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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Clean Air and Demand

 By Anna Von Reitz

The first thing that I want to observe is that neither I nor any other Federation Officer ever suggested that anyone join a Private Membership Association (PMA).  Any PMA. Ever.  

As the word "Association" should suggest, that is a group for U.S. British Territorial Citizens.  We,  Americans, don't do "associations" or "societies" and we certainly don't voluntarily "register" anything.   

If you are an ASN, you have the right and ability to join a PMA, if you want to, but that's a private matter, like joining a golf club.

So joining or not joining a PMA is a private choice. It has nothing to do with the American Government, our Federation, or anything else we are doing in our State Assemblies --- and never did. 

Second observation: a few ASNs in Arizona and California joined the Global Family PMA and liked it, so they talked it up among their friends in other Assemblies. This was just them talking privately, not in any official capacity at all, about something they discovered and liked, much like you might "share the news" about a new skin care product.   

Because people meet each other through their Assemblies it may have given the impression that joining the Global Family PMA was associated with the Assembly process somehow, but it never was, and I took pains on several occasions to make that distinction between the Assembly and any PMA perfectly clear. 

Third observation: partially because of the talk about all the positive talk about the Global Family PMA among members, I met and talked with the leadership of the Global Family Group and we began talking about -- as a separate issue entirely -- rebuilding the international trade banks and connecting them with the rest of the world.  This is a completely separate topic having nothing to do with the pre-existing Global Family PMA. 

Fourth observation: when we announced the formation of the Blue Dot Bank System and the concepts behind it, some people who were afraid of the banking collapse and in favor of the gold-backed currency rushed at us wanting to put their money in a safe bank.  I explained repeatedly that it would take time to build a completely separate bank system, issue American currency, and do everything else needed.  As months went on and the external situation with the commercial banks deteriorated, this group became more strident and anxious.  They wanted a safe bank and they wanted it NOW.  

Fifth observation: Global Family Group agreed to open up their PMA Bank to give these people a guaranteed safe haven, but they also explained in all their literature and their video presentations, that members would not be able to get money out of the PMA Bank until the new international trade bank was launched. The funds would be safe havened and locked down.  Both verbally and in writing, this was presented to everyone who took advantage of the opportunity to "safe haven" their Federal Reserve Note deposits.  

The advantage of rat-holding their Federal Reserve Note deposits was two-fold.  First, the private PMA Bank guaranteed no "bail ins" or seizures of depositor's accounts.  Second, even if the Federal Reserve Notes became worthless overnight (which is exactly what the IMF threatened two weeks ago), the PMA Bank would credit the deposits as  lawful money in the new international trade bank system when it opened.  

I have reviewed the literature and the videos and can confirm that each and every one of the people who opened an account in the PMA Bank and who deposited money in those accounts was made aware of the conditions and the benefits of "safe havening" their funds. 

Sixth observation: everyone who had established a profile on the LRS or LRO system as an American was eligible to join the credit side of the new international trade bank system last August.  Prepaid credit cards were ready to issue.  And on the very day that the LRS data was due to download and populate accounts and generate the cards and the whole process was to be set in motion, the LRS was collapsed due to internal food-fighting between the LRS and LRO.  

The LRO would have been next in line to download and populate accounts and get cards.  Instead, they ruined it for everyone.  We have the names and the faces and the IPN addresses responsible for the "run" on the LRS that caused Brett to shut it down. 

Seventh observation: this significantly delayed everything for everyone, including those who had safe havened deposits of FRNs in the private Global Family PMA Bank, which they would have been able to access along with the prepaid credit accounts.  

Eighth observation:  this brou-ha-ha between the LRS and LRO which was totally egotistical and unnecessary from the very start, hurt everyone, whether they had sense enough to realize that they were hurt or not.  In fact, it hurt everyone on a worldwide basis, because the LRS was designed to help everyone everywhere on Earth establish an account and receive pre-paid credit that they are owed. 

