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Thursday, April 6, 2023

Eat Your Vaccines: mRNA Gene Therapy Is Coming to the Food Supply This Month!


  1. The only way to protect ourselves from this food warfare is to have the meat tested.
    Then, any grocery store found to be poisoning us must have its delivery drivers executed and the food confiscated and desteoyed, along with any employee who interferes.
    We find the drivers and do it ourselves. We find who these farms are and execute the owners and slaughter their livestock.

    It has come down to a bloody war to stop these criminal mass murderers.

    1. for all who believe the bible, ref.: jesuis said, in mark 16:18:
      they shall take up serpents;
      ** and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; **
      they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

      dont get jumpy there!! :)
      every man has right to be tried: being upon our land, they are under authority of our American common law that itself is under authority of the laws of nature and nature's create-r/God. [i believe that many may "take care of themselves", before they are so-tried....].
      the trials are so very important because:
      1. we all know by now that EVERY corrupt organization sets up a FrontLine of excellent people, usually who are squeaky-clean and who are not involved in any corruption at all nor would they ever intentionally be, as the cover for their own corruption. i guess: 20% -25%.
      we have to separate those people out.
      God is watching how we handle all this: stay your connection to your create-r.
      2. and also we are being shown that these murderers, if any, routinely set up/Frame, innocent people to LOOK like the innocent people are doing the wrong the murderers are doing to be used as the FallGuy.
      3. many people do not know what is being done in the UnderBelly of organizations. - because so much effort has been put into hiding it. the facts are compartmentalized and only revealed on a "need to know basis", to their accomplices.
      many more reasons.
      i suspect that many wrong-doers will give up and turn themselves in hoping that the people who will judge the wrongs they have done will go easier on them.

  2. I'll just hunt my own meat.

    1. goates/ suckaburg are supposed to have also funded vakking wildlife.
      have only seen two Articles about it... will see if i can find them again.

    2. Yes. It is suspected the FDA and Fish and Game departments(corporations) have been "playing" with the animals. No doubt those scumbags are screwing around.

    3. I read an article that claimed rabies was not a natural disease and was in fact due to the FDA messing around. Dropping jacked up food, etc. Can't remember the author. She was a vet. Knew what she was talking about. I believe her and wish I had bookmarked the page.

    4. very very interesting since about a year ago the "news" was that rabies was expected to be in one of the Plandemic Attacks.

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