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Sunday, January 15, 2023

Told You So

 By Anna Von Reitz

Some years ago, while roaming about wherever my curiosity about Nature would take me, I discovered an alarming fact: the amount of available atmospheric oxygen is steeply declining, a whopping 5% in the past hundred and fifty years alone.  

This means that we are living in an oxygen-deprived environment, compared to the evolutionary environment that our bodies developed in, and that in turn has many, many consequences for our biology overall and our individual biological functions. 

For one thing, our food is not being completely combusted and reduced as it should be, leaving many toxic metabolic by-products floating around our bloodstream and over-burdening our livers and skins and kidneys.

It also means that our blood pH is shifted toward the acidic side of the spectrum, instead of remaining relatively neutral -- which has other effects on our biochemistry, including our electrochemical functions -- impacting our brains and our nervous systems and all adding up to chronic damage to our adrenal glands.  

At the same time that we are being exposed to fantastically elevated amounts of sugar in our diets, we are less able to metabolize sugar completely, which leads the brain, the most sugar-dependent organ, to store up sugar as a defensive mechanism that ultimately back-fires.  Our brains become pickled in sugar, similar to preserving apricots as jam. 

If you want to reverse or avoid "Alzheimer's Syndrome" cut sugar out of your diet as much as possible, drink plenty of pure water, and encourage your liver and pancreas to recover their full functionality.  

The overall acidity, caused by oxygen depletion, also lends itself to chronic inflammatory responses.  The body "knows" that it is under stress and responds with hyperactive inflammatory responses that lead to chronic arthritis and similar ailments. 

Lack of oxygen messes with your body's ability to metabolize fats, too, leading to chronic obesity.  

I have known this for many years now, so I have been a voice crying in the wilderness saying, "The reason we have elevated carbon dioxide levels is that we have depleted oxygen levels.  It's messing with the carbon cycle!' 

It's also messing with the internal biosphere of our bodies. 

And it is no secret why we are suffering depleted oxygen levels.  Pollution of the oceans is leading to the death of oceanic flora and fauna on an unprecedented scale.  Reckless harvesting to the world's forests is only adding to the problem.  

Perhaps the worst part of the pollution problem, however, is not being caused by cows farting or even by mechanized farming practices (which should be opposed with might and main) but by the proliferation of unnatural chemical substances, which companies like Bayer-Monsanto and Dow Chemical and all these pharmaceutical corporations gin up and unleash on the natural world without a backward glance. 

Now, they are even tinkering with our genome and creating atrocities like human-pig hybrids under laboratory conditions.  

Into this seething cauldron of misguided and politicized "science" comes a sensible therapy -- one that offsets the effects of reduced atmospheric oxygen: 

As Doctor Kalker notes, this is not "bleach" we are talking about.  Chlorine dioxide therapy unleashes a chlorite ion that does two wonderful things: first, when encountering an acidic point source in the body, the chlorine is dispatched to neutralize it, and second, the oxygen is donated to the oxygen-starved red blood cells.  

This then leads to natural healing of the entire system.  The body comes back into balance and systems start working as they are intended to work again.  pH returns to normal.  Sugar and fats are properly metabolized again.  The electrochemistry of the body is restored, so chronic inflammation disappears. We are getting enough oxygen so we can think and function properly again. 

We need to pay attention to the facts, not the politics. We need to enforce the facts on the politicians and bring down the evil corporations that are polluting the natural world.  The sooner, the better.  

It's so simple, it's stupid simple.  We are living in a polluted, oxygen-depleted environment, so this chlorine dioxide therapy allows us to: (1) clean up and clear out the toxins caused by incomplete metabolism, and (2) increases the dissolved (available) oxygen content of our blood; this in turn corrects the imbalances that caused the problems in the first place. 

Every politician, every general, every diplomat, and every schoolchild on Earth needs to know these facts --- and then, we all need to join together to put an end to the evil corporations that are destroying the Earth and our health along with it.  


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  1. You're right, of course. Chlorine dioxide is effective if used carefully. Now can we develop anaerobic energy systems? What about the volcanic energy from Yellowstone? It's there. Why not use it?

