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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Dear Don -- A Reply to Your False Claims

 By Anna Von Reitz

Number One:  I don't know any "Carl Michael Magnussen" and never did, so it will be difficult to prove that I "colluded" with any such person to do anything whatsoever. 

Number Two: You deposited your money in a State of California Credit Union.

"My" banks haven't even opened their doors yet, so it is a no-brainer that you have never deposited a penny in any bank or credit union or other facility associated with me, and that you have absolutely no cause to address me at all or make any defamatory statements whatsoever. . 

Number Three:  The State of California won't do anything for you,  because you signed a Private Deposit Agreement with a Private Membership Association Credit Union.

I read a blank copy of that Agreement after the fact for another depositor in the same PMA Credit Union, and I can tell you that Hunter doesn't have to refund your money or anyone else's, until the conditions you agreed to are met. 

So, if I were you, I would apologize to Hunter and ask him very nicely to let me out of the contract and give my money back. 


  1. A list of scam artists :

    1. Part 1 of 2 (maybe 3)
      Shall I repeat my previous observation? In more detail so you might comprehend it? The author, the anonymous 'Ohr Elyon' (look it up for the meaning) says " . . . the gold that was confiscated in the US in the 1930s is not owned by the American people . . .". If I break into your house and steal something that is YOUR property, does it now belong to ME? As an attorney pointed out to me one time: theft does not transfer title.

      He goes on to say "To clarify the subject matter, here is some history on how the United States is actually heavily indebted to the Global Debt Facility." - correct so far, but then he makes the HUGE mistake almost all of Anna's detractors make, following up with "When America was legally bankrupt . . ." - conflating 'America' with the defunct corporation the 'United States'. Almost every one of Anna's detractors make the same mistake over and over again. The corporation the Americans hired to perform certain, specific and limited functions is NOT the Nation. To use her analogy, if someone walking past my house sees a man mowing the lawn out front every week, is it reasonable for him to presume that lawnmowing guy is the owner of the house? Especially if there's a truck parked out front with a bunch of gardening equipment in it? Of course not. Lawnmowing guy is a CONTRACTOR to the owner of the house. Only a fool would presume that lawnmowing guy is the owner. The 'United States' is a corporation, just like lawnmowing guy, NOT the owners of the land, the Americans. The so-called 'government' is a usurping subcontractor, having never been authorized by the actual American People to perform the obligations of the original contract, but was foisted upon an ignorant and unschooled population in the 1860's. We've woken up and are now in the process of UNinviting the usurper. They can go back to England, and the Crown Corporation - their true master.

      The theft of the gold from PRIVATE people's safe deposit boxes in the banks they trusted to keep their gold coins, watches, and, from what I heard from people who were subjected to the theft, a LOT of other items which were NOT coins, actually happened, whether you believe or not. Congress excused this theft by its very own policy declaration in HJR 192, passed into LAW as P.L. 73-10 and Statute as 48 Stat. 112 - which anybody can access in the archives online. It's easy to find if you just do a search with any search engine. If you can't read plain English, may I suggest a remedial course at any local college?

    2. Part 2 of 2 (maybe 3)

      ALSO, people keep on going on about her being a 'self-appointed' judge, backed up by 'Ohio State' (actually 'State of Ohio') court decisions and such. Anna has NEVER claimed to be a 'judge', 'justice' or any kind of 'magistrate' of ANY corporate State. The 'State of Alaska' IS a corporation, NOT Alaska itself. So NO, she is NOT a 'State of Alaska' judge (an officer of a corporation). But, to the best of my knowledge, she WAS elected by the Alaskan People (sovereigns on the Land and Soil jurisdiction - above the de facto corporate jurisdiction, BTW) - not the poor, ignorant 'citizens' or 'Citizens' OF (means belonging to) the corporate 'State of Alaska', who are themselves considered 'corporations' by statutory definition, but the real, living men and women on Alaska who corrected their political status and went BACK to their original birthright political status.

      She was elected to the position by People, NOT corporate 'things' called 'persons'.

      The most basic thing you and everybody else reading Anna's, or anybody else's writings along these lines, is that for the meanings of words BEFORE the B.A.R. attorney's redefinitions of words in the 1860's, one should acquire (or link to) a Webster's 1828 dictionary. The U.S. Supreme Court apparently uses the 1856 edition of Bouvier's Law Dictionary in Constitutional law decisions for definitions of the meaning of words intended by Congress up to that point in history. The 1914 edition of that dictionary sufficed for both Constitutional AND commercial law decisions for a time. After the 1933 bankruptcy Black's Law Dictionary was used for definitions applying to most Supreme Court decisions, since most decisions since then have been about commerce.

