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Saturday, November 12, 2022

National Rat Watch Day

 By Anna Von Reitz

With the Marine Corps celebrating its birthday on November 10, and Veteran's Day on November 11, it just seems like we ought to make it a Trifecta and declare November 12 as National Rat Watch Day. 

My Grandmother and Mother got started rat-watching just after the Nixon-Kennedy debate, but even prior to that, they had noticed a pattern. 

The nastiest legislation coming out of Washington, DC, including the Federal Reserve Act, always seemed to center around the holidays from Halloween to Christmas, when people were distracted by the harvest and Church and community events.    

So that's the time slot when these two American women decided to watch Congress; and year after year, decade after decade, it became a family tradition. 

While everyone else was being Holly Jolly and baking cookies, my Mom and Grandma baked their Christmas Cookies with one ear cocked, listening to the news coming out of DC. 

This might seem to indicate that my forebears were politically inclined, but that is not the case.  

My Grandmother likened politicians to different colors of pigs at a trough (prove her wrong) and my Mother, though keenly interested in the local township and county doings, considered Congress "a growing annoyance" worthy of attention simply because of the trouble they caused. 

Rat Watch has now become a phenomenon and though we continue our vigil each year through the holidays, Rat Watching has become popular throughout the year.  We have Rat Watch embroidered patches and cloisonné pins, and I hope to see a Rat Watch vest and baseball caps this year.  

Though there is a wry bit of humor involved and lots of artistic talent around the country, rat-watching is serious business. It's the civilian side of our Public Duty to watch the government and keep it in line. 
We can best do this --- not by going to the polls once every four years --- but by keeping the heat on the politicians all the time. 

It's hard to imagine that our country could have drifted so far off course, if more people had been rat-watching and keeping score on voting records. 

This just-past election cycle saw the end of a political dynasty in Alaska.  U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski will be looking for a new job, possibly replacing Jackie Purcell as the Channel 2 Weather Person. 

Lisa, whose Mother was a Gore, as in Al Gore and the Chicago Daley Clan, would have done perfectly well as a Democrat. That's what she always was.  The problem is that she disguised this and ran as a Republican instead, and even worse, the Republicans let her. 

Our little Rat Watch group in Alaska tracked Lisa's Voting Record --- not what she said, but what she did --- for almost twenty years, and year after year, we pointed out the glaring discrepancy between what Lisa said during campaign season and how she actually voted in DC. 

This is a concern with all politicians these days, and it's largely our fault, because we don't have enough people on Rat Watch, sounding the alarm and holding them accountable.   

The Democrats began running as Republicans about thirty years ago, and now, the Republicans have begun running as Democrats, and neither political party maintains a solid platform, so the Voters are stuck buying pigs in pokes. 

Lisa's favorite excuse was that she was "independent".  Some people would consider that a synonym for "deceptive" coming from someone who didn't run for office as an Independent. Call me fussy.

She also liked to talk a lot about "working across the aisle" and "building bipartisan support" but the plain fact is that: (1) she was part of a famous Democratic family, the Gores and Daleys, and (2) she voted with the Democrats consistently for three terms--- as a Republican. 

When I first started pointing this out to Republican friends, you would have thought I killed the family cat.  How dare I?  Me, a woman who doesn't vote in their foreign corporation elections, and who isn't a willing shareholder, either? 

Well, I dare, because I watch the rats and because they work for me, albeit, in a different sense than they work for the voters.   

I know their voting records. I investigate their backgrounds. They can't tell me one thing and then do another. Nobody gets a free pass that allows them to misrepresent their actual agenda and lie to the Public. 

Not when I'm on Rat Watch. 

So the news that Lisa Murkowski will no longer be "representing" Alaska comes as a relief for many in this State.  

The Voters didn't buy the reasoning that her seniority in Congress was too important to lose. Who knows?  Maybe they will seize upon the joy of electing someone new every six years, instead of empowering more of what nobody wants, and thinking that's desirable? 

Maybe, too, the "Special Electors" have also begun to realize the importance of a U.S. Senate seat, and the need to have honest people in that position. 

Someone who will lie about who they are, what their politics are, and how they will vote on issues impacting you and your State, is not honest by definition.  Whatever else they are, they are liars, and that's a good part of how we've gotten into this Mess -- by electing people who are liars, and then not checking up on them and holding them accountable. 

Bear in mind that we are talking about a British Territorial Corporation operating as a "Congress" of State-of-State franchise owners, getting together in Washington, DC, and arguing about their share of the take. 
This is not the actual Congress of the People.  

Nonetheless, as Subcontractors, all these yahoos do work for us, and the things they do, do impact our lives.   