    1. And may i inject a little here! chk out

    2. Yes, use very carefully. I tired it for several weeks, but found it to be too toxic for my body. I'm very sensitive to what I eat or put in my body. I have found that daily isometric exercises oxygenate my body much better than Chlorine Dioxide ever did. User, be aware of how your body feels and reacts to CD. It is not a panacea for everyone!

    3. I found it to be toxic as well. Not a happy camper aster using it.

    4. Uh oh, here come the rotten eggs, tomatoes, dead rats and squealing mice.

      Love you Anna, but I would like to add something re your essay:Saturday, January 14, 2023
      Last Monday, I Told You the Bad News:
       By Anna Von Reitz
      "...I also told you that the members of Congress exempted themselves from these injections . . . and the "Church of Scientology."

      Firstly, the "Church of Scientology" has indeed been infiltrated, and quite corrupted, particularly since they sought and got a "IRS" status, in the early 80's? And if you say congress exempted them, ok, I believe you.

      BUT, Most importantly, in the "Creed of the Church of Scientology," (for anyone's self preservation) is:
      ...And we of the Church believe that the Spirit can be saved and that the spirit alone may save or heal the body."

      So what ever blanket of B.S. or ground cover that congress conferred upon "the Church of Scientology." The real issue, is ones self proclaimed self determined status for healing is that of any being and recognizing from where healing comes. And from where injury comes.


    5. to "but found it to be too toxic for my body" ---
      A Herxheimer reaction WHICH is a reaction to endotoxin-like products released by the death of harmful microorganisms within the body during antibiotic treatment. It is also known as a die off reaction or cleansing crisis. Symptoms may include fatigue, headaches, rashes, food sensitivities, and more. It is caused by the release of endotoxins into the bloodstream when harmful microorganisms and bacteria are destroyed. It is important to note that while Herxheimer reactions may be uncomfortable, they are temporary and can lead to many profound health benefits. To reduce the intensity of the reaction, it is recommended to add a teaspoon of salt water to food or water once or twice a day.

      This answer was generated by neevaAI using the following websites:
      AND all AI could be wrong,

  2. This is the easiest, most natural, safest ,inexpensive solution ever. Cures even cancer which cannot thrive in an oxygenated body. Thank you, Grazie, Dr Kalcker and Ms Anna for the reminder.

  3. Another great article, Anna. Chlorine dioxide is extremely easy to make too. You just have to do a little research. Unfortunately, some people in other countries have been imprisoned for teaching others how to make it. The Satanic NWO wants to make sure people don't find out about it. Their entire goal is to keep people sick and depopulate. Hopefully more will wake up to the Covid lethal injection depopulation agenda before it is too late.

  4. For folks who are not familiar with chlorine dioxide, I have put together a resource guide here:

  5. Thank you Anna, Ed and others

  6. Look the universal antidote videos in telegram for case after case of success with MMS (chlorine dioxide) Jim Hubble books too

  7. I like and use Kalcker's version of John Humble's original MMS formula

  8. Told us so? Myself and others provided information on both chlorine dioxide and the assault on oxygen and the sun, which is needed for the creation of ozone, a long time ago. Nothing but crickets chirping. Now all of a sudden it's an only by you discovery? Lone voice in the wilderness? Lol. Ok.

    1. like i already said, i used the Blog Search Tool paul put up and ran "chlorine dioxide" and it came up with NOTHING!

    2. And you won't find anything about it here unless you go to the comments section. That is where it was discussed. And via email as well. Not new news at all.

    3. no.
      the "anna" Title said "Told You So", when in fact, "she" did not even mention it. deal with it.

    4. Those who say it was toxic don't know how this stuff works. First you have to start with 1 drop and gradually increase to 3 and when you start to feel detox symptoms you back off a drop or 2 till subsided then move back up to 3. Depends on what your treating if something serious it needs to be taken every hour for 8 hours a day. If not just once a day. The detox feeling means it's working and you have something it's reacting to and fixing stick with it don't stop

  9. Brian Stone has also collected a lot of great information on MMS, and has boiled things down into a spreadsheet.
    Please take a few minutes to review his work.
    First link is the video explanation of his spreadsheet:
    Second link is the spreadsheet itself as an XLXS:

    1. Thanks, Dave. I have used Chlorine Dioxide twice and know about Jim Humble and his worldwide promotion and training of people in the use of Chlorine Dioxide until He and his son were imprisoned by the US Corporation masquerading as our American government. I have not seen the info that you provided in the links. So thanks again Dave.

