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Friday, April 21, 2023

How the Fraud Works for Generals

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 5th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

When Rome conquered a native people, it first renamed them as a "tribe" owing "tribute" to Rome.  Now the conquered nation had a Roman name, just as they renamed Yeshuah and called him Jesus, instead.  Having a Roman name obligated these conquered nations to pay tribute to Rome. 

We trust that the name games involved are ringing bells --- using new names and foreign languages as the means to attach duties and debts and obligations  --- is a game that Rome has promoted for centuries.  

Rome next moved into the conquered "territory" and began to build roads, bridges, aqueducts, forts, and other public works for the administration of the new acquisitions. Rome began to teach Latin and Roman History and Roman religious beliefs and Roman social conventions and hierarchies, while not talking in the old native language of the people and not discussing their culture at all.  

Just like they took all the American History Books off the shelves and have been teaching nothing but United States History, instead.  

Next, it built homes and auditoriums and bath houses and temples and all sorts of buildings that, added to the roads, bridges, aqueducts, and forts, brought Roman customs, language, religion, holidays, and education to the hinterlands.  

While the Romans asserted their supremacy and superiority in all respects and encouraged the tribesmen to emulate Roman ways as much as possible, they also kept a keen eye out for any new inventions of worthy knowledge the conquered people might have to share.  

The great genius of the Romans is not the creation of knowledge, but the application of knowledge. 

Within two or three generations the tribes thus conquered had largely forgotten who they were and how they lived before the Roman conquest.
They considered themselves hybrids, not as lofty as the actual Romans, but proud to be trained in the Roman tradition and happy to have access to Roman infrastructure.  

In places like Britain, homegrown legions were raised and trained, and tribal princes studied the battles of Rome, Greece, Carthage and Persia, their imaginations captured by the lessons learned, and always, the glory of Rome.

And right behind the soldiers, sometimes out-running them, came the clergy: children, home-making, and church, solid moral values for tribesmen to follow, a cynical but effective means to keep them in line, predictable, and naïve. 

The same exact methodology is used today, simply updated to fit modern times and technology.  

The Roman technical gifts and infrastructure improvements are imported along with unique elements of its culture and religious traditions, and before you know it, whatever you were before, you are thinking and acting as a Roman.  

It's a bit like the Borg in Startrek.  And nobody notices.  Well, almost nobody. 

Rome took over German culture and created the Nazis, whose militaristic prowess and discipline and superman complex mirrored the modern face of the Ancient Empire; Mussolini might have seemed like Hitler's Second Banana, but that is another illusion--- a very crafty one. 

If the effort failed, the Germans would bear the brunt of it.  

The whole thing, World War II,  was engineered by Rome and bears its unmistakable imprint, right down to the swastika from their Aryan homeland in the Indus Valley and the red, black, and white colors of their flags. 

While they used the blond blue-eyed Northern Germans as their poster boys, it was the dark-haired, tight-skinned Tyroleans and Bavarians and Franconians who got the nod at Hitler's table. 

The same thing has happened to this country, and it's obvious to anyone who witnessed the transformation from the 1940's to the present and knows the Roman Way --- that is, the way they take over. 

Rome, in the form of its Municipal enclave in the City of Washington, DC, has always been a theocracy and the emblems of Rome are everywhere ---- swastikas and fasces (the odd bundles of sticks tied together) galore, great stone phallic symbols thrust up in front of the capitol dome.  

For anyone who knows anything about the Ancient World, it's apparent that we are living in a hybridized Roman world, under the sway of Rome's foreign values and foreign culture, and the leadership of the Romanized political elite is running headlong up against the values of the actual Americans.  

Here's our prediction: they are setting Trump up as the Savior of America after deliberately making Biden into a criminal laughing-stock.  Millions of Americans will get sucked into the same old schtick --- two sides to everything.  Just remember, it's the same nickel in the end.  

If Trump gets back in office, it will be a heyday for the military --- and the economy.  Everyone will be so relieved, they won't notice what's going on in China, but we will be fighting the rear-guard action to cover the Roman departure.  

Predictably, the Roman leadership has split things in two, to run its divide and conquer strategies more effectively.  