That's why we Rat Watch and report on what they do.  That's why we analyze their legislation, too.  We may not vote them into and out of office, but we can hold them accountable as a group and as individuals. 

Another Holiday Season is upon us.  Their mid-term elections are just behind us.  Washington, DC, stands deserted.  A ten-foot fence was erected around the Federal Reserve Building over the weekend.  

Seasoned Rat Watchers know why these things are happening, so join the crew and learn the ropes.  And celebrate November 12 in memory of all the Rat Watchers who have gone before you, and all those who will take up their civilian Public Duty in days to come.  


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  1. Yesterday, I asked if we met in Texas, decades ago.

  2. LOTS of Rats to watch! California has an over abundance of them!

    1. It will take a lot-o-pied pipers to watch all dem damn rats!!!

    2. Whats a "Pied" piper?

      Pied = parti-colored
      Earliest reference I can find, "Pyed Freres" - an order of friars known for the colors they wore (black & white)

      Sounds like Banner-Bearing or Shield-Bearing
      And we come to a point I've spoken on
      Shield-Bearers were oftentimes nobly titled, Esquires

      You can keep your "Pied" Pipers

    3. very interesting TRUTH.
      on some of the ytub CopWatcher videos ive seen recently, the LEOs are informing the 1 and 2Amendment Auditors that they dont have BADGES, they have SHIELDS.
      and quite a few quite boldly try to refuse to identify themselves by Name and BADGE Number.
      it occurred to me that
      BADGES = indentification for Societal purposes
      SHIELDS = weapon/protection for War.

    4. also TRUTH,
      FLAGS = Banners /Shields + Identification.

  3. Imagine that, rat watchers

    Oh the irony

    1. Hey Shelby - The Highway from Texas North to Canada, you did research a while back the name of the private Corporation or Corporations that own sections of the Toll Road. Do you still have the links or recall the owners?

    2. Go read everything on this site

      They started this shit after WWI it was the reason for the h'eye'way systems to be built in the first place

      Ford and Rocky (I refer to them as Rocky and BULLWINKle (one eye as in wink, and some fake rotchild characters) and they build the heyeway system for military like operations except on a seperate front, label the shit as 'freedom' for the serfs
      Ford and the auto industry along with ole Carnegie (steel or steal) and the rocky boys supplying all the fuel and you have the trinity to mezmerize the masses while working them like dogs for pennies to build the fucking PYRAMID PONZI SCHEME we are witnessing today along with all the other stuff the people built
      and today they are flipping that all on it's head to so call privatize it while they were your original money counterfeiters and the creators of this entire mess

      These inbred cock suckers know what they're doing and they want it all and they will stop at nothing to get it either

      I know that here in Texas that they leased out the Dallas North Texas Tollway for 50 years to a so called foreign outfit and that not one penny of the tolls paid stays within the United States nor in Texas
      They have accomplices world wide and they make their deals and present a totally different front to the people
      They are doing the same thing all across the nation putting in their SMART city track and trace cameras out the ass everywhere as part of their plan

      Plano Frisco Texas is a SMART city and region and recently I've noticed they are putting up 'district' signs in various places

  4. Sadly there are just as many " rats and liers" from average people that govt employees...!! That's what this system creates...!!

    1. yes, thats the source of supplying "rats and liars" for their system: our common people who will sell their own family, friends, and neighbors out.
      This is undoubtedly why our ancestors Declared that it is only those who .....hold the life, freedom, safety, and happiness of all man to be SELF EVIDENT TRUTHS who are able to be part of our Confederated Union.

    2. janmarie
      you gotta see this

    3. Pay close attention starting at 57 minutes in and the information about the SURname om ALL CAPS and the connections to commerce

      And by all means continue to send all those blank checks and any fiat money you can spare and volunteer you time and energy to their next stage play in the game

      Money MOON EYE is the root of all evil
      It is their GOD
      NOT MINE

      The bait and switch

  5. Since the Rats in DC did not nor were required to get a Clot Shot…let’s have them take that poison now and watch then squirm like the little varments they are! Enjoy.

  6. “ The nastiest legislation coming out of Washington, DC, including the Federal Reserve Act, always seemed to center around the holidays from Halloween to Christmas, when people were distracted by the harvest and Church and community events. ”

    This is interesting. And note worthy. Satanist John Ramirez, (who tries to pretend he’s a Christian to worm his way into the church), said that that is the busiest time of year for them. Halloween through Christmas. It’s on YT in his bragging sessions at a hapless church in August 2022.

  7. You best read and read and read because the shit you're being sold is just that, SHIT

    1. And the insider everything is just off the damned charts

      And it is everywhere


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