      Unlike you, I shall NOT remain 'anonymous' but, since Google has locked up my usual account, identify as my usual nom de plume known worldwide as -

  2. Well at least she admits that things still aren't Done. Tho she doesn't say when they WILL be done.

    1. If you signed a contract, then adult and read it. Hold yourself to account for not comprehending what you joined.

    2. *man* can take back his autograph when something causes harm.
      no man can cause harm to man.
      no man can be forced to particiate in causing harm to himself.
      i believe the State of Calif does have to "do something": because Govts can only exist for one reason:
      to secure mans God given rights.
      they have no authority to exist otherwise.

    3. Yes, of course, a man can take back his "autograph" provided his "graph" is equipped with some "auto"-matic contraption.

      Thomas Jefferson invented one. And he could automatically "sign" documents - by autograph! Two documents at one time! I hear tell.

      However if you GIVE a paperwork or a "document" to an anyone, and they refuse to give it back - what ya gonna do? Suffer? Snarl? Bark? Yeowl? Call the "Lawyers" or the "Militia?"

      You are living in "Fiction Land." That "Land of Fictions" you so adore! Go to Disney World, by a life long ticket. What rides have they there?

    4. Uh, what contract? her banks are not even up and running, so what was there to sign? Nothing. The point is by the time whatever Anna is trying to do MAYBE gets recognized by the existing incorporated governments, What will be left to Save? Anything? This has already gone on for 15 years since she started spewing her version of events, and the only thing thats happened is she got people to publicly record their status thats supposed to reverse the assumption made when the hospitals automated processes REGISTERED ones birth certificate to put one into the incorporated jurisdiction to be mis-identified and Taken Advantage of like Everyone else in the Public. They pretend their WORD games justify their TAKING ADVANTAGE. Which makes them all dumber than rocks looking to screw each other.

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      How adorable!

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      You may not claim to be "th[k]ing" of the "banana flies" you are but one of that th[k]ing's lesser minions. Follow it's orders please.

      That'd be fine, yes. Or repent.

    9. Are you a banana maggot?

  5. here is some more traditional American common law for man/land:
    man creates (what) issues from man/[himself].
    and (that) belongs only to (that) man.
    and (that) man is responsible for what (he) creates.
    traditional State (American) common law for man/land.
    [its really very very ancient common law... can be found for example in the bible, refs: jesuis' parables are ancient common law for man/land. also, i believe, Saxons, Norwegians.]

  6. I sure do learn a lot from these posts. Wow so much learning the last three years and I am one of many who is so thankful. Wednesday, May 24, 2023
    True Comfort
    By Anna Von Reitz
    WOW!!! Everyone should read no matter what you think of Anna. I for one will pray for her cause she is a daughter of the Most High a human being created in His image and truly we all are I believe. Praying for all the hard work from this site and all who put their soul into it.

    1. I am lifted by your' comments about the Anna/James/Paul team - so good to read of appreciation, thank you, from a distant reader.


  7. Important news’ :

    【Russia bombs (depleted) uranium shells in Ukraine ; Moscow claims ‘radioactive cloud moving to Europe’】

    【‘Bakhmut Has Fallen !’ ...】

    【Iran, Saudi FMs seek implementation of
    reconciliation deal to boost regional security】

  8. I am both sad, disappointed and strangely elated. This shitshow just keeps getting better.
    Once when I was nostrils deep in this with high hopes and great expectations imagining this world with evil defeated and everyone getting along ….well, then I woke up to a cold hard slap ( from Anna via 2 now deleted articles defaming me and falsely accusing me of being a fed spy…)

    Non of this shit works
    If you invested ( spelled “ gambled “ ) money with Hunter then you lost the bet.
    Lick your wounds, be glad you are not Bruce Doucette or one of the others in Federal Prison who followed the great “ advise” ( incomplete and just bad) and enjoy the contentious shitshow here or on ( if you got that far) Mattermost.
    Incomplete info is bad info. That’s the sin being committed here. The fact is they don’t know, it’s theory and conjecture.
    Do you actually think the global slave master criminals in DC, London or Rome will ever unlock your shackles ?..Fuck NO , it’s too good of a scam for them. The best we can do is to live under their radar and sabotage them at every opportunity.
    When Yeshua comes back we can sit on the Mountian in our lawn chairs and watch the show….it will be grand.

    1. Buck up Bozo,
      This endeavor from we of "...the way, the truth and the life..." We the Living is not for "Persons/PERSONS" such as you. You who would spin the roulette wheel, "sabotage." and play in the enfranchised lotteries of the States of States - and always lose; Loser.

      It takes what takes to walk our path. You haven't got what it takes.
      Go enjoy your margarita - and may the devil take the hind most. Sayonara!

    2. You probably found this website yesterday. Joined your Assembly yet oh brave keyboard warrior?

    3. Anon 6:25 AM, May 25 & Anon 9:01 AM, May 25 you've made a:

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    4. You act like a child. A mentally constipated child.

