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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Kindly Take Note

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have to bear with this and help each other as best we can, and focus on the positive aspects of life and fellowship as much as we possibly can. 

On the other hand, there are some things in life that aren't negotiable. 

One of the things that isn't negotiable is the mission of The California Assembly and all other State Assemblies during the assembling effort --- the process by which a State Assembly and its membership is defined and organized.  

The purpose of calling The California Assembly into Session is to restore the State Government and ultimately, the entire American Government, to full force and function.  Please notice the word "restore".  

We have an eight cylinder engine that has been limping along on four.  Our job is to get all the rest of the cylinders firing in sequence.  We aren't here to install a new engine.  

Our organizations are law abiding, peaceable, traditional republican governments.  Republican government is the natural government of Free Men everywhere and is community-based, often with special respect being given to Elders, and with community organizations being further organized to work together cooperatively.  

We use counties and states as our organizational units and tie them to land and soil parcels.  Native Americans used permanent and seasonal hunting grounds as their organizational units. Whatever you use for organizational purposes the function is the same: to provide each man and each woman and each community with protection for their lives and property interests. The needs, sacred nature, and importance of the individual is emphasized as of paramount importance, and equality is assumed.  

This is different from a "Republic" which is an autocratic and patriarchal government that employs a strict caste system and bureaucratic regime to guide the affairs of business interests defined as cities or municipalities --- as in the Roman Republic, which was governed by Senators and paid for by Plebeians.  There is a reason that it is called "The People's Republic of China" and not the "Republican Government of China".  

And both of these are different from Democracies, which are essentially government by mob rule.  If 51% of the people want to jump off a cliff, such a government is said to have a "mandate" and be enabled to force 100% of the members of such a society to jump.  We have no insight into why any thinking person would ever choose to live in a democracy, and it is certain that our Forefathers did not create nor did they promote democracy as a desirable form of government.  

Democracy was adopted by the U.S. Corporation.  Not our country. 

For some reason certain people in California (and a few other States) are continually drifting off course, away from restoring what should exist and completing the task before us, and instead, wanting to redefine and recreate and remodel  instead of restore.  

They don't like The Ten Commandments as the basis of the Common Law, and despite the fact that this has been the basis of the Common Law since there was a Common Law, they want to object to this foundation and go off and advocate something else.  Something different.  Something new.  And there is not even any agreement on what that new standard might be.

All I can say is, good-bye, go argue it somewhere else.  That's not our mission and not something that we are going to change as part of this restoration process.  

Restoration --- the action of returning something to a former condition. 

What happens later, after the restoration, is part of the "Next Phase" of whatever comes.  

Those who want to argue about the basis of Common Law in this country, those who want to argue about their responsibility to uphold the Public Law, those who want to meddle in other people's lives, create new kingdoms for monarchs, seek vengeance, argue about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin ---- all such extraneous topics and issues, please go elsewhere and gripe and argue and be "concerned" to your heart's delight, but don't interfere in or try to change the mission that our State Assemblies have undertaken.    

We have to restore our government or there will be no government, and with no government,  there will be nothing but anarchy and foreign oppression and loss for all Americans, including those that want to argue about topics that are not even close to being ripe for discussion.  


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