It has drawn the difference between Donald Trump and his Administration versus Joe Biden and his Administration in neon lights, inexorably driving the country into Trump's arms at the same time Biden courts China and prepares the next Roman conquest: China.  

China is in need.  It has over a billion people and nowhere near the resources it needs.  It can't stand alone, and look at the glittering technological superiority that Rome offers?  

The guilty Municipal Corporations are colluding just as they did when the Dutch East India Company pulled the Bottomry Bonds Scandal and had to beat feet out of Britain.  Then as now, the British are hamming up the Trump v. Biden mock fight, while they are setting this country up to pay for all their fraud and criminality and violence. 

The EU-backed Munis are trying to move to China, where they will benefit China with needed infrastructure and new technology stolen from our Patent Offices, which they conveniently manage in virtually every country worldwide.

Take a look, people --- SERCO, a Municipal Corporation, runs the United States Patent Office and serves as Paymaster for the United States Military.  

Yes, Rome will help China as a conquered country -- a new Roman Territory.  They will build infrastructure and they will bring technological wonders and advantages -- garnered from other people's patent offices, with the help of the British Monarchy and the Government of Westminster.  

Rome will also eat China alive, from the inside out, and use the Chinese people as fodder in their games. In a few generations a culture that has endured for over 5,000 years on its own will be Romanized. 

With all the good of Rome, comes all the evil. too.  

We have seen it before.  We don't need to see it again.  

The money that Rome creates comes from thin air, sex, war, and drugs.  Lots of drugs. Its wealth is built on deceit, lies, human misery, blackmail and conflict. It's been this way for 3,000 years. 

It's always been this way since the Sumerians, Minoans, Egyptians, and Greeks --- and the Romans, as usual, learned from these earlier cultures and applied what they learned. 

The Balbek, Knossos, Egyptian, Delphic, and Druidic Mysteries were all based on taking hallucinogenic drugs, with viper venom being the all-time favorite.  

Maybe that spike protein -- self-produced viper venom that attaches to the same exact receptor site as nicotine  -- is making more sense now?  

And observe ---- while everyone else chases silver and gold, which are relatively worthless commodities, somewhat akin to paper chits and digital keystrokes,  Rome hunkers down and destroys the breadbasket of Europe and blows the Nordstream pipelines. 

That's another lesson from Roman History.  

When the Romans, like parasites, move to a new host country, they destroy as much as possible of the old host as they leave.  

They poison the water (fluoride, etc.) and they poison the soil (chemtrail heavy metals and metallic incendiaries -- since 1989) and they set fire to things (like food production facilities and railways and oil refineries).  

The Romans deliberately poisoned every well and spring they could find as they left Britain, dumping large quantities of iron scrap into the wells.  

It's still there, for everyone to see, piles of Roman-era slag and iron scrap, still making the water poisonous for the native people, who are all iron intolerant.  

The Pandemic and the injections to pollute our blood and ruin our health are just par for the course, and pathetically predictable. Rome has regretted nothing and formed no conscience, in 3,000 years. 

We wish for the people of the world to wake up and see what is going on and pay attention, so that Rome (working hand-in-hand with its military counterparts in Constantinople and Jerusalem)  can't just go on and on and on, generation after generation, singing the same song and dance, playing the same obnoxious, destructive, self-serving, criminal, violent game and making everyone else pay for it. 

We wish for Rome to be recognized for what it is, and for the Saturnine Brotherhood to be ousted, so that the Earth and the rest of the people on it, can have peace and prosperity again.  

We wish for the Ecclesiastical Law to be upheld and for the lawless Municipal Corporations to be dealt with --- liquidation for most, and forfeiture and transfer of control of the essential services, including SERCO, which has caused quite enough trouble and purloined far too much power for itself.  

We wish for the return of our patents which originated in the United States Patent Office--- all of them, including the criminal products and processes which SERCO's Patent Clerks approved and provided to China under National Security wrappers.  

We remember who we are, even six generations after these foreign Municipal Subcontractors began their fraud schemes in Breach of Trust and violation of their Service Contracts. We are still here.  And we are still the lawful inheritors.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 20th 2023


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  1. Prediction!?!?!

