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Sunday, May 14, 2023

The Social Darwinism and Corporate Feudalism Frauds

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

Perhaps no other lie in the last two centuries has been so successful in denigrating mankind and misleading masses of people than Darwinism, which Charles Darwin himself objected to.  

The true implication of Darwin's observation -- that the process of creation is ongoing, should not startle anyone; we should expect it to be so, and go on about our business.

We have been misled by arguments now over a century old to equate ourselves with apes and to extrapolate vicious theories like "survival of the fittest" which underlies the whole travesty of Social Darwinism.  

The Law of the Jungle, also known as, survival of the fittest, is nothing new.  Those who were already living under this evil standard-- mostly bankers and businessmen of other stripes-- the so-called Robber Barons of the Nineteenth Century, merely seized upon Darwin's findings to justify their own bad behavior and lack of conscience. 

Men like Cecil Rhodes, T.E. Harriman, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Lord Pirbright, J.D. Rockefeller, and the Duponts, thrived in the lawless and ruthless atmosphere of the times and prided themselves on their utter lack of caring and conscience. They envisioned themselves as primal predators and chafed against every social and moral obligation. 

The Children of Cain, who are born without a conscience, also live under The Law of the Jungle, but unlike normal men, they do not have to subvert their nature and discipline themselves to a life of ruthlessness. They come by it naturally. 

Among the Children of Cain this fundamental defect, not having a conscience, is peddled as a hallmark of the elite, and the cruelty they promote as proof of their elite standing, and the blackmail and deceit they practice, has earned them their description: white-washed tombs. 

Both the business elites and the Children of Cain eagerly adopted Social Darwinism because it excuses their selfishness and ruthlessness as a virtue. It allows them to think of themselves as "the fittest", because they are willing to torture and kill and cheat and lie and feel no moral restraint or remorse. 

Cecil Rhodes and his British South African Company enslaved the people of South Africa, African and Dutch alike, and forced them to live under appalling conditions. He was a prime mover in creating the Boer War in which he joined forces with the even more depraved Lord Pirbright, grandson of Nathan Amschel Rothschild, and helped fund construction of the world's first Concentration Camps and conduct the first non-consensual scientific experiments on living people deemed to be "prey" and 'livestock" by these perverts.

It wasn't Hitler who implemented the first Concentration Camps, nor was it the Nazis who first promoted forced and unfettered "scientific" experiments on helpless people.  It was the Social Darwinists and their Eugenics Movement brethren, playing god and pretending that their lack of conscience is a virtue. 

Social Darwinism offers a convenient, intellectualized, quasi-scientific framework for evil men to excuse their evil acts. We can't blame them, they say, for being what they are, any more than we can blame a crocodile for being what it is. 

We wish for a solid understanding that we can and we do blame them for what they do and what they make of themselves and of the world around them, how they impact others, and the detritus they leave behind.  

The Children of Cain may be born with a defect, but their intellectual gifts allow them to learn better values if taught, and for the rest of the Robber Barons, there is no excuse provided by nature or nurture that brushes aside their responsibility. 

We wish for the Rhodes and Pirbright and Wellcome Endowments to be stripped and the corporations responsible for their operations to be liquidated; these organizations have been pivotal in promoting the social evils we see today, including the corruption of government and the educational system, and the development of the biological weapons used to promote the Covid-19 pandemic genocide. Here is a brief and well-documented explanation: 

Evil ideas when allowed to spread unchecked multiply like rabbits in the spring, and these evil memes left behind by evil men continue long after they are dead.  

We have allowed the plagues of Social Darwinism and Corporate Feudalism to take root and thrive upon the fuel of ill-gotten gains and the undeserved success of men without moral compass or compassion, men who, in a more circumspect world, would not deserve comment, nor have the means to influence future generations. 

We wish for an end of toleration for monsters like these and an end to the evil organizations and influences they have spawned.  

