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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Mike Adams: Devastating DIOXIN exposure from Ohio train wreck


  1. DR. JANE RUBY EXCLUSIVE!! Dr. Peter Chambers Reports

    DR. JANE RUBY EXCLUSIVE!! Dr. Peter Chambers Reports
    On WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON In E Palestine Ohio Region

  2. People in Ontario, Canada are posting videos online stating that they believe that the contamination seen in East Palestine, Ohio have spread to Canada.

    Thank the British Pilgrim's Society, not Ohio

    POISONED - People, Animals, Land, and Water in Mid-America
    This is an update for what we know as of February 19, 2023. To stay up-to-date with our discoveries, join us on Gab @Gabriels_Horn.

    JIMMY DORE dropping RedPills - Jimmy Dore mentions the Pro war military industrial complex media, which is owned by Blackrock and Vanguard and takes orders from the CITY OF LONDON CRIME SYNDICATE

    Jimmy Dore says America is so corrupt that our Peace Prize winners are war criminals:
    Jimmy Dore calls the U.S. proxy war in Ukraine an orgy of looting and corruption: "Do you know we could end this war today through diplomacy?
    But our politicians want to enrich weapons manufacturers, so they keep donating to them to the tune of $100 billion."

    Jimmy Dore on Chuck Schumer Telling Trump Who Really Runs This Country
    "Chuck Schumer just told you who runs this g*ddamn country and the President better watch his a** – he better not cross the CIA!"


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