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Friday, June 23, 2023

Can't Be Demonstrated Any Better

 By Anna Von Reitz

Meet Semiramis, also known as: Ashteroth, Astarte, Athena, Isis, the Great Abomination, Cybele, Columbia (yes, as in District of Columbia), and, by the way, she looks just like the Statue of Liberty in all her representations going back 8,000 years. 

She is famous throughout the Mediterranean World as the Mother of Harlots because she started a religion based on Temple Prostitution, and the Mother of Idols, because she introduced the use of token money and "representative" idols in general, and the Mother of Wisdom, because of her misapplied cleverness.  She also added the worship of trees, and use of psychedelic drugs to the practice of her religion. She was bisexual and hermaphroditic like most of the Ancient Pantheon.    

Her priests, known as the Galli in Rome, arrived in Rome in the Second Century BC, by way of Asia Minor.  These men were famous for wearing long black robes, white wigs, just as British Barristers still do, and also famous for castrating themselves in honor of their goddess.  They promptly became Caesar's favorite tax collectors, a position they still hold to this day.  

Now listen to this little YouTube Short which gives you insight into current events and the none-too veiled rise of her ancient pagan religion as a political force to be dealt with: 

And now you know why the big push to bring gay people into the military and the push to put female hormones in meat, and all sorts of other pollution and so-called "social engineering" to glorify sex, escape accountability for sexual acts, and change men into women and women into men.  

Crazy as it seems, it all makes sense once you understand that goddess worship is becoming the chosen religion of the elites again.  

They certainly couldn't claim to be followers of Yeshuah after all the misery, destruction, and death they have promoted in order to unjustly enrich and empower themselves. 


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