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Monday, September 19, 2022

Let’s Review Before the Test….

 By Anna Von Reitz

First Lesson: this country has been “occupied” by its own military since 1863.  

That military is largely commandeered and misdirected by one of our Federal Subcontractors— a British Territorial Corporation doing business as the United States of America, Incorporated.

It is to their economic advantage to promote constant war and constant reinvestment in military tech development and military expansionism. 

Constant war means job security and investment opportunities for military personnel. Constant war and war preparation means more money for “Defense” Contractors.  

And since the military has been running things through their “civilian service corporation”, they have had a free hand to vote for lots, and lots, and lots of “defense spending” that has allowed these players to establish over 900 military bases worldwide. 

Second Lesson: Not only has America been suffering occupation by its own military, since World War II, they have occupied most of Europe, Japan, and the former Commonwealth nations, too. 

So as you are witnessing Europe slitting their own throats by sanctioning Russia over a trumped up war in Ukraine that NATO provoked by establishing over a dozen biological warfare factories in Ukraine— bear in mind, Europe does not have much of a choice. 

They are deeply in debt to “the” U.S. and occupied by “the” U.S. and everyone makes the mistake of calling “the” U.S. by our name, “America”—— so we get blamed for what the Brits are manipulating “our” military to do.

And it isn’t hard for the Brits to twist our military any way they like, because a British Municipal Corporation, SERCO, is acting as their Paymaster. 

Third Lesson: the Federal Reserve Note is an I.O.U.   It is also a military scrip.  

Military scrips are like Monopoly Money, issued on bases and within encampments to function as a “domestic currency” within the domain of the military by military personnel. 

Because they never had any authority to issue an actual American currency, the U.S. Military occupation force issued “Federal Reserve Notes” as a currency to be used as scrip within the occupied territories. 

Notice the word “territories”. 

When they conquered Europe in WWII their Federal Reserve Notes became the “Reserve Currency” of Europe, Japan, and the former Commonwealth countries.  All those national currencies had to be “exchanged” into Federal Reserve Notes in order to trade with the U.S. Military. 

So, seventy-plus years on, we are treated to the spectacle of two competing monetary systems based on I.O.U.s. — the FRN’s and the EURO.  However, everyone knows that both these currencies are military scrips and that in a pinch, the EURO will be sacrificed.

And that is exactly what we are observing. 

That’s exactly what the Brits were/are trying to avoid with Brexit—- retreat into their own national currency, the British Pound Sterling, so as to dump the endangered EURO before the Piper demands to be paid. 

Lesson Four:  As a military scrip issued by a worldwide military organization, the FRN is blood money based on human energy, creativity, labor, and physical bodies. 

Review my book, Blood Money, for a more extensive explanation of how currencies based on labor differ from money based on physical assets. 

The primary functional difference is elasticity. 

Money based on physical commodities is relatively fixed because the amount of any commodity is finite.  

Currency based on human labor, brain power, performance ability, and other tangible and intangible “merits” is potentially infinite. 

Countries with small populations have an advantage when we use actual physical asset-backed money.

Countries with large populations benefit from the use of blood money currencies. 

This means that Britain is benefited from money based on gold and silver, while China—for example, is benefited from a currency based on human labor and creativity. 

America, with a large but not gigantic population, can swing either way.  Russia can also swing either way. 

This sets up a situation where the large population countries are seeking to maximize the value of their labor force at the same time that countries with the Natural Resources and stores of gold and silver are at odds. 

It’s a chicken and egg stand-off.  Is the material to build more important than the ability to build, when both are needed to construct anything? 

Go figure. 

The Russians have weighed in with the large population countries and backed BRICS, while “the” U.S. has waffled. It doesn’t want to give up its cozy hegemony, but it doesn’t want to be isolated, either.  And Britain, as always, is playing the puppet master. 

Expect World War III and pray that someone with a brain comes to power in the USA, INC.

Anyone who thinks they can fight inflation by spending $700 billion more “on credit” does not qualify. 

Lesson Five: in order to survive this we have to use our brains and our voices and we have to back the restoration of our civilian government. 

Remember— the military does not have the authority to issue actual money.  Only the States of the Union have that right and duty. 

So it is imperative for everyone’s good that the actual American Government stands up and issues a new national asset-backed currency. 

And it’s imperative for the occupying military interests to support that and answer to the call of the civilian government that they are supposed to defend. 

Lesson Six: There are no National Debts and there are no substantial international trade deficits.  There are dishonest accounting practices that make it look like National Debts and Trade Deficits exist—- but they don’t, 

In a debt-credit monetary system, every debt is immediately met with an answering credit. 

If you don’t put the credit on the books and don’t balance the books, it looks like there is a debt—- but what the crooks are really doing is using the “off-ledger” credit as a giant Slush Fund for themselves and also as a mammoth Investment Fund — which feeds back into the Slush Fund. 

As a result of this and the fact that the people are being taxed both for the actual credit they already paid, and for the absence of that credit on the books (“interest on the debt”) everyone is suffering.  

The obvious cure is to be honest and do the bookkeeping.  A lot of people on the Biggest Gravy Train Ever don’t want to do this for obvious reasons, but even more people need it done and done now.

Lesson Seven: America is not a democracy. America is a Federation of sovereign republican states.  The British Territorial United States is a democracy. 

So all this war-making and theft and disinformation has not been promoted by America.  A lot of deluded and deceived Americans participated in it unknowingly and some criminals benefited themselves to an incredible extent, but the American People are not the ones doing this. 

The British Tories who substituted their Territorial Government for our lawful American States are the ones responsible for all of it. 

Three years ago, the call went out to assemble the States of the Union—- and thousands of Americans have answered that call.  

Today, the civilian government of this country is active and in General Assembly status in all fifty States. 

The military government provided “for” us on an “emergency” basis has been notified that their actual Employers are back in town. 

It remains to be seen whether or not the U.S. Military will heed the call, do the bookkeeping, and do the right thing—- or not. 

So far, they have acted as pawns in a British Commercial scheme to kill and/or claim millions of innocent people as property. 

That scheme, though causing horrible damage to this country and many others, has failed. 

Lesson Eight: Americans desperately need to come together with hearts and minds to end this situation. 

Any questions? 


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