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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Juan O’ Savin: Makes His Most Explosive Speech Ever!!



  1. I find it ironic that Juan is always railing against the Brits, when he's operating at least partially in the British Territorial system. I wish someone could reach him with the unfortunate (for him) facts so he can declare his status one way or the other. I think he's probably sincere, but I can't say that with even 75% surety. He (and Donald Trump) may be just trying to pull another Abe Lincoln on the American people.

    Tony B. on Idaho.

    1. Tony, I get that Anna informs we can perform in more than one "jurisdiction" but we can not have "dual Citzenship" as American state national people nor as citizen (capacity.)
      We therefore can certainly be protected/guarded/defended by Territorial/municipal persons/individuals who at their peril defend the american state nationhood, as they seek to uphold honesty on british/papal side of the power sharing agreements on that side of the constitutions.
      Clarify for better accuracy if you will. tku,
      reality factor

    2. Why are you relying on a PERSON to inform you?
      Someone covering up and ignoring intrinsic facts yet claiming to have your best interests in mind at that

    3. hey HTURT,
      Why are you re-lying. you seem to be of the opposite of "live" = "evil" cult? Csn you evidence otherwise?

    4. reality,
      why, because TRUTH has a different opinion than you?
      bring your facts that refute what he said and put them out there.
      nobodys listening to someone who attacks the messenger anymore.


    5. Hey Jan! Hope your well! I wonder if they even know what a PERSON is

      Acts 10:34 - Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons

      Deuteronomy 10:17 - For the LORD your God is God of gods, and Lord of lords, a great God, a mighty, and a terrible, which regardeth not persons, nor taketh reward

      2 Chronicles 19:7 - Wherefore now let the fear of the LORD be upon you; take heed and do it: for there is no iniquity with the LORD our God, nor respect of persons, nor taking of gifts.

      Ephesians 6: 8-9 - 8 Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free.

      9 And, ye masters, do the same things unto them, forbearing threatening: knowing that your Master also is in heaven; neither is there respect of persons with him.

      and one of the biggest

      James 2:9 - But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors.

      A PERSON is a PERSONA in common language. If you want to talk legal langauge, heh, its whatever they want it to be, corporations included

    6. you are right on all counts TRUTH.
      yes, the words they use in LegalSociety MumboJumbo are going to be changed to mean whatever they want it to mean at that moment.
      but you know, eventually they will realize that nearly the whole world is now waiting for them to prove what lawful standing they had to have done what theyve done people.
      and so far it looks like they had NONE.
      people seem to be "Popping Awake" in droves!!!!!!!

      great list of scripture references by the way.


    7. ...what theyve done *TO* people.

  2. couldnt post in the food destruction article.

    i am reading all different kinds of things about kansas, like: temps over 100 degrees and massive cattle deaths from the heat, and from no water...
    i dont see or know of any of that, so if 10,000 cattle died in kansas, i have to wonder why.
    one article specifically mentions Ulysses kansas, but that is way way down south and west, very close to New Mexico!!... our temp today didnt get over 83...and i just had to run out to put my sun umbrella down because its starting to rain.

    i can tell you this from decades of experience being around kansas farms: kansas cows can stand the heat even when its over 100 in july/august, bec.
    • most of the cattle is bred right here (midwest) from long lines of stock that was also bred here and they are well acclimated, with care, to thrive here... like our corn, wheat, chickens, and beans.
    • no one in kansas who starts out to raise cattle is not first going to secure a safe and continuous supply of water for them... either a well with a pump, or a spring, or creek and will always have at least one heavily canopied area that provides plenty of shade, and usually also have a deep, cool ravine thats open on one side to let in the breeze PLUS backup sources for all that!
    the kansas beef i know about, all of it, is well tended and well cared for... cattlemen/ farmers dont go into business to lose money.
    so when i read that 10000 cattle died in kansas before june 15, especially with no drought, i think something is wrong.... fearporn? or what?