Ninth observation: this setback delayed progress and greatly increased expenses and technical requirements but as we were faced with having to build a replacement International Recording Service to be able to serve Offshore and Ex-Pat Americans and people from all around the world in need of recording service, the decision was made to automate it and make it more user friendly, to extend the block chain, and launch secure satellite networks. This has taken months and in the meantime, people who safe havened money in the PMA Bank got antsy for it, wanting access even though they knew that was not the deal they made.  

Tenth observation: throughout this saga, there has been a variety of options available to people.  They could open up an account in the PMA Bank and safe haven their funds for the duration. They could also leave their money in Wells Fargo and hope for the best.  They could open accounts in the PMA Bank or the new International Trade Bank system and simply leave them empty or with a token deposit of $5, so as to have the accounts ready to go. Many people have chosen to do exactly that. 

Eleventh observation: those who pushed to safe haven their funds in the Global Family PMA Bank were actually pushing for a big favor from the PMA Bank, because for the bank, their deposits are a liability.  They deposited "notes" ---I.O.U.s from a bankrupt corporation--- and the PMA Bank guaranteed that their deposits would be locked down safe from bail-ins and honored as cash once the new bank system kicked off.  

Put bluntly, these pushy individuals shoved themselves and their needs to the front of the line and even though they were told that the new system wasn't ready and told that they would not be able to access any funds they put in safe haven status, everything was about them. their fears, and their needs. They were more than willing to impose upon the Global Family PMA Bank and make it liable, so long as they got the safety they craved. 

Twelfth observation: no doubt many people acted in good faith, especially small depositors, who thought that the opening of the trade banks was imminent and were unprepared for the delay caused by the LRS shutting down.  Others were just being selfish and imposing on Global Family's PMA Bank to cover their tails -- "using" the PMA Bank, and not in the good sense of that word.   

Thirteenth observation: we soldiered on.  We overcame the setbacks. We built a whole new international recording system and were just getting that ready to launch when.... once again, the same group of people who shoved themselves to the fore and pushed to get safe haven accounts in the PMA Bank in the first place, started more fearful selfish crap rolling. 

Fourteenth observation:  now, these same people are all upset because they find out that they can't just access the funds that they safe havened in the PMA Bank --- as if this is any news to them?  As if they didn't push to get the bank to set up safe haven accounts for them?  As if the conditions weren't clearly explained in the videos everyone was required to watch and also presented in print when they opened their PMA Bank safe haven accounts?  

Fifteenth observation: these same people pushed the PMA Bank to set up accounts for them that are a liability and a disadvantage to the PMA Bank, under the known condition that they leave those funds dormant until the new banks open.  And then they have the brass eggs to make accusations against the Global Family PMA Bank that they imposed upon, because they want to violate a clear cut contractual agreement they made and withdraw their funds prior to the opening of the trade banks?  

Sixteenth observation: now these same people are going around saying that they have proof that Hunter and the Global Family Group are setting up a Ponzi Scheme.  They need to come forward with their "proof" right now, or they need to sit down, shut up, and take their lumps.  

Seventeenth observation: these same people are making a big "to do" over the fact that Hunter and Global Family have changed their phone numbers and emails, too, but all these same people had cause to know that this was planned as part of the build up and expansion of the new recording system and the actual opening of the prepaid credit side of the banks. They have no excuse for using this pre-planned change to flame fears, any more than they have cause to complain because their safe haven funds have in fact been safe havened according to their own desire and for their own advantage according to the contracts they signed. 

Eighteenth observation: all this nonsense has been used to create more unnecessary drama and upset and fear-mongering and has somehow been used to blame me and Harold and various other parties as if we had anything to do with it, when we don't and never have had anything to do with the PMA Bank, the agreements these people made as PMA members, or any of it.   Zero. Nada. 

Time for everyone to get their heads screwed on straight or get their blocks knocked off.  

People created those PMA Bank accounts for their own selfish advantage to gain security for themselves and their funds. They got precisely what they wanted.  Now they want to blame the bank--- which took the liability off their shoulders--- and this is just more of the typical Satanist bull crap of blaming the victim.  I would defend the bank in this case, even if it was Wells Fargo.  

