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Monday, April 10, 2023

Abuse of Private Enclaves and Intent to Defraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 6th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq

We have demonstrated intent to defraud and to evade the public law in the form of supporting legislation, such as the Naval Agency and Dispositions Act of 1864, and we have described how Americans have been unlawfully converted to the political status of British Territorial U.S. Citizens in order to expedite a variation of the Bottomry Bonds Scandal, but Americans have not been the only victims of this modern birth registration and lost bonded property scheme using babies as the lost "vessels" and their estates as the "cargo".  

Here are some of the purposeful premeditated legislative Acts that set up the same basic scheme against people living in Australia and elsewhere in the Commonwealth nations: 

Commonwealth Naturalization Act - 1903

Merchant Shipping Act - 1906


1906 - Marine Insurance Act - 6 Ed VII c.41


Merchant Shipping Act - 1906

Notification of Births Act - 1907


Assurance Companies Act 1909 

Motor vehicle insurance section amended by Road Traffic Act 1930

All the legislative elements necessary to implement the criminal fraud scheme we've described as a variation of the Bottomry Bonds Scandal --- and which were needed to operate this scheme against the people of the Commonwealth nations---  were enacted between 1903 and 1909.  

We include the Road Traffic Act of 1930 to demonstrate how, having established a fraudulent public ownership interest in the "vessel" (baby) and in their "cargo" (their estate), the same legislatures moved on to use similar undisclosed registration processes to claim a non-existent public interest in privately owned cars and trucks -- by mischaracterizing and redefining them as "motor vehicles".   

The unlawful conversion of Aussies, Canadians and others and the change of their natural political status so as to misidentify them and traffic them and their property into the foreign jurisdiction of the sea, was expedited by the Commonwealth Naturalization Act  and the Notification of Births Act, while the Merchant Shipping Acts and related Insurance Acts set up the rest of the constructive fraud.  

This was all clearly premeditated by the various legislatures involved and establishes proof of intent to defraud and seize upon property belonging to their treaty partners and service contract obligors. 

We have brought forward this information concerning the abuse of other nations to demonstrate the vastness of the constructive fraud and scope of the injury created by the Municipal and Crown Corporations for their own unjust enrichment.

We move on to the creation and use of private enclaves to serve as inland pirate bases.  The District of Columbia is one such example of an enclave, the Municipality of Washington, DC, is another, and the Inner City of London is still another. These enclaves are set aside from the ownership of the surrounding land and soil, and also provided with some degree of political immunity. They are universally foreign with respect to the surrounding host country. 

The foreign enclave serving Great Britain, Inc. was established in 1765 on the Isle of Man via Isle of Man Purchase Act 1765 - 5 Geo. 3 c. 26, which
allowed the Isle of Man to serve as an offshore tax haven for Great Britain, Inc., its affiliates and franchises.  Puerto Rico served a similar purpose for the Municipal Government of the United States, and Norfolk Island was used by Territorial Government interests in exactly the same way for their undisclosed occupation of Terra Australis.  

These so-called "offshore tax havens" were created for the benefit of the government corporation subcontractors, employees, and agencies, but they were also used to promote crimes including tax evasion, money laundering, identity theft, public trust fraud, human trafficking and much, much more.  

The similarity of the set up worldwide suggests that it was all accomplished either by one organization or according to a template which other incorporated "government services providers" adopted --- perhaps at the point of a gun.  

The similarities of the supporting legislation and organizational elements   
in each case suggests the existence of a conspiracy to defraud the people and undermine the national governments of each country affected. 

The choice of Puerto Rico as the base for the offshore tax haven serving the United States Municipal Corporation, must have seemed too good to be true: Puerto Rico is part of the British Commonwealth system and still operates, in part, under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.  

This has enabled the Inquisition to operate in America via undeclared foreign agents, only here, generations of Americans have been taught to call it the Internal Revenue Service or "IRS", instead.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 10th 2023


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  1. My, Non Living Law Firm, Non Anna Von Reitz, offered as addendum:

    I have in my hand a 1944 edition of an introductory primer titled:
    "An OUTLINE of GOVERNMENT in Connecticut. by: James Daughtery & Philip E. Curtiss.
    Which monograph describes "Connecticut" as having a "...representative form of government..." and describes town meetings in Connecticut as "...a form of pure democracy. It has been for over three hundred [sic] years."

    Hmm? What happened to Connecticut's "republican form of government?"
    (Ans: Maybe in the "land of steady habits" steady habits got in the way of connecticutters self interests? Whereas Japan got nuclear bombed into what Connecticut habituated into? Consider Connecticut's bad habits versus Japan's nuclear knock-out?