    1. Intentionally Done:

    2. Thousands of cattle poisoned in Kansas!!

      Jim Stone- CONCLUSION: "The elite who ran the large feedlots poisoned the water supply to the smaller farmers to kill all their cattle, so the elite could more completely take over agriculture.
      Watch this video

    3. thank you ready. will watch your references today.
      ...didnt even think about something as horrific as someone poisoning these beautiful creatures!!
      i believe they do nothing but GOOD for the earth! their "patties" are so clean that in the past when nothing else was availablle, they have even been used for heat!
      • milk: wholesome and good for man, high in protein and natural energygiving sugars; fermented, feed the gut:immune system!!
      • their butter: CLA: GREAT for brain tissue, eyes, hormonal stack, skin, spinal cord;
      • meat: clean protein, healthy fats, B12.
      • bone: broth; highly absorbant calcium, magnesium, silica, cartilage:
      • When utilized rightly, they get turned loose in the fields after harvest to forage and in the process leave enzyme-rich, pre-digested "fertilizer" which they then mash into the fields with their hooves so it is spread out and can decompose further during the freeze-thaw cycles over the winter so at planting time th soil is active and "living" with beneficial bacteria that helps repel weeds and predator insects, but throws heavy tassels on the crops that feed the butterflies and honeybees and hummingbirds and other flying creations that pollenate the plants!
      so whats not to like?
      its so absolutely stunning how it all works together; how when allowed to work, we can watch the natural processes CREATED BY OUR CREATOR that are all set up for us and nearly everything else on this home of ours to enjoy.

      as you can see, the "market" for so much manufactured fertilizer is reduced; irrigation needs are reduced because humus in the soil helps retain rainwater; gas and machinery needed to spread manufactured fertilizer is reduced,... am i advocating for doing away with all this? NO!!! :) >its great, but has been overused.
      so, to me, it looks like maybe their supposed concern over cow farts and us enjoying a steak now and then isnt so much their focus, but instead, it really is about wiping out the creator-created natural beneficial processes that keep us UN-dependent on their man-made "marketed" substitutions.

      im not doing it. im sticking with my creator.
      and it is so.

      lets just use our right, in peace, to make the changes necessary to thrive and live happy...we do not break (the) peace, (the) law, by doing that.
      living thankful, appreciative. in awe. our connection to our creator is our greatest gift. we do not harm man when we do live that way.
      so by what authority and using what law would man say we cannot?

      [ref: the man they call "je-sus":
      Pharisees asked him by what authority he did these things! he said, i will tell you if you tell me by what authority you say john came baptizing.
      they told him "we cannot tell".
      he told then, well i will not tell you either.
      "je -sus" was teaching common law under authority of our creator:
      no man is required to answer to another man.
      they hated him for it.
      wanted to kill him.
      matthew 21:23-27; luke 20:2-8; mark 11:28-33]


  3. Why is this posted?

  4. so dang funny: infowars has an article up "public not buying claim thousands of cattle dying from "climate change"" -- some of the ref'd comments people have posted are hysterical:
    blame goes from:
    the heat, to rapid temperature changes, to stress, to feedlot fattening, to being in shock, to something that happened after a thunderstorm, -- global warming is being pushed on twitter, and climate crisis.
    others say they were poisoned.
    or it has something to do with the fires at all these food processing plants.
    POISONING sounds most likely to me, especially if one recalls it was reported by many that the **FEDERATION'S BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT'S FEDERATION AGENTS**
    were supposedly:
    **SETTING THE CATTLE ON FIRE** AT THE Bundy Ranch "Stand-Off".

    So, if true, would the worthless, loser-style men and women who were probably peeled up off of the bottom of a trashdumpster, who agreed to set living creatures on fire for money, also be willing to poison living creatures for money or other privileges, benefits, with immunities?
    just asking.
    i believe its certainly plausible that they would.


