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Monday, December 12, 2022

And Now, My Two Cents, Anita

 By Anna Von Reitz

The individual decision to create a private Credit Union, Anita, was taken by you and others who chose to join and invest in a Private Membership Association, an action that I never recommended at all. And which has nothing to do with the Blue Dot Bank System.  Underline the word "Bank" and check to see if "Bank" and "Credit Union" equal the same thing in whatever mental world you are living in.  

Let's go over the brass tacks, Anita.  You want specifics?  Here they are: 

International Trade Banks operate in international jurisdiction, both land and sea, and deal in physical assets and asset-backed money.  

Commercial Banks operate in Global jurisdiction and serve incorporated entities. 

Credit Unions operate in States and form networks to serve people in National Jurisdiction. 

Have you got that all firmly envisioned now?  

So how is it that such a purportedly knowledgeable person as you, don't know these simple facts and accuse the Blue Dot Banking System of having anything whatsoever to do with any private "Hunter Prosperity Programs" or Credit Unions?  

How is it that you never talked to me about a Credit Union or any "Prosperity Programs" you were involved in and which you were involving others in? 

And why would you assume that those activities were in any way related to the Blue Dot Bank System?  That's just nuts, Anita. Completely unsupportable. By definition. 

As for commingling of funds, if you were such a big time bank regulator type person, you would know that commingling of funds isn't illegal, and is in fact beneficial when the organization is acting from one specific jurisdiction and currency (all USD in Maritime Jurisdiction) and then dividing funds into multiple jurisdictions and currency holdings using separate account structures. 

The reason that we had to start with one base account denominated in USD is that that is all anyone in this benighted country has to trade with --- a borrowed military scrip that doesn't even stand for credit, one that evidences credit owed in the form of a debt note, instead. 

What value do you or any other genius imagine these debt notes have? The good faith and credit of Congress?  Really?  You want to stake your retirement on that? 

You bring us debt, we issue you credit, and then, if you ask for the credit to be denominated as lawful money, we do that for you, too.  

Well, that's just terrible, isn't it?  My bad. 

Contrary to your blather, nobody's debt notes were converted into actual lawful asset-backed money (gold and silver coinage or gold-bearing American Federation Dollars (AFD)) unless they asked for that to occur--and endorsed their checks properly to do that, too.  So, we have the proof in terms of endorsements, clearly demonstrating how you or anyone else denominated any funds that entered our banking system. 

But it appears that you didn't even enter the banking system that you are complaining about and casting doubts and aspersions upon --- instead, you and your pals set up a Credit Union, apparently without knowing what a traditional Credit Union is or does, or even being aware of the fact that our Credit Unions are State-based organizations and have nothing whatsoever to do with the Federation's Blue Dot Banking System. 

Is this gaslighting for you?  Some tricky "deflection"?  Do I sound like I am avoiding you and your pals and your puerile "concerns"?

Why on Earth would I be involved and concerned in you guys setting up a State-level Credit Union in California?  And why would I be responsible for doing any kind of "audit" on something that you built for yourselves, apparently as a corporate Credit Union for members of a Private Membership Association (PMA)?   

Do you not understand the difference between Public and private?  Between my responsibility and  yours? 

All that happened to your precious USDs in any system of ours was that you were issued credit for them.  You were given pre-paid credit in exchange for your debt notes --- and you want to claim that you were harmed by this?  Alarmed by this?  

You don't know how pre-paid credit works, as opposed to a legal tender I.O.U.?

I have explained it, in print, and video, repeatedly. And even if I hadn't the popular and common use of prepaid gift cards and phone cards should surely have given you a clue.
Prepaid credit doesn't have to be paid back, ever.  It's not taxable, either.  But if you want to keep your debt notes and stand there and watch inflation eat any value they have into oblivion, instead of being out of that lose-lose situation, fine by me. It's your life. 

If what you want in your pocket is USD, you are welcome to it, and you can just use any commercial bank you like to service your accounts and you can "go long" betting on the prospects of a currency that even the owners of the currency are openly destroying.   

Did you know that JPMorgan is up for sale?  Have you read Joe Biden's Executive Order 14067?  Did you see that he is hiring 87,000 new IRS Agents and surveilling all transactions of $600 or more?  Have you seen the projected inflation figures for January --- next month?  25% losses of value (a hidden tax) due to inflation, and Joe Biden's spending on the Ukraine, coming to everyone who is holding USD?

This was all happening while the rest of us have been setting up actual lawful money currency for the entire country to use for purposes of international trade --- ordering gold coinage and yes, new gold-bearing bills, so that people have actual wealth in their own hands.  Not some ditzie cypto BS digital "currency" like FTX, that some Snooper Pooper "Agency" Goon can turn on and off like a water tap..  

