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Friday, September 30, 2022

What to Expect

 By Anna Von Reitz

Expect a collapse in housing values— an effect that has already begun, as home values have just posted a decrease for the first time since 2012.  Expect this devaluation to continue. 

At the same time that the value of your home is decreasing, the idiotic Federal Reserve is raising the prime interest rate in a purported effort to forestall a form of inflation that has nothing to do with the money supply. 

Think of a man hopelessly pumping the brake pedal on his automobile in an attempt to slow down a passing freight train —and you will have the flavor of how ridiculous the Fed’s action is. 

All it does is further ensure the collapse of the housing market by making home loans more difficult to obtain and adding an additional $90,000.00 more expense on a average thirty-year loan. 

All of this is happening against a back drop of ever-increasing “Excess Death” statistics.  Nearly fifty-percent more Americans are suddenly dying since the Covid 19 vaccination program began.  All those “Excess Deaths” mean decreased demand for the housing market — and if pure senseless criminal mismanagement of everything were not enough to guarantee a housing collapse, this final factor nails it to the floor. 

Even if we gave every homeless person in America a house for free, we could not stem the economic consequences of a die-off on a scale like this. 

Lower demand for houses, coupled with higher interest rates and greater long term costs, guarantees a collapse of the housing market and all related sectors of the economy— real estate, construction, loan servicing, and insurance sectors will all hit the tank. 

Millions of white collar and blue collar employees will lose their jobs and not be able to find new employment without WPA-style projects being implemented. 

This will spiral into more mortgages going into foreclosure and more and more people losing their homes.

For those already retired the “structural inflation” —let alone all the counterfeiting of Federal Reserve Notes—- will guarantee that their pensions are worth less and less in terms of buying power. 

This will lead to more senior executives staying on the job at the same time that the corporations are forcing “early retirement” on the lower level employees.  

Millions of Americans will be facing a retirement of abject poverty as the cost of everything continues to climb. 

Millions of young families will not be able to afford a home of their own and will instead be forced to live with older family members or take up a nomadic existence, traveling from state to state looking for work and a way forward. 

Meantime, ironically, the dollar will be strengthening against all other currencies — something that most people will cheer, but which will price us out of the marketplace, and close down international trade. 

The insurance companies already staggering under the weight of all the “Excess Death” claims, will be put down by the “Mortgage Failure Rates”—- as each mortgage is insured as part of the overall cost of the mortgage, the insurance corporations will be double-struck by the housing market collapse. 

They will all go bankrupt except AIG which has government guarantees, and possibly New York Life.  And so, all the money average people have invested to protect themselves and others will not be there when the ax falls. 

In this kind of melee, bank bail-ins are very likely, as the banks (falsely) claim to own all deposits anyway. Whether or not they get away with confiscating depositor’s money is being test run right now.  

It is a no-brainer that banks crooked enough to claim that they own all deposits are also crooked enough to confiscate not only deposited funds, but safety deposit boxes, too. 

In a recent contested FBI raid in Beverly Hills 86 million dollars was confiscated from depositors who were not under investigation. 

The FBI just went in and wantonly pillaged the “safety deposit boxes” of all bank customers, taking family wedding rings and college funds and whatever else they found. 

This kind of lawless activity on the part of the private security “agencies” is on the rise and unless public action is taken, will continue. 

A search of corporation records confirmed that the American Bar Association owns the Internal Revenue Service and the so-called Northern Trust—- and is liable for most of the illegal confiscation and pillaging that Americans have suffered. 

Expect action to be taken against the Bar Associations as a result.  Enforcement is already underway. 

The British National currency, the Pound Sterling,  is presently taking the largest nose-dive against the dollar in recorded history in anticipation of more hidden indebtedness and liability claims to be exercised against the foreign Inner City of London Municipal  conglomerate and its franchises. 

That is, the British National currency is taking a beating on a guilt-by-association basis.  The British people are victims in this scenario, being held accountable for the actions of the foreign Municipal Government of Westminster in much the same way “Americans” are being blamed for the actions of “the US” and the Ukrainian people are suffering as the result of illegal activities by NATO on their soil. 

The practical response to all this is to decrease and limit your deposits in all conventional banks and take no false comfort in FDIC insurance.  

If there is a bank bail-in, which is likely at this point, your account funds will be seized without recourse —large amounts or small— and there will be no insurance companies left standing.  Ask the people of Sri Lanka. 

Your “Safety Deposit Boxes” will also be fair game for the white collar criminals. Ask the people in Beverly Hills who are currently fighting the illegal confiscation of their safety deposit box contents by the FBI. 

Expect growing resistance by the corporations to accept cash payments and an overall attack on the use of cash.  Remember that cash is evidence of their debt to you and they want to destroy that physical evidence just like they burned books that exposed them in centuries past. 

Remember that “their” police forces are not here to protect you, even though they are paid with your money.  The police forces are being deliberately misinformed and misdirected. 
When push comes to shove you must be prepared to defend your own homes and your own persons. 

All but the most deluded “Progressives” understand this situation. Make sure your local Sheriffs know and know better than to attack their own people on the orders of foreign corporate interests. 

This  is why we must undertake a massive public education effort to let everyone know and bring worldwide attention to bear on the Government of Westminster and the Municipal City State Governments — the Vatican, Inner City of London, United Nations, and Washington, DC.—- from which all this violence and theft and lawlessness flows. 

NATO, which caused the problem in the Ukraine by building over a dozen germ warfare facilities in Ukraine, is but an extension of these same perpetrators.  The supposed “Good Guys” are actually the Bad Guys in this situation.  

It’s easier for them to victimize people who trust them or who mistake them as part of their own government, instead of knowing that they are private mercenaries being paid with commandeered government funds. 

These are hard facts—- all of them.  But we don’t have the option of ignoring facts. Facts not fantasies are what bite us in the butt. 

So be forewarned. Make every effort you can to explain this situation to all who will listen. Prepare as much as possible for hard times ahead. 

Short of a miracle we can expect a time of great upheaval and institutional collapse throughout the Earth.  This is the result of long term commodity rigging and legal chicanery— and failure to hold “our” government accountable.  

That is all the Bad News. The Good News is that not everyone was caught sleeping.  Thanks to those who stayed awake and watching great efforts are being made to create a vital “End Run” correction that will release millions of people from the worst impacts we’ve described. 

There are ways and means for people to be released from mortgages they never owed, ways to underwrite public debt, and ways to open up honest banks, ways to identify and write off Odious Debt, and ways to heal the damage that has been done. 

Be assured that a majority of the people on this planet are still sane, and as more of them awaken, the balance of power and justice tilts inexorably in our favor. 


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