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Sunday, July 30, 2023

Public International Notice and Demand: The American Civil War?

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have never found any official Declaration of War by any version of Congress whatsoever related to The American Civil War.  Abraham Lincoln's declaration allowing the attack on Fort Sumter doesn't count as a Declaration of War.  Our law requires a formal Declaration from the American Congress.  And it isn't present. 

Lincoln's attack on Fort Sumter was allowed only because the Fort was located on an island in Charleston Harbor, a location within the "navigable inland waterways".  He acted in an undisclosed position as a British Admiralty Officer operating as the President of the United States of America while masquerading as The President of The United States of America. 
This farce and semantic deceit was not recognized by the General Public as a result of deliberate obfuscation and non-disclosure.  

You will also never find any series of official Peace Treaties ending The American Civil War.  You will find an Armistice of sorts signed by two Generals, followed by some declarations by President Andrew Johnson, and that's it.  

So no lasting peace was ever provided to the people of this country, though a deceitful appearance of peace was contrived and maintained.  

If you go looking for the Muster Rolls enlisting men to serve on both sides of The American Civil War conflict,  you will find that all the men who were enlisted to fight in The American Civil War were fighting for "Confederate States", both in the North and South --- which means they were fighting for States-of-States, business organizations, not actual governments.   

That makes the whole so-called American Civil War a "Mercenary Conflict" and not a "War" at all.  All the soldiers who fought in The American Civil War were unknowingly cast in the role of mercenaries as a result. 

If you go looking for evidence that The Reconstruction was ever finished, you won't find that, either.  Instead, you will find that the bulk of the Reconstruction Acts remain active and on the books, with only a couple small sections repealed in all the years from then to this.  

So the Reconstruction Era is right now.  It's still "live" and waiting to be done. 

When you dig into the Reconstruction Acts you will find a lot of bitter and venomous bits aimed at the Southern States. You will also find a lot of actions called for that have never taken place.  

And that again confirms that the Reconstruction has never happened.  

So are we to be left forever engaged in a foreign, phony, and illegal mercenary conflict masquerading as a war?  And is that "war" to be perpetually prolonged by Executive Orders issued by a foreign Municipal  corporation's "President"? 

By what logic are we existing here?  

The Northern Confederacy that deceptively called itself "the Union", combined with its British Territorial Allies, purportedly won the war and abolished slavery.  

A closer look at the Fourteenth (By-Law) Amendment they unilaterally made to their new Scottish corporation's Articles of Incorporation styled as a "Constitution" in 1868, reveals that they retained slavery and institutionalized it. 

According to them, all criminals are slaves, and all Municipal United States citizens --- called "citizens of the United States" are criminals by definition. 

Therefore, also slaves.  

The Southern Confederacy, more honestly calling itself "the Confederate States of America" never claimed to abolish slavery at all.  The Papist Municipal Corporation run by the City of Rome never abolished slavery per se; they only moved the ownership of the slaves from private sector slave ownership to public sector slave ownership.  

The Municipal United States theocracy fought as an ally of the Southern States, so all the Federal Civil Service Employees  and what we would recognize as Agency Employees today, were considered vanquished Enemies owing "war reparations" ---even though there was never any actual declared war involved in any of this mélange of deceit.

What are we left with? 

(1) The Reconstruction is left to be done by the actual States, but the actual States were never called back into Session --- until 2019 when the State Assemblies were summoned into Session. 

(2) Our country as a whole has been left occupied by the British Territorial U.S. Army usurping the position of the actual civilian government of this country; even their Northern Confederacy Allies, colleagues in the purported victory, have not been respected or provided relief. 

(3) Our country as a whole has been left in a state of "perpetual war" --- or to be more exact, perpetual predatory foreign mercenary occupation. This injury was purposeful and intentional, as evidenced by the Naval Agency and Dispositions Act passed by the British Parliament in 1864. 

(4) Our once-Honorable Soldiers have been used as cheap foreign service mercenaries for 160 years. Instead of being paid by our lawful government they have been paid by a British Crown corporation, SERCO, acting as the broker and paymaster for their services. Instead of being honored by our country and our own civilian government, men acting as our Generals and Diplomats and even as "Presidents" have been knighted by the late Queen instead.  Their services to the British Empire are obvious enough; their treason against this country is also self-evident. 

(5) A "cloak of secrecy" has been used to hide this circumstance from the unwary and uninformed American Public on the pretense that our whole population was suspect until individuals declared their own political status and made their allegiances, if any, explicit. 

(6) So everyone here in this country was assumed to be on both sides of this subterranean conflict until proven otherwise, while the General Population was left not knowing that there was any ongoing conflict to be resolved.  We have lived in the middle of an imaginary war zone -- a  suppositional battlefield created by these self-interested Principals operating in Gross Breach of Trust and in violation of their Service Contracts ---and all under color of law and conditions of willful deceit.   

(7) You can look at this as two Municipal Corporations, one operated by the City of Rome and one operated by the British Crown, secretly bashing each other and colluding by turns for 160 years, with both sides preying upon us, the clueless and trusting civilian population, the whole time. 