Also for your edification, Anita, someone has to own the banks in a Banking System --- because the meaning of "own" in the law is something quite different than you ignorantly suppose.  It means that we act as custodians of the banks.  We underwrite them.  We hold them accountable under the Public Law of this country which everyone, including you, can read.  

If we are underwriting these banks and providing the pre-paid credit and the gold coins and gold-bearing bills (AFD) then we have an interest in their proper performance. Banks are private enterprises regulated by governments and certain international and global conventions. We are being very up front about the fact that any disputes these banks have, will be settled under American Public Law, so that all the banks in the Blue Dot System worldwide are on the same page, and functioning under the same rules.  This is why it is called a Bank System and not just another bank. 

Everyone can read what the Universal Bank Charter (which is a contract) says in plain English.  Ditto the one-page Bank Treaty. Both are public and posted and that is all there is to it. No mysteries.  No extra hidden hooks or sweetheart deals or sidebars for "special" clients. All transparent as crystalline glass. Nobody has to wonder what kind of agreement anyone else got, and you have no excuse for pretending that you didn't have access to those documents or don't know what they say.  

So how any of this is being presented as any arcane mystery worthy of doubt and suspicion is a wonder to me.  And exactly how and why and when and where I became responsible in any capacity for a state-level Credit Union based on membership in a Private Membership Association (PMA) is another cause for amazement. I didn't charter your Credit Union and couldn't even if I wanted to. 

Maybe that's why I haven't been forthcoming?  And haven't got on my white horse and taken time away from the developments that actually are my responsibility?  

I also haven't given any particular credence to your suspicions since none of you have produced a shred of evidence.  Did you cheat yourselves?  Have you harmed yourselves?  Like a Mother with errant children, I'm concerned, but it's your knees.  

The members of a Credit Union own it and I am not even a member of the PMA, much less the Credit Union.  As a traditional Credit Union it exists at the State-level and in the National Jurisdiction, not the International and Global Jurisdictions I operate in. 

The whole "narrative" you and your friends are trying to spin is like blaming a Deep Sea Captain for your own mismanagement of a salt mine in Idaho. And no, for your information and for Darla's and for Yvonne's, I don't regulate salt mines in Idaho. 

I didn't charter your Credit Union or check out your PMA.  I doubt very much that you contacted the California Assembly and got them to issue a charter for you, which means you have been operating a Credit Union in the State of California with all the rules and regulations that apply. 

It also means you haven't heard a word I have said or learned anything I have tried to teach you, so I don't know why I am wasting my breath now, except to set the record straight. 


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  1. Thank for this well-written article. I do not profess to know much about banking systems but need to learn. I am most interested learning about what you and associates have available to the people if you would be so kind as to point us in that direction. Thank you, Steven

    1. Is your bank up and running now? I have been waiting for information that would allow me to be involved, but maybe I have missed something. I do indeed want to be part of the new banking system you've started with others. Hopefully you'll direct us as to how we proceed with this. Thank you for everything you do in this regard.

  2. Hunter Aki’s Credit Union is a Private Membership Association (PMA) called the Global Family Group. I don't belong to it or any other PMA. As part of the PMA he has a Prosperity Program for willing investors. Now, rumors have surfaced that some investors in the Prosperity Program haven't been paid according to their expectations, and want their money out. With the PMA, Hunter calls ALL the shots, and there is very little transparency; which is why many folks would not consider joining a PMA.

  3. While Anna didn't recommend this Credit Union PMA, she did recommend Hunter Aki. He is also the Director of the Global Family Bank, which is chartered by The Federation. The bank charter is signed by Anna Maria Reizinger, "Fiduciary", James Clinton Belcher, "Head of State", Harold Heinze, "Steward, The American States & Nations Bank" and Hunter Kalaniku Aki, "First Director, The Global Family Bank". I think that the similarity of names and Anna's recommendation and doing business with Hunter has been confusing for many people. My hope is that Anna will recognize this and work with the people to get this rectified in a practical manner.

    1. Agree! What is Going on Here? And where is "THE MONEY Deposited?

    2. Also where is "THE GOLD" to back the "AFD". Now what about commingling funds to with the Global and his Private The Hunter Groups "The Prosperity Program"

  4. I see J.P. Morgans building in New York is for sale. The implication was as stated the BANK of J.P. Morgan was for sale. I also see J.P Morgan is "Expanding" into Greece. J.P. Morgan to launch the first batch of MSCI China A 50 Connect Index Warrants in Hong Kong,J.P. Morgan opens its branch in GIFT IFSC and J.P. Morgan Completes Acquisition of Global Shares. So, Which is it ANNA! Love to here from you.

  5. Not Me. Still waiting