led to it. 

Second, attune your ears, so that you can recognize the Truth and the Truth-tellers among you.  

Third, be a scientist yourself and make the effort to sift and winnow the information being presented.  

Know that in this world there is often little difference between what you are being told and what you are being sold, so yes, it is necessary to engage your own reasoning, observation, and grey cells.

And then, hold your considered opinion, until there is good cause to reconsider.  

John Adams said he wouldn't give a hoot in hell for a man who lacked commitment.  Neither would I.  


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