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Monday, June 27, 2022

The Good News and the Bad News

 By Anna Von Reitz

The good news is that you are immortal and always have been.  The bad news is that we are all going to die.  

If you have been watching and listening and learning from all the information being pumped out about "the Shift" --- the collapse of the electromagnetic field and pole reversal --- you will eventually pick up on what isn't being said in so many words: physically, we are all going to die, because we can't exist without the EM grid.  

The body you will inherit upon arrival in the next time-space is similar to your body now, except that it will be of different materials, lighter and stronger, not carbon based, and it will have many abilities that you don't have now.  The new body doesn't constantly degrade like the carbon-based model, so illness and infirmity will pass away.  

Your consciousness will be preserved.  Those of us who have lived in love all our lives will be able to perceive our bodies throughout this transition, as our bodies will glow in a way similar to phosphorescence, even in the midst of the swirling darkness.  Otherwise, it will feel like you are in an undefined space filled with the blackest imaginable smoke--- albeit, smoke without odor. 

This is a temporary condition and you might as well just settle in and enjoy the ride. Except for your own dimly phosphorescent shape, and maybe that of whoever happens to be very close to you when all this happens, you won't be able to see anything.  So, you might as well relax and sleep through this.  

No need for terror.  Just be forewarned that this is what happens, when and If a shift in time and space occurs.  It won't hurt.  You won't be in any danger.  It will just seem very odd.  As long as you are expecting it and know that it is temporary, it is no big cause for concern. 

Upon arrival, you will wake up in a new world.  Everything will be weirdly the same, yet different.  For example, the grass isn't blade-like, it's more like a tiny fern --- and instead of being bright green, it's a pale green.  

The oxygen content is high and every breath you take revitalizes you, but don't just jump up and start flailing around, because gravity isn't the same, either.  Get too jumpy and you will find yourself 10,000 feet in the air, looking down on your new home.  

Those others who have journeyed with you will be waking up, too, and you will soon reconnect with your family and friends and be greeted by Healers who will begin teaching you about the trauma you've endured and the new world you have been given.  In this process you will relive --in retrospect --- your life on Earth from an entirely new perspective. 

When you are done with the healing process and are used to your new body there will be other choices to make.  For you, the trials and tribulations of an Earth-bound life are over.  You are set free to create your own reality.  This is where having a firm fix on your Happy Place comes in handy.  

Wherever your heart wants to go, you can now go there.  Whoever you want to be there with you, will be there with you.  It is given to you to be able to create your own vision of bliss.  Your own private heaven.   That's why I encourage you to think about your Happy Place --- that perfect environment where you feel at home and happy.  Imagine it in detail.  

Thinking about your Happy Place not only comforts you now and lightens your load, but when the opportunity to create your perfect world comes, you won't be left flat-footed without a thought in your head.  You will already have the blueprint for it.  

As for "dying" my dears, we have lived and died and lived and died, so long and so often, that it is entirely familiar.  It's nothing to fear or regret.  Like walking from one room to another, or waking up after a dream, our bodies simply fall away like the dry husks of a butterfly's chrysalis. 

My point is that dying is entirely natural, so natural in fact, that you will recognize it as it is happening, and you won't be afraid.  

It isn't given to me to know how many will be resettled here, but some will remain for whatever reasons.  The planet is not "doomed" but it is due for an overhaul, so there will be plenty of work to do and lots of beautiful things happening as the planet is revitalized and reborn.  

I can't help but feel that my role as a Guardian here is nearing an end; I have been faithfully on post for many, many lifetimes, and I am looking forward to new horizons for me and my Soul Family.  Like an old soldier going home at last, it's a bittersweet feeling.  I will miss the constant challenges of Earth, the eternal answering of questions, and the small, homely comforts that sustain us all.  

Have faith that there is a reason for your existence.  Have faith that life is not a waste, but is instead, a most glorious gift.  Keep faith with your dreams.  They are the blueprints for the worlds you will build.  And know that just as a caterpillar is destined to become a butterfly, there is a most surprising --- and wonderful --- destiny for you.  

And in the end, there will be nothing to regret.  


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  1. Death, Judgement, Heaven or Hell. One go around is all you get, and yes you will live forever, whether you want to or not.