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Sunday, June 19, 2022

What Catholics Believe June 14, 2022


  1. Dr. Taylor Marshall speaks about the corruption in the church. I love that he quotes Vigano, whom I admire and respect despite not being catholic. Here is an example of what I mean:

  2. Unusual activity at the Vatican as reports break that Pope Francis may be about to resign.


    1. Ok...and then what? How do the pundits see things going from there, we will have two Popes on ice, and will they just trot out a non-jesuit Pope this time who doesn't want to destroy everything?

      Naming a few LGBTQ cardinals isn't really the most damaging thing they could do anyway, the Vatican more or less wrote the book on fraud or did they forget what the Vatican really is.

      I guess I should watch the video, I hate videos doesn't anybody remember how to read anymore? I just want a few paragraphs that I can skim quickly. I'm not getting any younger and I may not live long enough watching all these videos haha! Sorry for the rant, but they are going to have some explaining to do on this one. Retiring the last Pope was dodgy enough to begin with but TWO of them now!

    2. Step right up Anna says and open your new bank account in yet another fraudulent banking scam only this time Satan is disclosing that the PERSON is the value. ( they have to do this) Meaning they need you to open an account in order to harvest your value , equity, global trust accounts to sail their Shipping bank representing the new Named FED system ( renamed and reorgani) disguised as your anchor and freedom of course, even throwing the Love card in there for all you New Agents/ Agers to latch on.

      Go for it .....that us if you want to to be strangled of your blood and substance raped and robed of your inalienable rights. These morphidite frauds are now attempting and instituting a new breed of human resources as slaves and surety for backing their illegitimate Communist Corporations ( they only say is unincorporated ) to a whole new level. THEIR AIM IS TO TO OWN YOU AS THEIR OWN PERSONAL PROPERTY , AS IN YOU SIGNED THE CONTRACT and now you have to stand in as surety for our new world order___ PMA that you voluntarily donated your allegiance rights and E state to. NOW BE GOOD LITTLE ZOMBIES AND TRUST US FOR WE ARE YOUR SAVIOR AND SLAVE MASTER AND YOU WILL GET LEEKS AND ONIONS , NOT TO WORRY.

      THEY ARE BANKING AND TARGETING THE SOULS THAT ARE DESPERATELY LOST , the destitute who were made poor by the scamdemic of c o v I d enslavement, as in ( you are a dumb dog put on your mask) and finally those who took the black goo jab they already own that property/ body.

      Sometimes instead of being a dumb dummy that follows the flow , try going against the flow that is presented for it is the easiest and best way to be sure you are not caught in the nets and snares of Satan and all his human filth servants. AT LEAST THEN YOU CAN BE A man or woman free to exercise all your rights without being caught up in the enemy's evil snares and traps, for then you owe them allegiance even if you fell into the trap without full disclosure. AGREEMENTS MUST BE KEPT. This is why Anna is pushing this black dark road that ends in HELL .... because she sold out made a deal and so did Belcher James the one impersonating as a head of their evil state. Weak minds bring weak results. Trust these Liars your as good as gone.

    3. William Smith,
      is that you willsmith?
      guitar player?
      extra-ordinairy logician?
      one of the five most sense-making men on this planet?
      luv your comment above: *not enough time for all these videos, gimme a couple short paragraphs and be done with it!!* lololoool!

      janmarie : )

    4. *extra-ordinary*

    5. Hey janmarie, yup it is me, must have been a Freudian slip to use the big boy serious version of me. Thanks for the kudos my dear you have got me blushin now haha!

      Sure we need to get rid of the current Pope for being a jesuit if nothing else, they knew better than that but I guess it didn't matter to them when there is a agenda at stake. We have all been indoctrinated to know that a Pope is there until he leaves this mortal coil. How are they going to explain TWO Popes on ice now?

      "Well you know it's fantastic the two retired Popes are cell mates now and they like to play checkers with afternoon tea and crumpets. But look here we like this new Pope for life again. Until he becomes so compromised on every level that we have to have THREE Popes that cant go out in the daytime now too"

      But stupid people won't get a clue...