    "Here's our prediction: they are setting Trump up as the Savior of America after deliberately making Biden into a criminal laughing-stock. Millions of Americans will get sucked into the same old schtick --- two sides to everything. Just remember, it's the same nickel in the end. "

    Uh, Anna said it plainly, They HAVE TO LET IT HAPPEN TO THEN HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. Its not a prediction when you KNOW the play.

    As far as I'm concerned anna and these do nothing state assemblies are as much at Cause for LETTING IT HAPPEN when they could have prevented it before it started. FRAME UP's require things to go to shit so the next series of paid clowns they want to stand up as the good guys can make an appearance and set things right.

    If people are still to dumb to see this, then its gonna go All the way.

    Gee. Good thing you publicly recorded your info on a ledger for anyone to make a list from.

    1. Keep telling yourself that. Hows that MOCE working out? :P

  2. All them wishes... you know how that works right?

    You can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first.

    1. I wish the Federation would stop "wishing" and start DEMANDING! After all, we ARE the BOSS.

  3. CDC Grant‐ CDC Report Card received attached. The notice of this year’s annual award is expected in June. We are in year four of a five year award. This funds the development and enhancement of the EHDI Surveillance system.
    Texas Early Hearing and Detection Intervention

    And of course they are all to concerned with mental health in schools and preplanned the very need for such BULLSHIT way ahead of time

    And gee I wonder how the handy sook 'event' played in to their overall scheme to put all this shit in the schools and to implement their handy sook promise
    From one of the links it says the following
    The Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund
    We're committed to policies that protect children from gun violence Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund works to pass legislation that advances school safety and MENTAL HEALTH and prevents gun violence

    And another says the following
    The Learning Center is where educators, students, and parents can access trainings, resources, and curriculum for the following Sandy Hook Promise programs at no cost: Award-winning Start With Hello program for grades K-12 Say Something program for grades K-12 Say Something Anonymous Reporting System program for grades 6-12

    And who knew - they have a STORE
    Go get yourself a shirt

    Or doughnate
    Sandy Hook Promise Foundation Charles Schwab Account No. 1730-4823 DTC# 0164 To let us know about your impending stock gift or if you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (203) 304-9780. Donor Advised Funds: SHP is pleased to accept gifts via Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) or wire transfer.

    All of this shit is just plain ass sick sick sick when you know in fact what these slimy cock roaches are really doing

    You'll notice that the universities play a bog role in this mental health roll out that started in 1995

  4. Psychological Resilience, Mental Health Awareness Level 2, Population and Public Health
    Not to worry this web meta verse PROVIDER is there to lead the way in AFRICA one of the BRICS nations

    The ROCKYfeller Brothers Foundation and Resilient Cities BULLSHIT goes along with the other BULLSHIT they shoving down the worlds throats

    As they spotlight 'MENTAL HEALTH' and create the new ICD-11 codes to support the very medical mafia the cock roaches set up to begin with
    Which I might add will include the use of social media and your 'mental health' as they set the stage for the overall plan to implement this shit

    And the same cock roaches who set the medical mafia in motion are shifting (rebranding) their efforts/resources from climate change to resilience and gee what a coinky dink that resilience and 'mental health' go hand and hand
    Rebranding 'climate change' to 'resilience' and 'mental health' fits the bill
    Especially when the psychiatry association is set to release a whole new set of ICD10 medical billing revenue codes to treat the chattle to be psychologically 'resilient'

    And the meta verse and telehealth visits were preplanned

    1. The Rocky boys have been very very active for decades

    2. Funny how it is imperative for them to convince us that it is all fraud and that we must take action

      They play both sides
      Portray it as a fraud to get the people to move in the direction you want them to go while you put out a network convincing the herd this is the way forward when in reality it was the path they wanted you to follow all along

      How about it's all just plain ass criminal

    3. its our right:
      we need to peacefully SEPARATE. our nations are all Free and Independent nations. we can stay innUnion with the people

    4. that is: with the people who want to be friends, and then cut the others loose.
      they shouldnt have any problem with that, it peacefully solves the problem and they dont have to put up with us and we dont have to put up with them either.
      lets go!

