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Saturday, May 20, 2023

CYANIDE Found in Remdesivir: FLUORINE & CYANIDE In Remdesivir Cause DEADLY Organ FAILURE


  1. It should be clear to everyone that no one has the authority to commit these crimes, for any reason whatsoever.

    Its also crystal clear that those who have been tasked with protecting us and our assets are participating in the crimes against us, and openly state that their job is no longer to "serve and protect" even though we pay their salaries. We must cut off the paychecks of these insubordinate employees.

    Finally, we all need to be aware that we are sovereign beings, who have the obligation to defend life and stop crime, especially when no one else will.

    Therefore, since no one has the authority to murder or commit harm or violence, and since there is no one protecting us, and since we have the right and obligation to defend life, I am calling for all people to stand up against this global genocide and planned violence to prevent and STOP it. Personally place under arrest anyone you know who is guilty of these things (your local doctors, county sheriffs, state governor, etc). It is largely those who are impersonating some public office that are committing these crimes, due to their allegiance to the New World Order/Great Reset ideology. They need to be reminded that they still work for us, or be fired!

    Handcuff them, if you wish, but simply telling them that they are under arrest and stating their crime, should suffice -- then, contact the Provost Marshal in your state (Department of Military Affairs) and inform them who you arrested and why and provide them with the contact and location information to pick them up immediately for prosecution. Follow up with the Provost Marshal and require written proof of the action, then continue to follow up and post all convictions here. We CAN turn prevent further crimes against us!

    Criminals do not stop committing crimes simply because what they do is against the Law; they have no conscience or moral compass or empathy. We must hold their feet to the fire until they stop or come under compliance with the one Universal Law of "do no harm."

    It is now our job to hold them accountable. Make it so!

  2. The sheriff that lived in my neighborhood has been unseen for about a month now
    He put swimming pool in back yard, solar panels on the roof, remodeled entire interior and has not been seen within the house or the neighborhood for like a month now
    His wife and kids have not been around either
    They painted their brick house white not to long ago as well

    Last few weeks has been a 'restoration company' inside the residence?
    Restoring what who knows as no known fire or other incident within the house that anyone is aware of?????????

  3. At one point she explains that doctors, cops, teachers and such are the first to be disposed of

    And I suggest you listen
    THE 'WHO'LE(el) LIE

    And if you trust this system at all then you are the one that is deceived
    annagram should be a direct indication as to the deception
    A 'universal' grandmama named Anna trying to save the world while fleeces your asses blind as she does it
    MY ASS

  4. Cyanide refers to a highly toxic chemical compound that is composed of carbon and nitrogen (CN). It is known for its deadly effects on living organisms, including humans, due to its ability to interfere with cellular respiration, a process essential for generating energy in cells. Cyanide can exist in various forms, such as hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and cyanide salts.