Like the Law of the Sea which is unnecessary and has only been a seedbed for criminality for generations, organizations like the Rhodes Trust, Pirbright Institute, and Wellcome Trust have been used to promote gross criminality and have not been held to account for it. 

With every day that passes we see the impact of the Nineteenth Century Robber Baron mentality, which was sick then and is still sick now.  

We see the grasping monopolistic tentacles of J.D. Rockefeller's outlawed Standard Oil Company and Trust applied to Central Banking and Swift, a worldwide banking transfer system, without a single "Peep!" from anyone in a position of responsibility. 

Are we to expect that what was illegal and unlawful for Standard Oil Company and Trust to do to the oil industry, is somehow not illegal to do to the banking industry?  Yet a treacherous and self-serving banking monopoly has been allowed to function and dominate all business enterprises in the western world for over a hundred years. 

As our claims have demonstrated, all these corporations have been operating unlawfully and most of the time, they've been operating illegally, too.  Absolutely no restraint has been placed upon them, they have lied, cheated, stolen, and set up their own self-serving institutions with impunity and created monopoly after monopoly to control the flow of goods and services and the prices of commodities.  

These guilty corporations have even assumed the power of actual  governments to tax the populations of entire countries, and their Boards of Governors and Boards of Trustees have declared wars without authority.  

These entities playing Crack the Whip over the people of the world are nothing but filthy dirty commercial corporations having no natural right to exist and they have been allowed to run wild and murder millions of people, even though our international contracts and treaties under Ecclesiastical Law make it absolutely clear that these things created by the Roman Curia are to be liquidated -- not simply rebooted under a new name -- when they engage in unlawful activities. 

There was no enforcement when Lord Pirbright set up the first Concentration Camps as British Crown enterprises.  

There was no enforcement when Franklin Delano Roosevelt illegally conscripted and press-ganged and impersonated millions of Americans and issued clearinghouse certificates in their names.  

There was no enforcement when the British Territorial Municipal Corporation passed the Buck Act under color of law and used it to conscript and press-gang our young men using "the Draft" in World War II --- a process that has been outlawed for two hundred years. 

Through all of this and a great deal more, the Popes, who are uniquely responsible for overseeing these Legal Fiction Entities, have sat silent and avoided both the right and the duty to proactively discipline them, with the result that the whole planet has suffered the fraud schemes, the mindless rampages and the endless criminality of corporations in general and Municipal Corporations in particular. 

We have exhausted our remedies short of taking up arms and we bring our claims before the Vatican Chancery Court seeking the redress due to the lawful governments and living people of The United States/The United States of America, the former Commonwealth countries, Japan, and the seventeen occupied countries of Western Europe, plus all other occupied countries that have been overrun by these Legal Fiction entities operating under color of law and otherwise promoting fraud and violence and theft.

It may not be immediately apparent why we characterize these matters of philosophy and business models as fraud schemes, but such they are. 

Social Darwinism is founded on an obviously flawed and deliberate misinterpretation of Darwin's findings, which merely imply that Creation is ongoing, and we note that "And on the seventh day he rested...." does not imply that the Creator died, or ceased to tweak and mend and change the Creation. If we were thinking logically, we should expect Creation to be ongoing, and not discount the mechanisms of it.  This false interpretation of Darwin's observations equates man with animals and condemns us to live under The Law of the Jungle, a form of law that we transcended when we became conscious and were no longer the slaves of instinct and seasons. 

The Corporate Feudalism that has been promoted by the usurping governmental services corporations is also founded on fraud, as we have seen with the example of what happened in Australia and throughout the former Commonwealth countries and what we have ourselves suffered during and after the so-called American Civil War.  

We wish for the immediate liquidation of the foreign Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia and the return of the control and the assets owed to our lawful government and to our people. 
We wish for a good faith effort on the part of the Ecclesiastical authorities to clean up this ungodly mess and bring correction.  

We wish for an end to the corrupt and monopolized banking system, but do not approve of any system that can be used for coercive or political ends to deprive, spy upon, or control living people, including but not limited to the QFS program, which could easily be turned to evil and politicized ends.   