  5. its plausible that perhaps The Corpses are trying to "di-vest" themselves of their Former Assets on their Balance Sheets that have now become Liabilities to them.... yes? no?

    so heres an example:
    a CorpseAgent is an Asset if it is "Adding Value" to the "Bottom Line"... so lets say, for an example, that BLM Agents agree to contract to Burn Living Cattle to just speculating here... to take Land for a man who calls himself "TheKing" because another man who calls himself "TheHeadReligionLeaderOfTheWorld" told him it was okay or whatever...

    now the serfs
    (whose authorization is actually REQUIRED before the self-appointed "Leaders" can actually do anything without The Self-Appointed Leaders" incurring PENALTIES from the creator of all that is, upon themselves..),
    refuse to go along with such things, believing those things to be against God and man; and the dammstupidcow serfs wont budge on it...
    the Agents Call Out: sui bossie!! su boss!! c'mon boss, ...trying to get the dammstupid serfs to step on through that Gate the Contractors are Handling... but they just keep Standing.
    then maybe they try a HogCall on the serfs: sui pigpigpigpig sui pigpigpigpig but the dammstupidchattle chattelcattle just keep standing and Standing and STANDING.... saying No.

    That kinda puts the Contractors "Outta Business" as they say then.... like, now those Contracts are Liabilities on the Balance Sheet, since they are no longer Adding Value to the Corpses Bottom Line.

    i dont know much about Ac-counting, but i believe thats how it works.

    so now, would the Contractors have to either figure out for themselves how to make themselves useful and add value to the bottom line or else be more or less "SoldOff", "Salvaged", or "Warehoused"?
    just asking.


    1. janmarie, a woman who lives in America. How the heck are you, long time no post because many people said bad things about the fearless leader. And there was great punishment in the land, and the people were melancholy. Well we assume, but they couldn't know for sure because there was a media blackout...

      As always you are the funniest gal this side of...well actually I don't know which side you are west or east of. But no matter, you still got it!

      Business as usual up here, Fidelito Jr is being forced to give up some of the punishment of the little people. Oh and Freeland doesn't really care what people think of the Emergencies Act they foisted on everybody back in the old days of the convoy here in the frozen tundra, the hostile wasteland. And she is not going to answer any questions about it. Well except if big men with enormous weapons are asking the question, but she is good she is one of the nouveau gilded class in society. So hey it's all good, let the serfs eat cake. And there was much rejoicing and merriment among the small people who were too stupid to be offended...

      And Fidelito Jr., really must be the unluckiest beggar on the planet to get the nasty Covid thing twice in 6 months. But don't worry that he is the poster boy for vaccine failure, he is really glad he is up to date with all the shots and I am just waiting patiently for the day when they report that in spite of being thrice vaccinated for it, he is the poster child for MonkeyPox. But he is just so darned happy to be alive and able to bitchslap the rest of the people to get their shots too and be as deliriously happy as he is haha!

      Thank you for your post my dear and good evening!

    2. hi willsmith, my fave-oh-right canadian. yur bein prudy danged funnee yur own self there you ole' canuck you.

      yep, we all got grounded. :):):):):).
      looks like we can "use the car again" "but only to go back and forth to school, no riding around, going to the lake, or stopping for fries and a coke. Straight Home." :):)

      trudy making an ass of herself, i mean him, him, is all over YouTube. And that Freeland dude, she reminds me of the type of Mistress of the Big House whose mistreated servants put filings from their pedicures and other assorted "goodies" into the bottom of "Miss Priss's" soupbowl, before ladeling in the gravy. :):):)

      and what a stroke of bad fortune tgat Fiddeau

    3. as i was saying before i so rudely interrupted myself by hitting publish...

      what a stroke of bad luck it is that Fiddeau [Fido?] AND Faust, i mean Fau-chy-na, BOTH got the crud... they prob. didnt get it, theyre prob both just hiding:):).

      now there are reports that the mun keepokkx is from taking the vakk scenes???


    4. LOL I like the nail clippings in the soupbowl joke, she is one severe chick. How the heck does anybody with a degree in Russian history get to have an opinion about the economics of spending $8 billion from thin air? To fight inflation haha!

      Actually it all makes sense when you hear that Fido and her are Schwab's favorite graduates from that little club he's got going on in Swissyland.