  5. My mom used to say "When your in Rome, do as the Romans do." I always wondered what she meant but its become a lot clearer expecially after reading The Excellence of the Common Law that contains many references and a clear contrast between Common Law and Roman Civil law. A roman priest was even on a mountain top in Malaysia when villagers finally finished up the runway as their was no transportation before. They are everywhere and often lurked around castles advising Kings and Queens. A book written by an Indian, the only doctor at Wounded Knee said in a little book The Soul Of the Indian that it was priests about 200 years before that lead to the Indian Wars.

    1. OMGosh!!!!!!!
      well that reminds me of what i read about our neighbors, and the 1810 Mexican War for Independence!
      What ive read is that this CATHOLIC PRIEST took over the Mexican people's role of leadership, and KEPT LEADING THE MEXICAN MEN INTO DEATH/ DEATH TRAPS. YES!! and i believe its true, because so many Mexican men were being killed that they finally replaced him. his Name is HIDALGO, FATHER HIDALGO. you know, like in the GUADALUPE HIDALGO ( /VATICAN) "TRUST" the Vatican Incorporated says it holds over the land in southwestern part of the uSofA?.... That is NOT BENEFITTING THE MEXICAN OR OTHER PEOPLE ONE DAMM BIT.
      Then Hidalgo put the flag of Our Lady of Guadalupe over the people and they marched under that flag and were still being slaughtered in such high numbers as "FATHER HIDALGO" led them, that the Mexican people finally asked for the Americans to send help.
      And Americans went to help.
      the reason i know about this is because my da told me my uncle was one of the men from around Kentucky who went to Mexico to help our neighbors and he was killed in battle while he was climbing over a wal alongside the Mexican men fighting for their Independence.
      this is what is written about my uncle and our clan that is stored in several 'University' Libraries, Historical Societies, and other.

    2. my *dad* told me: my father told me.

      climbing over a *wall*.
      also, the Mexican people finally replaced FATHER HIDALGO.

    3. Issued April 21, 2023

      women:janmarie is not to be trusted.

      goodboots aka jan-marie aka janmarie aka women;janmaire has been found to be adversary of peace, in denial of a "flag of peace."

      A Decree has been put forth:

      women:janmarie (+ aka) is hereby declared to be "forever at war," and is not to be trusted.


    4. my words frighten you.

  6. I like your writing and your thinking Ms. Reitz, however on the subject of Trump I would urge you to remember his trip to Rome and the photographs of him and his wife taken with the "Pontiff". Berboglio had the most sour and dour of faces. Trump was smiling from ear to ear and his wife was all dressed in black like a woman at her own husband's funeral. Many intelligent deciphers of this weird and candid photo op have stated that this was most likely Rome capitulating to Trump because he presented irrefutable evidence of their action and complicity in world wide child trafficking and satanic ritual abuse. basically it seems that the military made the Donald their spokesman to inform all the guilty parties that their days were numbered because they had, via NSA, all the goods on them all. It makes sense to me. It also makes sense that now they allowing an ego-centric Trump to throw himself under the bus, as is demonstrable by his own venture into advertising ridiculous Trump Trading Cards for a fee and the subsequent criticism for financial pandering is an obvious means at a soft removal of him as a serious political character. At the same time they're using his enemies' failure to indict him on Trumped up charges as both a means to indict past Presidents by precedent and also a means to further erode his popularity and lo and behold, just when they've started this process, who should surface as a possible candidate for the office of President but the esteemed Robert F. Kennedy who has been fighting the big pharma powers for years because of the autism affecting his own son. That name Kennedy still carries enormous American stature and political weight just at the same time that numerous so-called Democrats are jumping over to the Republican party because their own party isn't the same Democratic party of John Fitzgerald Kennedy!!! Oh boy, does anyone really need a program at this theater play to tell what comes in the next act? It's getting pretty thick, BUT I surmise, as a veteran of the American military, that this whole enchilada is being run by the hubristicaly contrived military that spawned as a result of certain Generals in the Marine Corp and Admirals from the Navy who grew sick and tired of watching Jesuit controlled CIA thugs run amuck our national institutions for too long. Every overt action they attempted was met with increasingly nefarious and blood thirsty response by our enemies and they've FINALLY arrived at a plan of action that firstly deprives our enemies of their financial system and the ability to pay out their minions and then the swift application of military justice as applied via the Leiber Code which was signed into Treaty in 1843. A treaty that supercedes the fraudulent Act of 1871. Therefore, the military only required Trump to act as Commander in Chief and sign some EOs to affect simple changes at the executive level declared during a time of national emergency. This was also done to give him Lawful recourse to root out all the traitorous Generals and Admirals BEFORE the coup de grace at the end of the movie. Call me crazy Mame, but this old veteran believes we are just about to see the end of all this and when it's over, even Rome and its British and American enclaves will have no seat at the table when the music stops. It will go down in history as the most non-violent operation for removal of the most violent religious/political/financial/medical/academic/espionage fraud the world has ever witnessed. Let's see if old working class sergeants at arms can actually read between the lines while preventing assholes from shitting in their foxholes, shall we?