We wish for open recognition of the evils that have befallen us as a result of allowing legal fiction enterprises to thrive at the expense of living people and for allowing the Law of the Sea on shore in any form.  

We wish for this recognition to be followed by international action to put an end to the  Law of the Sea's long history of transgressions and the punishment and disbanding of the Bar Associations that have been the implements of so much gross injustice.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 14th 2023


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    Scammers :
    Kim Goguen, Neil Keenan,
    Crayford, H. E. Alexander Nikolaevich Paramonov, banana, ....

    They are/were doing exactly
    the same thing. :
    Trying to get the currency issuance right.

    1. Why don't you take a long walk off a short pier pal, your a pain in the ass!

    2. There was also OPPT UCC fraud.


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  3. Rinse and repeat!

    1. Please, please, don't repeat.

  4. Isnt there a crown and also a crown? London City banking district organization is called the Crown. Yet their is the monarch Crown also. Crown, Vatican, Pentagon, world control lenses, tools for the castle dwellers who hate too much light. King John signed over his deed on the entire world to the Pope according to the Deed signed by King John and he was stuck with the public crown but owned nothing.

  5. St. Germain’s descendant ?
    Prove it.
    Don't distract.

    1. How about - YOU PROVE: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW you come: to be, to have, and to do.

      But don't knock yourself out doing so. After all how many times will you have to bang your head against a rock to realize one thing, or two things are solid?

      PROVE IT.

  6. It is quite possible we are going to be ignored until our over 3100 counties are communicating and providing a better system than "the rulers of evil." States like Colorado, Florida, and some other brave states appear to be on the right track but we need all counties to be on board our land and soil jurisdiction. The Federation has done a great job but it appears to be being treated like a "paper tiger" by those who do not have our best interests in mind.

    1. Absolutely, don’t forget Texas we have established a lawful government complete with common law court .
      Struggle we do the Defacto raise our meeting but the only one went to jail was the one who hired a bar lawyer and the Attorney general who attacked us.

  7. FJ Varela solved the social Darwin question in "The Embodied Mind, the point being an autopoietic networking challenge, and, a 1st person accounting principle. Alison McDowell, concerning WEBB 3, all history, ignores the time lineage toward Varela's work, himself 21st century hemlocked, because of stereotypical concerns about cybernetics, alone (as if being on these phones iZ NOT the Macy's Conferences) as this connects to Varela's divergent principle aBOOT Bittorio (simplest machine ever based, intially, on beauty), the reality of which, when convergence is the default of this universe, a water planet enfolded inside a hydrino universe, is sorcery, instead.

    Hydrino is lightening clapping, 9-11, Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha‘apai, Nashville on Christmas, Georgia Guidestones, and, halo Burton studies, et alia. See Mental Boost 2 4 data on 9-11. Don't be Pro-NU Clear, need2NO, nano nano.

  8. I worry about the QFS. In ALL the dinar/XLM/Nesara/RV circles it is touted as the saviour. A mesh of starlink satellite system beaming on earth, linked to your new Qcard with biometric data on it, linked to your new free Qphone. Millions of people bought some foreign currency or bonds (esp. zim, Iraqi dinar, Vietnamese dong etc) and are eagerly waiting for the RV to get a very beneficial exchange back to their home currency (dollar/euro etc). At the exchange they will be vetted, they will have to sign an NDA, their newly gained wealth WILL BE MONITORED. - Who owns the QFS? I thought we were done being monitored? Who has oversight over the QFS? - Not us! Satellites are part of the energy weapons program and they go hand in hand with the graphenization of life.

  9. I want to see a debate in public between a advocate and a critic.
    Take this to public in the way the love it in debate format .
    Not in Zionist shill commentator but a level playing field common ground invitation to prime time 5 PM. On RBN live call .
    So far the Sheriff Mac tour wasn’t a credible bunch no money required to
    Send a live video fully doable.
    Other wise we will never get a clear message out without some hot debate.