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Friday, December 23, 2022

Merry Christmas to All "Licensed" Professionals and Businesses

 By Anna Von Reitz

A license by definition is official permission to engage in activities that would otherwise be illegal.  

Have you stopped to consider --- what is illegal about driving, owning a dog, conducting a business, providing health care services as a physician, nurse, dentist, pharmacist, or other health care professional, or acting as a Counselor of Law?  What is illegal about getting married???

It should be obvious to anyone who stops and thinks about it for five seconds that no such "licensing requirements" can apply to an American in a free country.  So what is going on here?  

Usurpation and obfuscation. 

And who are all these people running around carrying clip-boards and claiming that you "must" have a license or permits for activities that have never been subject to regulation since the founding of this country?  

The only things that any Federal Subcontractor, Agency, or Franchise has authority to regulate are: interstate sale, manufacture, or transport of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, interstate commerce (defined as business between incorporated entities across state borders) -- and their own internal affairs and citizenry, that is, their own employees.

These people with the clip-boards and demands are all acting -- whether they know it or not, as "Federal citizenry", and Federal Citizens are the ones who have to be licensed and permitted and regulated.  They are the ones subject to "Administrative Law" ---statutes, ordinances, regulations, codes -- as opposed to Public Law, and for regulating their own business affairs and issuing permits and licenses among themselves, according to the Public Policies of the corporations that employ them. 

I have a friend here in Alaska who I dearly cherish, an old War Horse in this particular "War of Identities", and a new friend in the Cause who both spontaneously, within 24 hours of each other, brought forward this case citation: 

“The acceptance of a license, in whatever form, will not impose upon the licensee an obligation to respect or to comply with any provision of the statute or with the regulations prescribed that are repugnant to the Constitution of the United States.” [Emphasis added]
     W. W. Cargill Co. v. State of Minnesota, 180 U.S. 452 (1901)

Or, to put it another way, the rules, ordinances, statutes, codes, regulations and mandates governing any corporation, together with those Public Policies any corporation may impose on its employees or vendors providing services to the corporation and its employees, is still subject to the Public Law (in particular, the Constitution). 

Whether you are "licensed" or have a "permit" or not, you are never required to say or do anything in conflict with (or trespassing against) the guarantees owed to Americans.  

So, if Americans are owed the right to freedom of speech, for example, whether they are licensed or not, no corporation's internal administrative law can be invoked to censor them.  Or invade their privacy.  Or dictate 

Corporations, including the American Medical Association, and the American Bar Association, have to respect the Constitutional Guarantees owed to their American employees, vendors -- that is, licensees, customers, and agency subcontractors.  And no "licensee" can be forced as a condition of their licensing to violate any aspect of the Constitutions. 

Doctors?  Lawyers?  Police?  Code Compliance Officers of all kinds? CEO's of corporations large and small?  Are you listening? 

The Constitutions limit the activities of these foreign Federal Subcontractor corporations, aka, "persons" on our soil. And any licenses issued by these corporations to their separate citizenry (employees) or licensees (vendors) cannot be used to evade their limitations imposed by the Constitutions. 

You, acting as a Licensee (Vendor supplying services to them or for them) cannot be coerced in any manner to violate the Constitution by any licensing agreement or regulation.  

CEO's who impose on their employee's financial privacy and collect taxes from Americans under False Presumptions and who coerce their American employees to obey mask mandates, etc., are in violation of the Constitutions.  

And it's a far more serious offense to be in violation of the Constitutions than to be in violation of Public Policy.  And no Policy Maker can subourne you to violate the limitations of the Constitutions.  

Exercise your conscience with impunity and immunity.  

Mask mandates?  No can do. 
Coercion, threats of losing employment?  No can do. 
Threats of losing your license?  No can do. 

Threats of "investigations"?  No can do.