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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Public and International Notice to the Generals 7.0

 By Anna Von Reitz

Which "civilian government" are you supposed to answer to?  The American Government of, for, and by the people of this country?  Or the Pope's Municipal Government of the United States?  

Read those contracts. Put the timing of those contracts into context.  Which civilian government are you supposed to be listening to and serving?  


It looks to us like you just glanced around and said to yourselves, "Well, we are supposed to be taking our orders from a civilian government, so we will take our orders from the Municipal Government of Washington, DC. That's civilian, isn't it, Boo-Boo?"  

Wrong answer, Yogi. 

Just because our civilian government wasn't in Session doesn't give you permission or authority to redefine which government is owed your good faith and service. Your contract, if you still have one, is with us. 

We are the civilian authorities you forgot about --- your actual Employers. 

Now, you may say that, "Well, you guys weren't in Session, so what were we supposed to do?" 

You were supposed to inform your Employers what was going on. 

You were supposed to help your Employers conduct new elections. 

You were supposed to turn back the powers of government to the people of this country to whom you owe "good faith and service". 

Instead, your predecessors colluded with the Municipal Government and in 1937, secretly issued "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States". 

Copies of this document have been reproduced and distributed worldwide, so everyone can see how our foreign subcontractors -- both denizens of the District of Columbia, colluded together in conspiracy against the Constitutions we are owed  -- instead of rendering good faith and service to the people paying you. 

They can also see how you all benefitted yourselves by engendering a permanent state of war and emergency, guaranteeing yourselves constant employment. 

This poor country has been kept "at war" in reality or on paper for all but 22 years of its existence, largely thanks to you and your pandering to foreign governments and foreign interests. 

The American Civil War, which was a mercenary conflict, was never settled by a Peace Treaty until July of 2020 --- so you conveniently presumed a state of war and emergency must still exist.... and when that wore thin, you gratuitously declared war on poverty, drugs, and whatever else you could think up. 

The First World War ended similarly, with an Armistice, and only a Treaty of Versailles, so that  war also continued interminably in the International Jurisdictions and in the Air Jurisdiction.... 

Ditto, ditto, the Second World War, same story.  It actually ended in September of 1945, but thanks to your impossible-to-attain accord demanding that all Parties to that conflict sign off on the peace agreements, and not all Parties still exist, that too is left like an open door, allowing you to claim that our entire planet is still at war.... 

We call all of that nothing but self-interested bushwah, and we call you to your duty stations in defense of this country --- while we try to mend the diplomatic fences and sort out the many atrocities that have been committed by the Municipal United States Government and the British Territorial Government "in our names".  

This is the actual civilian government that you are supposed to answer to. You have been fully informed and have no plausible deniability left.  Your first priority is to defend this country, these people, and this government.  Your second priority is to defend this country, these people, and this government.  Your third priority is ..... (repeat as often as necessary).  

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America


  1. You are incorrect in referring to her as any kind of "CIVIL Acting Authority". Not only has she ever acted, claimed, or even wanted to be.
    In fact, she is one of the few that not only knows the correct definition of "CIVIL government", but also knows the definition and difference between that, and civilian government.
    You are incorrect about her being the confused one, when,so obviously, from your first sentence,alone, one can tell who is and is not confused.
    You are also incorrect in claiming that she has ever "issued orders",or defined "mission parameters". To anyone. Ever.
    Again, it is you who have been mis-lead, and are now, mis-leading others, by your very ignorant,and confused statement. In fact, so confused,and ignorant, that you tell someone that they have "authority only over yourself",while the very first thing you did in your whole statement is presume you can speak for others by saying "We".??
    Talk about ignorance and confusion.
    However, ignorance,and confusion, can be fixed and should be forgiven. If one tries to fix that.
    What I do not forgive, is the threatening way you ended your statement. Anyone who knowingly, speaks that way to a woman, whomever is may be,and for whatever reason one may think they have for doing so...I won't speak for anyone else, but as far as I'm concerned, if you wanna speak that way to someone..try me coward.
    Or, shut your disrespectful, and ignorant mouth...go educate yourself, then and only then,come back and apologize to her. Or I will have a new"mission parameter" one that you will find very unpleasant.