  7. Rome was a like the NWO of today run by Jewish trained Justinian who married the prince of the Jews daughter.
    Prince of the Jews issued order all Jews send their kids to university and take over all countries.
    The true Israelites were the schypans
    Who the Romans called Germans meaning genuine Israelites.
    Justinian used all the resources of Rome to wipe out the Guths
    Again the Jews tried to Genocide the Germans in manufactured world wars .
    They have been trying to supplant them selves as chosen ever sence.

    1. is that a typo?... do you mean Justinian ... wipe out the Goths, not guths?
      i just looked up Goths and, look at this, even Wikipedia says.:
      they are Germans who played a major role IN THE FALL OF THE WESTERN ROMAN EMPIRE! BRITANNICA says Goths are two groups that FOR CENTURIES HARASSED TGE ROMAN EMPIRE.
      Germanic: originated in southern Scandanavia, defeated the Vandals and other Germanic people around the Baltic Area.
      thanks for the info bubba.

      i cant find schypans (or chypans either.) who are they? ty!!

    2. yes, from everything thats coming out now randomly and in drips,
      yes it does look like "heb-rews" ARE BLONDE, LIGHT COLOR EYES, IVORY SKIN WITH PINK UNDERTONES. this is just amazing if this is so and how many millenia has it been hidden then????? 7????????

    3. so then, if Hitler was a "Jew", how many "heb-rews"/ ger-mans were killed in wwwww2?
      did eisenhower round up Germans and put them into camps and haveghem merderrred?
      if yes, anyone know how many Germans?
      anyone know: was that a sacrifice of those who are under the Star of Remphan. (refs.:Acts 7:43 Star of MOLOCH and Remphan; and also Named Star of MOLOCH and Chiun --Amos 5:26 [a 9/11?] -- people say is "The Satr or David".... anyone know for sure and want to share refs? ty!)
      from etymonline:
      germane: having the same [mother and father] parents

      the etymology on german is the same as on germane.
      additionally the etymology on *German* says 'from same mother and father' to this (my paraphrasing):
      Old French *germain/e*: .... closely related [Saint Germaine?? !!! whaaat?]
      Latin *germanus*: .... full; GENUINE, REAL, ACTUAL, TRUE, related to *germen*: "sprout, bud" perhaps derived from the PIE *gen(e)-men*.... YOU GETTING THAT???? :):):):)....
      German possibly meaning of origin is or is tied to the meaning
      *GENE- MEN*. a suffixed form of the root word
      GENE - "beget, give birth".

      this is very amazing.
      bubba, i truly believe youre on to something here with this German/ Heb-rew Issac knowledge you have!!!
      thank YOU for sharing bubba!!!

    4. oops!
      i meant
      "... is that a sacrifice *BY* those who are under the Satr of Remphan...?"
      not "...*OF*..."

    5. Issued April 21, 2023

      women:janmarie is not to be trusted.

      goodboots aka jan-marie aka janmarie aka women;janmaire has been found to be adversary of peace, in denial of a "flag of peace."

      A Decree has been put forth:

      women:janmarie (+ aka) is hereby declared to be "forever at war," and is not to be trusted.


    6. you're scared of my words!

    7. Not at all. . . keep it up.

    8. i have no intent to stop commenting.

      you're VERY scared of my words though. :):):)

  8. Anna: Have you noticed the increase of people waking up? Not only waking up but actually knowledgeable about our government! You must be very proud! I am too Thank you