Nineteenth observation:  I can guarantee that the Global Family Group is serious-minded about the goals of the new trade bank system and highly skilled.  They are not deeply enmeshed in the commercial bank system, which is an advantage, given the work that they are now engaged in. Why haven't I hired or invited in a lot of high level bankers in the commercial bank system?  For the very good reason that they are too indoctrinated to be of much help in building something completely different and new.  In many cases, they can't unwrap their training enough to conceptualize a trade bank and pre-paid credit. 

Now, if y'all think that clinging to the old system is possible, be my guest and go down with the ship. If you are done with selfishness, fear, greed, stupidity, and gossip ---ready for something brand new and wonderful, stand by. 

And in any event, know that: (1) the people spreading all this garbage are not being honest about what they did or why they did it; (2) those people trying to connect me or the Federation with their own activities-- imposing upon the Global Family PMA Bank to provide them with safe haven and then welching on their own contract--- are liars.

Plain and simple.  

In the next few days, I am told that the PMA Bank will be back online and ready to contact via the new independent communication system--- new emails, new phones, etc.  And all in our own control.  Our own servers. Our own satellites. 

Those who were first shall be last, and those who were last shall be first.  


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  1. Consider threatening to publish the names of these selfish people who persist in making life difficult for the rest of us.

  2. Why not just give them their money back? We all know your bank may never open, as it has NO funding.

    You also fail to address your Bank Director's criminal past in banking; as well as why YOU encouraged folks to invest in the only Global Family financial institution open: the PMA.

  3. Yes, stupid evil folks must be identified, and action against them is necessary.

  4. I need a granna bites for banking please

  5. This demonstrates the problem. We are a nation of me, me, me, and my, my, my, not a nation standing together as we, or us. How do we retrain ourselves to be a nation of selfless Americans to stand and work together as one Nation for our own greater good, and our own victories, not our own selfless wants.

  6. How do we contact this bank to open an account?

    There are several pma’s on the web.
    I don’t know who is who.

  7. Hunter's past reputation is now coming to the fore, he is proving himself to be the con man that he always was and you are defending him! STOP blaming the victims, that's a double wahme! Anna, practice what you preach, call out the "Rats" even in your own organization which you seem reluctant to do even with the LRS debacle you seem to be turning a blind eye! Take your blinders off and look around you, you have several "Rats" on your own ship!

  8. So the last time I had money as you all call it is over 64 years ago. All I see today is a counterfeit called FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, so if you deposit these it is a felony, notes are never to be deposited but rather exchange for lawful money, period anything else is fraudulent under the pains of perjury!

    1. That is nonsense. Depositing the debt notes called FRNs to be redeemed as lawful money is not a felony and they are not counterfeit as you say, though some of them may be simply because some of the printing presses and supplies were sent overseas by Obama to undermine this country. Those debt notes are proof of fraud by the banks and it is debt we now own and those corporations now owe. Please do some research before posting inflammatory rhetoric which is provably false and only serves to make you look either ignorant or look like a troll. If you have anything useful to say that would prove otherwise, please, enlighten us all. Otherwise, I find it doubtful that you have chartered a bank or credit union or anything else which can help us all to have a reliable safe haven to conduct international trade with. I'd be pretty suspicious of a "Anonymous Savings and Loan."

  9. How can I join this PMA and open an account using $5 or $10.I want the info and video . My email is leave details

  10. matthew-austin:culverFebruary 5, 2023 at 10:40 AM

    Excellent observations! I like this!
    I'd like to add a conjecture in response to the actions of some of the PMA account depositors. I conjecture that maybe, just maybe.....some of those depositors who want immediate access may be infiltrators, (or traitors) who knew all along what they would do, and the trouble they would cause, that it would create a brouhaha and a fake scandal for the PMA banking system, causing ASN people to distrust each other and bring discredit to the entire ASN movement. Just thinking..........