      Yup I hear the MonkeyPox thing is cover to explain weird and abnormal growth sprouting up on the bodies of the vaxxed. They are clever blokes we can give them that much at least to come up with such crazy schemes. I guess they have to go all the way and say that they ordered zillions of doses of vakks for that one too, which they did say. There is some hushed dialog in some quarters that the monkeys will be running the asylum sometime around October just in time for the mid-terms down there. Another mail in election woohoo! And guess who won again? What a surprise...

      It's really starting to get spooky now, we can expect damn near anything in the coming days.

  6. hypothesizing:

    so what if you are someone who has spent their life:
    • telling lies to people
    • deceiving people
    • telling some of the truth... but not *ALL* of it, to people in order to steal their labor from them; to lavish it on yourself knowing you were not worthy to have those things you stole because you dont have what it takes to earn them yourself!! youre maybe stupid, slow, stinky.
    .. oh, and nobody likes you either.:):)

    what if you:
    • routinely framed people
    • spread "suspicions" you made up .... about good people who you knew hadnt done what youre insinuating, but its the only way you can get the money you want?

    and such the like.....

    1. still hypothesizing:

      and then what if the danged ole"Pope" comes along with his "MotuProprio" in 2013 and tells you to stop it cuz he not gunna cover for you anymore ?

      and you dont wanna stop it.

      cuz its all you got?

      just "spinning a yarn" here...

    2. Or kansas is a focal point (hot spot) in their overall agenda

    3. Yes janmarie, you are correct they don't wanna stop it because it's all they got and there ain't no yarn in that sweater, and there ain't none because it's the real deal.

      You know when we think of a Pope like John Paul II who was really admired and adored throughout the world and it turns out it's just all commerce and corporate fraud of their own creation? And they all cover for it, for the criminality of it all...

      Makes you wonder where it all went wrong with this world. Was it always this way? If not when and where did it end up in the ditch.

      I know Rome went through a period with the establishment of the Republic and for awhile they were able to keep it together. Or so I have heard, I saw a great Youtube video from a professor at Hillsdale College in Michigan on the background of Rome in the early days up to the collapse. Of course it didn't really collapse, they just issued an IPO to take the whole mess public and booted up another version half way around the world where people had funny names and skin color.

    4. shelby,
      i believe you.
      I-35 runs through America north and south through Kansas City and I-70 runs from the east about 3/4ths of the way west, also through Kansas City and so the two of them naturally have their intersection point also in Kansas City.
      that intersection point is close to the Viaduct that connects downtown Kansas City Missouri and downtown Kansas City Kansas... it goes across the river
      and over whats called The West Bottoms... the whole area is barges, railyards, trucking.

      hey, ive missed you.

    5. willsmith,
      omg, "aint no yarn in that sweater".... you got me still giggling over that one.

      yes, after realizing the fakery and fraud and falsehood brought to us by Religion, ive also wondered if its always been this way and decided it probably, except for a few periods, always has.

      there are certain things that are true though.
      find one and its the anchor.
      then the next one makes itself known.
      then more.

      its kind of discouraging that so much time seems to have been lost floundering around being pulled in so many directions that come to a deadend but maybe the only thing thats going to count at the end is, did we discover what is true? the answer for everyone will be "yes"; so, what did we do then? live it or reject it.
      just my thoughts.

      and i miss you too.

    6. Janmarie, Yes darlin I miss you too, I was having withdrawl when Paul slapped the little people for mocking the afflicted, that would be the fearless leader. There are all kinds of theories about what this place was supposed to be and it got hijacked to be what it is now. Do we really need all these control systems and so-called elites knowing better than us? They don't know better and they will start eating themselves at some point when they get the idea that the pie isn't big enough for all of them to belly up to the table and carve off a slice.