    5. Answer the question. Why are you stalling oh brave one?

  9. Hey - strike all your' marketing nonsense.

  10. Maybe one day Anna will teach us how to get our trust money like she’s done for herself, her arguing with people that don’t matter isn’t helping TASA people pay their bills, stop losing their homes or be able to buy a home or automobile before they become homeless, but she talks out of both sides, one minute the USA is bankrupt, the next minute it’s not, but she refuses to help the very people who’ve joined TASA, believe in it and will soon be living in their automobile while she writes these crap sammich stories that help no one but her ego.
    Yahushua said to help those in need, the poor, the hungry etc but Anna refuses to help any of us and the ones who have money, haven’t had their businesses taken away by lying, Fake Feds to control more of us, leaving us destitute, she just spits on us hoping Dopey Popey will do something for once that’s not evil …. Good luck with that Anna!
    She may help with her 2 page Lucricia story (although I don’t know if her way works), she does NOTHING to help poor people but a home or buy an automobile so they can try to get a job after they get a roof over their head. For myself I have $10.00 to my name and will lose my apartment at the end of August, I have no family or friends near or that I can stay with, but boy I’m glad I read this crap of a story while Anna does as Messiah would and help us …. Just kidding, she isn’t doing anything Messiah would do.
    No help to get our trust that’s ours, no bank, just saying the word Bank l and clicking her heels while we literally perish, starve and live out in the elements soon, but she refuses to share her knowledge about how to do the correct paperwork to get our trust, we can’t even get back what Lucricis did if that’s a real story because we don’t have own ANYTHING to get out of debt, many of us have nothing, we’re just sheep being lead to the TASA slaughterhouse.

    Not enough people to run our states properly because people are sleeping in a park or an old automobile, but I’m happy for my brothers & sisters who aren’t in this hell, except for Anna.

  11. Anonymous May 25, 2023 at 10:17 AM

    One of the past comments on Paul's net
    "The Ancient man Zeno, of Citium, spoke wisely. Seemingly little remembered, are we to to late to read his words?

    Time to conquer ourselves?
    Yes maybe too little, too late? Maybe not?
    "Man conquers the world by conquering himself."
    Zeno of Citium"

  12. Laughing out loud "Anon 10:17 AM May 25"

    "Maybe one day Anna will teach us. . . " LOL !

    When you are in the library - you are required to select the correct books for YOUR' research. (YOU are IN a Library)

    If the librarian saw you "talking" ("out loud") to the books, the librarian would likely call the 911. (Laughing Out Loud.)

    You cant make this up! LOL

  13. Anonymous at 11:18 AM, May 25 2023.

    Wow! I looked that up! Zeno of Citium. Thank you!

  14. Plenty of men/women who have been imprisoned figured "out" their library is the "way out!"

    Better find your' library. Or enjoy the sh*t on a shingle food.

    Holy Mackeral ! ROTFL

  15. Matthew Austin CulverMay 26, 2023 at 12:09 AM

    To Anonymous at 10:17 AM
    Read Anna's article #928 for a comprehensive list of the paperwork (with templates for you to fill in your personal information). I've used that to create the documents I need to file with the U.S. Secretary of State in order to repudiate the unwanted "U.S. citizenship" and declare my status as a living man of the state of my nativity. (State national). It will take some work to make it happen, but no one is going to do the work for you.

    1. The paperwork isn't going to help. Only knowledge and awareness of who you are. And that is really what is needed. I've done the 928's and the one pager. None of it was necessary. The onus is on those who created the fraud. That hot potato is all theirs. Pre-paid credit? Don't need it. Trade banks? Not interested. Get out of Babylon.

    2. TO:
      Anon at 3:55, May 26.
      Anon at 4:20, May 26.

      You are stupid. Very stupid. Or you are very Evil.

      Words, our (not yours') words, our "free speech" is the most potent defense and tool against tyranny.

      You are the tyrants tool. You are deserving of having your' free speech expunged. The Good must close down the Bad.

      And contrary to the brain washed (you dear) among us, it is plain, simple, easy to discern the difference b/w GOOD and EVIL.

      You have thrown out your rights, you have thrown out your pretense of "unalienable right under God" under GOOD. You have bound your' mind, heart, and soul to BAD.

      bye bye dummy.

    3. TO:
      Anon at 3:55, May 26.
      Anon at 4:20, May 26.

      Post Script.

      By you so instructing others to curtail their free speech - you have instructed your own mind, heart, and soul. No one needs to know who you are, you have defeated yourself. And oh, isn't divine justice against your' evil.

      : )

    4. And covid is real and the vaccines are safe and effective. And the government work I. Our behalf and protects and no one in Washington is corrupt. And the Rockefeller never destroyed our medicine and medical education. And the WEF cares about you. And Bill Gates is the the world