  10. I did not mean to infer taking any credit for the chlorine dioxide discovery — this is the first time I have reported on Dr. Klacker’s work and although I encountered Jim Humble’s work before I didn’t know enough about it to judge it at the time, so took it under advisement.

    So, what I am saying is that I have been aware of and reporting on the oxygen depletion problem and it’s effect on the Carbon Cycle for many years—- which this therapy appears to correct within the human body.

    If more people understand the problem — oxygen depletion— then it should be easier for everyone to understand why chlorine dioxide works.

    And that will build a very helpful scientific consensus leading us to address both the depletion of atmospheric oxygen and the need to oxygenate our blood via therapies like this.

    1. Thanks Anna for the clarification. I use 6 drops each of Chlorite,4%HCl and DMSO. Put the first 6 drops in small glass container now add 6 drops of 4% HCl swirl till a golden color. Now add 100 ml of clean water and 6 drops of DMSO and swirl a little more. Now down it goes hopefully. Don't taste to good so a through in a zinc lozenge so I don't wretch. Could you direct me to how to lawfully establish our unincorporated worcester county here in Massachusetts? I believe we need to make our claim to someone most likely our State Assembly. Do we need to do this three times? Thanks.

  11. Thank Thou Judge Anna Maria,
    Great Reminder:
    Dear Paul, et allia,
    Please take a look at this app
    Thankfully, m
    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of Babilonian Dogma, and Healthy, and the rest of the world will follow, m

  12. "woman:janmarieJanuary 16, 2023 at 4:45 AM
    the "anna" Title said "Told You So", when in fact, "she" did not even mention it. deal with it."

    Search Anna's essays
    The actual cause, however, is lack of oxygen and things that screw ... it is the lack of oxygen that allows and promotes the ... corona virus with simple oxygen therapy ---and that, too

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of Babilonian Dogma, and Healthy and the rest of the world will follow. m

  13. Instead of beating the messenger of when how and where it was and was not, how about praising that this information is coming out. If you know anything about the history of MMS and CDS and the WHO trying to eliminate these 2 doctors/scientists that have been discredited for their research, called quacks, spent time in jail etc, meanwhile they have saved many lives by helping people with Chlorine Dioxide. For trying to help people and heal the world???
    Also, other people have made and sold this to help people and they have faced jail time as well. Meanwhile this is being used in the meat industry and other agricultural applications for sanitation purposes. It is only active for about 40 minutes and then turns into a miniscule amount of NaCl. It does its job and then goes away.

    Instead of Chemtrails, they should be spraying this out the back of jets to reverse the damage that has been done for over 5 decades.

  14. Very simple whenever you cut down billions of trees and shrubs a year the atmosphere is being stressed whenever we have virtually no oxygen in the air and all the trees are dying we're all going to die! In the Earth will be dead as Mars is! Very simple but all these geniuses science can't figure it out!

    1. Mars isn't dead. Its an electromagnetic luminary. Earth isn't dying. It resets and renews itself cyclical

  15. I keep some sodium cholorite I got online in flakes. Make your self with salt and water, filter flakes and you have sodium chlorite. Mix with citric acid and lemon juice. Go easy as a drop at first can be a lot! Works really good. I read Ph Miracle and having lots of luck with ph water (alkaline) olive oil (absorbs acid) and montomorrilinite clay ( also absorbs acids and toxins. I carry ph water with me and drink all day. Strips to measure ph and eat lots green drinks that are alkaline to keep acids down. Baking soda, made from a rock formation and in natural form also called nacholite is also found in healing springs. It raises Ph and not too expensive. Also a 20000 year supply still so lots of it is available. If skinny body grows if fat shrinks to natural size we would have if not attacked with all the acids and low oxygen and toxins. Also just completed 16 day ivermectin and plan on another parasite cleanse of fenbendazole that is only for animals in america ( pharmacy balk on prescribing) but found some on Amazon from Europe for people in capsules. Parasites also taken out by sodium chlorite. Welders oxygen is nowadays filtered so has no water. Previously not usable for airplanes but now common in small planes as its pure Oxygen and won't freeze due to water. Could rig a small back pack tank..