      I regret that so many of the small folk were so stupid and took the bait and gave the psychos exactly what they wanted over the fear-fest that was Covid. I know there is a lot of guffawing, back slapping and high-fiving over that tactical win. A lot of people haven't been hurt enough by the Covid thing to get the idea that they should be mad a somebody. It's starting a bit as people get hurt by it, but it's only going to embolden Fauci and Billy Gates to keep pushing the boundaries and double down on more of what seems to work. When you hurt people enough, there will be a Marie Antoinette moment emerging in the wings. Take everything from people and yeah you will have a slug fest of biblical proportions. Legally there mounting challenges to the criminality of what was done and still is being done. The little stupid ones are too stupid to be offended, with their tragically low IQ (I got that from you I love it) and when too many people wake up and realize what is being taken from them it will start to get ugly. They know that too, and they have a plan for it but they hope that it will be a civil war where the Hatrocks start clubbing the McCoys and not the Gates and the Kissingers.

    7. its nice to be missed willsmith.
      maybe some of us should figure out how to trade our contact info, in case of shutdown...? i only have two or three peoples contact info on here and would like to have a few more.
      you interested?


    8. Sure I was thinking that too.

    9. great! will see what i can come up with for functioning email this week.

      will -- remember that, i think it was cubesphere, who said "cake" is the babyplacenta?....the birthday "cake".... mess/mass... Christ mass.... Marie.A.: let them eat "cake"? ... so to being told "The people are hungry!", he/she basically was saying to let them eat their own flish and blud. unbelievable.


  7. Anyone else notice Anna turned off comments after a few began to give closure to the people about the facts. That fact that she is a horrible tremendous liar. The fact that she says but she Is Not DONOR of Nobody in any National or Natural trust. FACT THAT SHE IS Not THE INDEMNIFIER of Nobody's business operations. FACT THAT SHE IS NOT THE Guarantor of anything , especially man and woman's Freedom. CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE ACTUALLY POSTED THIS IN HER LATEST ARTICLE . OBJECTION ONCE. OBJECTION twice, Objection thrice . How is anyone else not seeing the disconnect here? Why are you all here? To support such a Farce or for entertainment ? Bye bye

    1. To keep the disclosure moving forward, to ensure not one living soul is trapped in these machinations.
      To keep shining a light for those lost in the darkness.
      To tell people the evidence of their eyes and ears are not wrong so stop ignoring them for the words of others
      one doesn't need a "warrior" to tend a garden, but on the front where the assault is happening

    2. John, yes of course people see what is really going on and the disconnect. There are some cheerleaders who seem to function as shills for her articles for whatever it's worth. Look Anna has provided some helpful information in the past even though it can be difficult to vet her information. And I have noticed that it's not so much that she says, but rather wont say that is where the rubber meets the road.

      The fact that the comments are turned on and off at will is a warning sign yes that is true.

      There are people that lurk who actually have the know how to add value to the whole idea but they either aren't regulars or if they are they occasionally chime in with info that could move things ahead in terms of knowledge. From that point, the comments can be very helpful and often there are some nuggets to mine from what I would call insider information.

      This is why The Matrix movie moved the dial even though I myself didn't make the connection to the movie until I knew more about how the world actually worked. I was able to start connecting dots with what the Matrix was communicating. It's a shame we all have to scamper around like squirrels looking for nuggets of truth where it can be found. The world is inhabited by some people who want to know how everything works, what is the history, how did it come to be that way, why is this world such a cesspool, and many other questions.

      There are others however that wonder if there is a sale on sneakers with built-in LED lights at the mall. They are curious about nothing and another segment of people will actively go out of their way to punish the messenger if you try to red-pill them. They don't want to know...period. Happy to stay in the bubble shelter. It wouldn't surprise me to hear that almost everybody knows people in all of the above categories. You will certainly hear the loudest bitching from the naysayers who "hear no evil" and don't want their world view upset in any way. The education system has done a credible job of getting us to this misery, but individual personalities are all over the map.

    3. hi john,
      im here because "shes" calling "her" Little FederationConatraption "she" made up by the name we already claimed for use for our Confederated Perpetual Union!!!!!........ very similar to how they use our own *calling*/"Name" on their Birth Certificates to name the "Persons"/Corporations/Trusts they makeup..
      then we cant tell the difference and they slither out of Trustee liability position into Beneficiary position and scribble on their papers that we claimed Trustee position when we stood up when they called out "The Name." all without telling us anything meaningful about it.

      people seem to be waking up in overlapping clusters.
      must be that 100th munkee phenomonon?