    Well, so what happened to "Japan" after WWII?
    Answer: "It is interesting to note that in 1947 (from the intro for same 1944 edition, reprint,) General Douglas MacArthur, through Army channels, asked the House Committee on publications to translate into Japanese the "Outline of Government in Connecticut," and to use the illustrations therein in helping establish a democratic form of government in Japan. Copies of the Japanese publication may be seen in the [Connecticut] State Library.

    - Seems the above may describe how Japan became a municipality. Which also reveals "STATE OF CONNECTICUT" the "British" parasitic beach head it seems to have always been, along with the other former colonies.

    1. very interesting. thanks for sharing.
      since (i pre-sume) it has to do with the Sovereign State, Connecticut that is a Free and Independent State created by the people under authority of the laws of nature and nature's God, using our Unanimous Declar.:
      then Connecticut State is a State run, in law, under common law authority.

      then a question that the people have right to require an answer to is: when was the Free and Independent Connecticut State, (a) Sovereign to all other States, changed from a Free and Independent Sovereign State into a Federated Republic or put under authority of a Federated Republic? ....
      before it was then changed again into a Municipal Democracy?
      and by whom?
      what authority was used to supercede Connecticut common law/ the people living under authority of the laws of nature and nature's God?
      using what law?
      past that, it sounds like they were perhaps using Private Commercial Military Law to "install" the Private Municipal Democrat Form of Govt over the Japanese people?
      Are there Bonds covering the Japanese people?

    2. "very interesting" is that which, had been left unwritten, you "pre-sume" to cram into what is written, above.

      But, perhaps the key to your questions recline upon this; "...a representative form of government..." is not a "republican form of government." Neither is a "...form of pure democracy..." a republican form of government.

      And as "Connecticut" has reputation being "the land of steady habits" it may be that "steady habits" became bad habits?

      And bad habits are also not a republican form of government.

      Pity to poor Japanese (and americas,) first stalked/thrust into war, under their emperor lured by Roosevelt et al, and then the people pummeled under the pounding of nuclear fission, and under the multi year set up.

      Question for you - Is nuclear fission dropped on a peoples a "laws of nature and natures God? And if your answer is - No. Then whose laws? man's? or wo-man's? Or______?

      Bonus Question - what enterprise was known for it's "pure form of democracy?"

    3. TIMES UP!

      Answer follows, from "Harvard Business School:"

      27 Jul 2021| by Francesca Gino
      Despite his reputation for ruthlessness, Blackbeard ran a surprisingly progressive and equitable ship. Francesca Gino highlights three lessons for today's leaders from the golden age of piracy.

      In the deep heat of an 18th-century summer, a crew of pirates was sailing off the Virginia coast when a lookout spotted a merchant ship to the south. Springing into action, the pirates launched an attack, rocking the merchant ship with a cascade of musket balls and grenades. The helmsman of the merchant ship abandoned the wheel, and the vessel swung around, allowing the pirates to board, brandishing their axes and cutlasses. Behind them, through the smoky haze, came the captain. Sashes holding daggers and pistols crisscrossed his large chest. Black ribbons flapped in his braided beard. The most feared pirate of his era, notorious English raider Blackbeard, had taken another ship.

      We usually associate pirates with violence, theft, and mayhem—all indisputably true. What we may not think about, however, is how someone like Blackbeard was so effective at inspiring and commanding his crews. Pirates, it turns out, were forward-thinking in a number of surprising—and instructive—ways. Here are the three that stand out to me as raising interesting implications for our leadership.

      Everyone has an equal voice. For many sailors on the open sea, merchant ships were a floating dictatorship. With the blessing of the vessel’s owner, the captain treated crewmen as he saw fit, often harshly. Sailors were beaten, overworked, underpaid, and sometimes starved. Morale was low. Dissent was punished as mutiny.

      Pirates, by contrast, practiced a revolutionary form of democracy. To keep the ship running smoothly for months on end and discourage revolt, pirates voted on who should be captain, set limits on his power, and guaranteed crew members a say in the ship’s affairs. They also elected a quartermaster, who in addition to his primary duties—settling minor disputes and distributing supplies and money—served as a check against the captain’s authority.

      "Blackbeard’s ship was arguably more progressive and equitable than American or English society at the time"

      Except in the heat of battle, when the captain took full command, no single man ruled the others.
      "Am I the captain that my crew would choose as its leader today?"

      According to one study of more than 800 employees, those with a strong sense of ownership in their organizations—when they felt they had an equal voice, and equal stakes in team outcomes—were more committed, satisfied, and productive. When ownership of both ideas and problems becomes shared, rather than concentrated in the hands of a few, workers and their organizations thrive.

