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Monday, June 26, 2023

Wake Up, General Flynn -- All the Way, Now.

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are doing this so that the many Trump supporters, including General Michael Flynn, know what's going on, and have the context for the fact General Flynn observed at the very end of this recent video (below) -- that is, the fact that we have two (2) systems of law in America.  

(We actually have three systems of law in this country, but for now, let's concentrate on the two that Trump and Flynn are dealing with.) 

General Flynn is familiar with Federal Code.  That is one of the two systems.  

Flynn is not familiar with Municipal Code.  That's the other system. 

The only part of Federal Code (System 1) that was also adopted in Municipal Code (System 2) is Federal Code Title 50.  

This is the only avenue that these two systems of law have to talk to each other-- the so-called War Powers Act.  

This is no help, because neither of the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia actually have War Powers.  They just "assume" War Powers.  So the only thing these two Municipal Corporations and their Codes have in common, is a Title of Federal Code that is lawfully and legally unenforceable.  

This is how Trump gets slammed and condemned out of hand, while Hilliary and Joe and Friends get away with murder. 

Trump is "standing under" Federal Code and the Rats are "standing under" Municipal Code.  

Putting it mildly, Hillary and Joey and Barack don't have to meet the same standards as Trump.  

Now, neither of these two forms of law --- neither the Federal Code nor the Municipal Code pertain to the General Public, though both are regularly misapplied to our General Public --- which is another issue. 

"Code" by definition is a form of Administrative Law that applies to the internal operations of incorporated entities.  

So Federal Code applies to the operations of one incorporated entity and Municipal Code applies to the operations of another incorporated entity, the same way that General Motors Personnel Code applies to employees of General Motors, Inc., and Ford Motor Company Personnel Code applies to employees of Ford Motor Company, Inc.  

Trump's Team has to operate under FARA and all his lawyers have to register as Foreign Agents under the Foreign Agents Registration Act because that's part of Federal Code, but Hilliary and Joey and Company get to thumb their noses, because FARA isn't part of Municipal Code. 

This problem has come about because of the "Plenary Powers" clause of Article 1 of the Federal Constitution of 1787 granting "Congress"--- meaning the Congress of the long-lost American Federal Republic, plenary power over the government of the City of Washington, DC. 

The idea was that all our Congressmen together, acting in their own self-interest, would guarantee a neutral Federal Capital where people from all over the fifty States and the world could come and peacefully conduct business.  

Our American Congressional Members were obligated to act as Fiduciary Deputies of the American People and were obligated to take Oaths of Office that made them personally and commercially liable for fulfilling their duties according to The Prudent Man Standard ---so they could be trusted to exercise the granted plenary power over the government of the City of Washington, DC, in the manner anticipated and for the purposes stipulated. 

Unfortunately for us all, neither the "Federal" (that is what the Territorial District Government now calls itself)  nor the Municipal Government Representatives were obligated in any such fashion, and after the American Federal Republic ceased operation in 1861, their Congressional Members operating as mere "Representatives" -- not Fiduciary Deputies -- took over and began operating the City of Washington, DC, under the Plenary Powers Clause, even though that power was never actually granted to them. 

 Much later, the Municipal Government created an unauthorized "independent, international city-state" calling itself the Municipality of Washington, DC., and issued its Municipal Code.  

This foreign entity has no right to be present on our land and soil, no use permit, no grant of land from our States.  It's entirely foreign. That's why it is run like a Banana Republic.  That's why its officers take no valid Oaths of Office. It's like a little bit of Cuba transplanted to our soil. 

Still, men like Mr. Trump and General Flynn have slept on, and only now awaken to the gigantic fraud scheme that has been perpetuated upon them and upon this entire country, as they directly experience the Double Standard caused by having two sets of Code --- and allowing the presence of an unauthorized Municipal city-state on our land and soil.

What needs to happen is for the U.S. Military to arrest the members of Congress running the Municipality of Washington, DC. under charges of invasion, espionage, and treason. 

They can do this because they control the District of Columbia and the City of Washington, DC, is still theirs and in their jurisdiction.  The offensive and non-compliant Municipality of Washington, DC, despite its claims to be an "independent, international city-state" doesn't have any permission to be here. It's like a squatter with no rent agreement. 

The U.S. Military acting as the rightful Custodians of the District of Columbia can kick their Municipal butts into the sea and do it using Maritime Law. No civil war or other fighting is necessary.  What we are looking at are criminal acts, not political matters.  

There's usurpation of Powers by members of the Territorial and Municipal Congresses that were never bequeathed to them. 

We have foreign "Representatives" exercising the Plenary Powers Clause instead of our own "Fiduciary Deputies" and none of these foreign corporation "Representatives" impersonating our Fiduciary Deputies have taken a valid Oath of Office to operate in any Public capacity.  

There's a foreign independent international city-state squatting in the Federal Capitol without as much as a Use Permit from our States, and it is acting in violation of the Permit granted to the City of Washington, DC, so there is no protective successorship. 

Kick them out.  Arrest them.  Charge them.  And if necessary, hang them.  

Treat them like you've treated us (mistakenly) and evict them from property they have no right to occupy--- the District of Columbia and the City of Washington, DC, have been taken over by foreign con artists. 

Do your duty, owed to the sovereign nation-states, and to your own Municipal Corporation.  Stop playing around like blind men feeling up an elephant. We've fully described the problem for you.  Act or become complicit in this gigantic fraud yourselves.  


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