    4. janmarie CHECK IT OUT

      Check it out

      This fraud is up folks and the prick got his start with Field McConnell

  8. Agree with you Will. I hope you are the Will Smith that slapped the ship out of what's his name, he deserved it. Truth, that's just it, there is no full disclosure here or anywhere other than from the Spirit of True God. Because their aim is to conquer you into submission to gain your sweat equity, life value that is your inalienable rights that you give up to these tyrants like Anna once you sign in....YOU SIGNED OUT! and like in battle-ship! They sink your battle-ship ( gain your state / ship)but not before they promise you gifts and gratuities that you never get anyway AND EVEN IF YOU DO YOU just sold out your power life and E state AND YOUR SOUL more precious than all the gold in the world for a new identity as a federal slave in the newly created welfare foodstamp ebt card program disguised as The United States , Disguised as An American in a Free Republic.

    NO way, this one here called Anna vonreitz is a whoremonger riding the Beast and she knows it and so does her God of darkness Satan, aka Lucifer. NOT TO DIFFICULT TO SEE THE TRUTH. She and her handlers will fall hard for they are subject to be returned what they planted . ANYONE DEFENDING THIS Swine and her Snare is just as guilty as she. NOW YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED THIS IS NOT MY THEORY OR OPINION , THIS IS Fact and if these Frauds wish to hold a public debate to prove us wrong we are ready to step forward for this most sought after showdown that they avoid at all cost.. they are so scared and such Nature's law will handle it and them of course. . THE MESSENGER OF TRUTH AND GOOD SAMARITANS sounding the alarm for thoes who have eyes to see and ears to hear always gets persecuted and so we are the Children of light and we will never ever surrender to or stop warning to try and serve those being blindly ushered into darkness. DARK Souls WITH NO conscience or EMPATHY FOR OTHERS , instead WISHING TO DO THEM HARM to profit themselves All putting on a front ..DISGUISED AS GOOD but in fact ARE evil and because of their evil deeds WiLL FALL , THIS IS A Fact. Good day.

    1. John, no I am not that Will Smith but it is my name!

      Well that was quite a post. Someday I am sure you will tell us how you really feel about things! Yup I agree with you it is a Luciferian control system in place. So how long has it been this way? It seems like forever but we haven't been alive long enough to know. Is it as simply as psycho tyrants over and over again popping up like Whackamole? You get rid of one and another takes its place?

      From what we can get from research, most of it from the internet and from the work of others, we can start to see that this tyrant driven world has very likely been following an age-old formula.

      A population free to do what it wants, as in do no harm, is not what they want. The registration process via the birth certificate is probably the slickest con game there is going as you said. People give up their right to their own identity and are chattel to be bought and sold. It's incredibly sick and yet it's remarkable that the entire world works that way. Anna has lost her way, if she ever was on track. There is no compelling reason to come to this blog if comments are turned off all the time, the only thing going for it is the interaction.

      I have wondered if Anna is pursuing the model of Gemstone University with Ken Cousens who supposedly established a breakway society by sending notice to anyone that it may concern. That is what he said he did, and perhaps Anna thinks she can establish that model.

      If anybody out there remembers the movie Bedazzled back in the day with Liz Hurley and Brenden Frasier, there is a lesson there about being thorough when you say you want something when you are bargaining with a woman claiming to be the devil. And be careful what you wish for you might just get it. Very entertaining but the law works a lot like a contract with the devil. No kidding!

    2. Check it out

      This fraud is up folks and the prick got his start with Field McConnell

      Might I remind everyone that this clown has been on shews with RoseAnne and Field McConnell and a lot of other shews including a shit load of patriot bullshit shews

  9. Listen for another viewpoint but use your discernment, the spiritual gift God gave you to navigate in a sinful world. Pray always and put on the whole armor of God.

  10. Check it out

    This fraud is up folks and the prick got his start with Field McConnell


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