      Pirate captains served at the pleasure of their crew, which meant they understood they had to earn the trust of their crewmates. Our work lives would be markedly different if we embraced the same way of thinking, asking ourselves on a day-to-day basis the same question Blackbeard would: Am I the captain that my crew would choose as its leader today? This powerful question can center our attention and energy on the very conditions that will help everyone on our crew thrive—and make the conquests that matter...."

      This article originally appeared on LinkedIn. Follow Francesca Gino on LinkedIn to read more of her posts.
      About the Author

      Francesca Gino is the Tandon Family Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. She's the author of Rebel Talent: Why It Pays to Break the Rules in Work and Life.

    4. anony236,
      you dont speak for i:woman.

    5. Anonymous 9:14AM
      That's not surprising or unusual. You wrote the STATE OF CONNETICUTT. Have you missed that that is a state of state? the State "of" _______ as in the State of Connecticut? Separated from Connecticut {as in not the same}. All States of States are democracies. Not republics. Who do you think you were paying property taxes to in your own State of ______? All you found was a document as more evidence proving that Americans were converted to citizens of the United States. They are no longer Floridians, Californians, Mississippians, etc.
      Florida State is not the same thing as the State of Florida. The latter is a democracy and a representative form of government. Would have been nice of them to tell us that. Florida state is a republican form of government. Thought you really. found something there. l'm sorry that you just can't accept that this happened but denying it isn't going to make it untrue. lt really did happen. Get over it.

    6. Maybe you missed my point. The "form of government" which replaced the Japanese Emperor, after WWll was directly from a British beach head, being that variously named (and duplicitous) Connecticut, etc.

      Which State of Connecticut, had continued to follow it's "Charter Oak" form of government as had been presented to it by the British, (and per its colonial structure) and those people/persons/PERSONS of revolutionary era Connecticut. did not even move to a new "constitution" (yet only as a clever cover story) until 1818.

      Japan, haymaker bully that it was, got a double sucker punch. And evil vs evil yet ruled the day.

      What does your rather silly "get over it" mean?

      Karen Gore, wo-man:janmarie you silly gooses.

    7. didnt miss it. didnt read it. skimmed for 4 seconds, nothing worth my time, moved on.

  2. Only cowards don’t put their name, so what they got to say a coward

  3. Too many people are concerned here in this forum with knowing WHO is posting a comment. I find that highly suspicious. If you're so concerned with who someone is, then you're probably a CIA agent looking to track these commentors down to abuse and harass them. SHAME on YOU!

    We've witnessed and/or experienced how the CIA agents infiltrate social media, churches, schools, law enforcement, and small businesses, etc. to attack anyone whose beliefs and comments are original or don't fit the ideology of the Great Reset.

    Scripture warns us to be innocent as doves, but cautious as serpents. It is because we know who YOU are, and what you are doing, that we are and shall remain "anonymous."

    Yes, we shall undermine you CIA agents, and we don't give a hoot whether you like what we have to say, because our authority comes from higher than any government on earth, and we are commanded to preach the truth about what all of this means and what is shortly going to happen to every living soul on earth who does not obey the one and only truth from the Creator! (Matthew 28: 19, 20)

    Ask yourselves: Where does a lie begin? Answer: With the false belief that you can believe anything you want, and do anything you want. That original lie was first uttered in the Garden of Eden. Eve was led to believe that she could believe what she chose to believe about God's command.

    Today, that lie has been repackaged, and sold to America in the form of "RELIGIOUS FREEDOM" -- the false belief that you can worship God however you please. You can ignore that God condems homosexuality. You can choose one of thousands of different churches who all teach a different gospel, a different "christ", and surely you can find one that is tailor-made to fit your version of "truth" so you can then pat yourself on the back with the false belief that you're a "good christian."
    There is only one way, one truth, one true God, and all of you CIA agents are defending and promoting the lie.
    SHAME, shame, shame on you and your evil works!

    1. It only bothers them when you say something they don't like or agree with. Then they start demanding names and get all self righteous. It's actually quite amusing.

    2. Oh, you mean like the recent comment by Florida Republican Rep. Webster Barnaby, who courageously spoke his mind and the truth regarding transgenders being mutants, demons and imps. Only difference is that he cowardly backed down and apologized for saying the truth -- shame on him.
      We all have to start speaking the truth and stop agreeing with liars.

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  6. 90% of commercial transactions laundering through Rothschild’s pirate lair in Caribbean .
    Finally someone connects the actual way they enslaved all goyum non Jews.

  7. If the fraudsters refuse to acknowledge or change. Why aren't we starting now to file claims with our new Republic courts? Otherwise I would threaten them with publication of there Satanic children sacrificing. It wouldn't take to long to destroy the church. No longer would they have any resources . This would be a real AWAKENING.
    Donald J Brickham