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Paul and or Anna , I found the comment from Levi posted on other sites a bit harsh but True , why do you deleteTruth? You allow Anna to write whatever she interprets as truth and all I see many doing is Fact Checking As a Catholic you know we are to test all spirits.
      It is a fact that St. Germain was Count Francis Bacon and that the St. Germain Trust has ties to dirty corporations and Freemasons and Rosechristians. I know a Freemasons and he to me that they worship Lucifer and Allister Crowley was one of them.
      By deleting g Truth and allowing lies to remain signifying that there is smoke Amd mirrors going on. HOW ONE CALLS THEMSELVES A christian and be a instrument here is between you and God. The other dozen or so sites covering these very facts are fair and Balanced and have a right to question this so called trust and bank to be for true American that Americans did not authorize or vote on. Other concerned American monitoring what is being proposed here do not delete or censure any content for or against. The right of the people to free speech. YOU HAVE THIS site AND AFFORD YOURSELF FREE SPEECH YOU ALLOW Anne free speech but you deny it to others. So who are you really? WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? AND WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? I read your reason for having this site but it just don't add up.

    2. Anna husband Mr James is a Freemason and is in the brotherhood with my dad and uncle who meet regularly . He has even been to my house when he completed his master masons degree or seal of authenticity. m
      He, like my father and uncle proudly wear their masonic signet rings that symbolizes allegiance and loyalty to the brotherhood. Yes Lucifer is their guild, for he is the angel of light. I hope to follow in my father's footsteps and I think Anna and James are nice neighbors who make the best barbecued pork I ever had..

    3. tracy,
      you are right tracy, cradle-Catholics are among the most honest of all people. you could give an actual cradle-Catholic $25,000.00, leave, and come back 40 years later and it would be just the way you left it... they would not have touched a penny of it and would have guarded it for you just as if it was their own.
      maybe thats why paul was picked? .... because he has a stellar reputation?

      something is fishy.
      willsmith has brought that up before too, and others.

      hey, whoever is manipulating the comment sections here on pauls blog, "grow a set" why dontcha? : ): ).

      you little wimp. : ): ): ): ): ) haha! let other opinions out!!!

      * 'FRAIDY CAT * ha!! :):):)


    4. Hey folks, America is not the only country with a recent bout of electoral fraud, check this out.

      It's like being in a special big boys club or something haha!

      I followed the results of our election last September. They learned from you folks how to throw an election with all manner of fraud.

      Yup the one where Fidelito got pelted with rocks everywhere he went and there were generous F*ck Trudeau signs everywhere before it was even trendy with that little soiree called the Freedom Convoy in January. There were TONS of those signs in Ottawa just to make sure he knew what we all thought of the little twerp. I am just a bit surprised that we are seeing this news story on msn, they must not have been smart enough to know what they are publishing. But...the truth must be told, it's groundbreaking though.

    5. there is supposed to be another documentary coming out, i believe its about: how all of the Foreign US Corporations' elections here, since ??????, have been manipulated by "voter fraud".
      heard some interesting opinions about a different flag flying in Ottawa, the Governor Something-or- Other, who is supposedly the one who consults with "The Quaine" before anything becomes "law", even after approved by the PM.
      then too, is the fact that after 2001(?) The Quaine is not shown wearing a Crown on the munee., so of course , there is specuation that she(/he?) died in 2001; and also there is chatter about "closing down the Monarchy *NOW*", when the Monarchy was perhaps actually closed down in 2001.

      so many secrets:):):)!!! everythings a secret?
      these peoples fulluffiguesical shenanigans are wearing on the peoples' good nature.


  4. Yes Mam, I do believe you are right, I am an Idiot in the first degree.

    1. oh, i didnt mean it jack.
      you think other men are worth more than you? how does that happen? what have they fooled you into thinking they have that you dont?
      higher standing with Old SleuFoot? lol! angels are created. theyre not bigger than their creator.
      why worship a creature instead of the creator?

      and why would james belle cher be a mason? hes supposed to be some sort of a "Hereditary Head of State" of some Fiktion that "anna fanna bo banna inc" made up in "her" competition for ruling over "America", isnt he?... so now youre claiming hes your neighbor? and with all his other "Important Duties", hes gunna roll out the bbq grill an bbq some "pork" for you? nawwww, not buyin it.

    2. I never said James made BBQ, Anna his dear lovely wife did. Her corn chowder is no good because she waters it down way too much where you can't even taste the corn. I myself much prefer the whole kernel, this way you know what what you're being fed.


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