(8) To end this, a number of things must logically occur: 

(A) the American people, including the American military, must wake up and catch onto the Big Lies underlying this circumstance; 

(B) the civilians must make their political status known -- siding with one side or the other, or maintaining their neutrality; 

(C) having recorded and published their political status, the neutral Americans have to bring their State Assemblies back into Session, get organized, and among other things, finish the Reconstruction; 

(D) although both sides of this unending conflict owe the neutral Americans peace and non-interference with their Assemblies, both are motivated to try to control the situation and keep the Big Con going; 

(E) so Americans have to defend their prerogatives and expose the whole mess and hold the foreign Principals who are ultimately responsible for and benefiting from these warring Municipal Corporations feet first to the fire. 

Mercenary wars are illegal and unlawful and it really doesn't matter when the conflict started or how long it has been perpetuated and prolonged by foreign corporation "Presidents" declaring euphemistic wars on everything from poverty to drugs to homophobia. 

This is what we are actually, honestly, and explicitly dealing with -- the unfinished business of an illegal mercenary conflict that is now six generations old. 

Two major bank systems have been used to promote and perpetuate this grotesque crime against our country, with the Federal Reserve (now Chase Bank and JPMorgan holding interest) and the International Monetary Fund (now UN Bank / World Bank holding interest) funding the British Crown Municipal Corporation and the City of Rome Municipal Corporation, respectively. 

Both of these foreign Municipal Corporations acting as Federal Government Subcontractors housed in the District of Columbia-- which are here in this country for the explicit purpose of providing "essential government services" under service contracts established as Constitutions-- have been in Breach of Trust and acting under color of law for decades.  

Everyone and everything continuing to support this situation against the Public Interest and against the welfare of the American People is a criminal engaged in Unlawful Conversion, Entrapment, Enslavement, Inland Piracy, Kidnapping, and other Crimes of State, including conspiracy against the Constitutions that have been routinely usurped and evaded. 

Now that this has been exposed and the "Cloak of Secrecy" stripped away, everyone must choose where they stand on the issue of slavery, private, public, or none at all.  

We, the American people and Lawful Persons known as People, have been at peace since the end of the War of 1812.  We have chosen to fly the Peacetime Flag in token and declaration of our actual status as neutral parties, whose persons and assets are owed international protection as well as protection from the occupying Territorial military forces.  Our government is on the record as supporting no slavery at all. 

We call upon the Pope, the City of Rome Municipal Corporation, the British Crown, the District of Columbia Corporation, the banks responsible for funding all this corruption and violence, the British Monarch, the Roman Curia, the Universal Postal Union, the United Nations NGO, the General Secretariat, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Department of Defense doing business as DOD, INC., the British Privy Council, the British Parliaments, the Government of Westminster, the British Crown, the City of Rome Municipal Corporation, the members of the Territorial and Municipal Congress organizations, and all the other organizations, corporations, clubs, committees, agencies, commissions and institutions responsible for maintaining the peace worldwide, to put a permanent and immediate stop to all presumptions of war related to the civilian populace of our country, known nationally as The United States, and internationally as The United States of America. 

Cease and desist the illegal and unlawful conscription or our people and the illegal and unlawful confiscations of their assets and the illegal and unlawful conversion of their natural political status via registration and enfranchisement of our people, attaching foreign titles to our land, and presuming against our country as a whole --- which has all been done under conditions of fraud and deceit, via the use of unconscionable contracts created without disclosure and under color of law, in Gross Breach of Trust and in violation of The Constitution of the United States of America, our service contract issued in 1789, and all Successors thereof.

We consider that the British Monarch and their Government stands in violation of the Treaty of Paris entered in 1783 and the Treaty of Versailles issued in 1778, in series and together with their addendums and implements; we consider that the Government of Westminster stands in violation of the Treaties of Ghent and Westminster and Utrecht, in series and together with their addendums and implements; we consider the Holy Roman Empire and its Successors and the Holy See standing as a Successor in Maritime jurisdiction to be in violation of the Sacred Covenants established by Ecumenical Law, the Ecclesiastical Law requiring oversight of corporations, and the Canon Law requiring all officers of the Church to immediately yield  back property held in trust to the presumed donors and actual owners.

None of the Municipal courts nor the Magistrate COURTS nor the Territorial Courts have operated properly in compliance with the laws, treaties, constitutional service contracts, and other obligations agreed to, published, and settled upon them. 

Since May of 1865, the British Territorial Government has been operating non-consensual Military Districts and equally unapproved Military District Courts on our shores, a practice that has led to vast corruption, injustice, and illegal confiscation of assets belonging to Americans who were deliberately impersonated and mischaracterized as Municipal citizens of the United States, all based on unconscionable contracts deliberately foisted off on the victims while they were still babies in their cradles.   

If anyone reading this Notice and Demand has any other contributory or opposing information to bring forward, such as proof of a proper Declaration of War by any American Congress in support of The American Civil War, proof of a valid Peace Treaty series ending The American Civil War, or proof of non-mercenary military service in The American Civil War or at any time thereafter, you may address it to the mailing address shown below or to or otherwise forever hold your peace.

Owing to the extensive and prolonged Due Process already accorded to these issues and this overall circumstance, if no reply is received by the 9th of August 2023, we shall claim and consider the entire foregoing description of the circumstance and events to be established as fact for all purposes and in all venues. 

Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 30th 2023


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