  16. Sodium chloride release oxygen in blood ok but blood carries oxygen to all the cells.
    Big problem today is all the blood cell are clumped together in large mass called like Rollett twisted like gambling wheel.
    Our veins so small red blood cell have to squeeze through them . But consume one glass of (charged) structured water
    Not they are free like planets in orbit . The real magic of lords France healing water.
    Although the chloride probably would be strong enough to let the red blood cell deliver the oxygen.

    1. youre body of knowledge is amazing bubba.

  17. Further oxidizing the already oxidized

  18. I want to share some important info. I found about the alarming lack of tissue salts in the body as well, due to soil depletion of these critical electrolytes

  19. Gee, no doubt the Medical Counter Measures aka the mRNA non-vaccines will rebalance the oxygen versus co2 in the atmosphere.

    The two are inter-dependent so work in concert, if a bloom of one or the other happens, the other offsets it via increased growth or decreased generation, typically via blooms in the oceans.

  20. Alkalizers are fine but just A quick fix. You need minerals if you are suffering from constant heartburn/acidic ph. No minerals and you will naturally be acidic. And your body already makes chlorine dioxide naturally. You are only supposed to take it when natural health has been compromised by a shit diet and toxins. It's not Tylenol or Tums. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is the other big oxidizer. She was handed this information a long time ago.

    1. thank you.
      this is helpful.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You can get all the minerals you need in your body by using Pink Himalayan salt. Never use white generic salt. All the minerals are removed. People say salt is no good for you, yes heavily processed white salt, sugar and flour are products that are made to harm your body. This was all done by design for population control by the deep state. People need to take their head out of you know where, stop watching TV and educate themselves. Remember, what ever the govt tells you to do, the opposite is the truth. Think about why the minerals were removed in the first place??? Sugar and flour as well... so you don't get any nutritional value, so you are weakening you body's immune system making you more vulnerable to man-made illnesses. So you go to deep state doctors and fall line with their deception and the money mill goes round and round like this. Eat shiite, weaken the immune system, pay "health" insurance, go to their doctors, buy their poison called medication, wind up in the hospital from western system of health management, the insurance runs out and if your lucky, they send you home to die. Terrain theory of our body, taking care of it and feeding it what it needs, is what we should have been taught, but this has never been shown to us and was at one time called conspiracy. But the truth always shines through. Even now, we are learning of what was told over 100 yrs ago. Energy, frequency and vibration is the key. We are electrical beings, surrounded by free energy from the Aether. Our whole terrain in which we exist has been altered so that we are cut off from source, from Creator, GOD. Which is why many foods have natural flavoring call HEK293. HEK293 is derived from aborted babies Human Embryonic Kidney cells. Its in all your favorite soft drinks, junk food etc. so in sense, you are performing cannibalism by eating this... lowering your body's frequency, and worshipping the god of this age, the god of child sacrifice, Moloch. So for those of you that think that there is no Creator, that there is no satan, that we came from nothing. As I said, stop watching TV, remove head from where ever it is and stop feeding the system run by parasites, that create parasites. We ARE light, crystalline structures. Remember, salt is a crystal, we are the light of the world, we are the salt of the earth, salt stings in an open wound because it is purifying. NaCl salt, or ClO2 Chlorine Dioxide are crystals. We are Crystalline light beings trapped in animal skins, because we are classified as mammals. Thus, this is why Ivermectin works as in the form of Horse paste on man. Parasites are the cause of every disease. The vacci-nations have had these things in them since the beginning. For example candida albicans, was weaponized way back when. It is a bacterium that was always restrained to the GI digestive system. It was GMOed to flourish off of highly processed shiite called food. The white sugar salt and flour that so called modern food is made with. Last but not least, high fructose corn syrup took the place of "sugar". Did you know that the carbon cell of the genetically modified corn, is identical to the carbon cells of the human body? Now, with all this going on in the so called food industry and the modified sugar which feeds the modified candida albicans, which causes overgrowth of candida which is the precursor to cancer, which is the reason for the rise of cancer, can you see? Or is it that your still believing what comes out of the idiot box. Once you know, you know.


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