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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Participating in Your Own Demise -- "Commercial Remedies"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I described the process by which the Vermin have "latched upon" us by creating a British Person operating under what appears to be our Lawful Name----which is purloined and used instead as the name of a Legal Fiction Person. 

The Perpetrators then  insure that British Person against damage by accepting a Performance Bond from the Pope, and leave the Pope to manage the presumed estate of that incompetent British Subject (named after you) for the British Government.  

Broadly speaking, it's identity theft, pure and simple.  Except for the insurance wrap and the secondary "property management" of the stolen property, it's no different than what any credit card hacker does.  They impersonate you to gain access to your assets and credit. 

And finally, I described for you how the Pope then uses your name (or rather, the British Person's name, which they stole from you)  to create a panoply of Municipal Commercial Corporations which are all named after you and meant to impersonate you.  

In the realm of Magick, they have created "poppets" which they use like voodoo dolls to "represent" you.  They have control of these "juristic persons" ---- that is, corporations, that they have created in your name. 

As should be apparent by now, neither the British Person nor all these Municipal CORPORATIONS, like ALICE B JOHNSON (a public transmitting utility in Puerto Rico, now bankrupt) belong to you.  None of them, technically, have anything to do with you.  

They have no right to your assets or credit.  When foreign courts misaddress you as one of these foreign entities, technically, it has nothing to do with you.  When push comes to shove, they will try to claim that it is just a case of mistaken identities. A coincidence. 

"Why, however, did millions of British Persons just happen to get named after Yanks?"

Getting them to admit that you are an American Principal and the long-lost actual owner of your own Proper Name, which the Brits and then the Pope commandeered and misused --- is the hard part.

They fight that admission tooth and nail, despite the abundant evidence of what they've done, because they have committed horrible crimes against you.   They've stolen your identity, misrepresented your political status, subjected you, trafficked you into foreign jurisdictions of the law, and stolen you blind.  And they have even had guts enough to charge you for this "service".  

They've impersonated Americans for six generations, and committed endless crimes of barratry against us, while pretending to be our Good Friends and Allies.  

They made so much money off doing this to us, that they expanded their operations worldwide and did it to nearly everyone on Earth, singing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" the whole way, and making sanctimonious speeches about "liberty" and "democracy" and  liberally blaming it on "the Americans"---- that is, the same victims they've been porking since 1860.  

Now, it should be completely obvious that we, Americans, don't actually have access to any commercial remedies at all.  

The British Persons named after us belong to the British Government.  

The Municipal PERSONS named after us belong to the Vatican.  

Even though these things are operated in our names and are used to impersonate us and to commit endless barratry against us, they don't belong to us.  

The crime against us is that these things exist at all.   

Imagine my dismay when I recently learned that certain leaders in our State Assemblies are holding meetings and teaching our people "Commercial Remedies" a la Winston Shrout, another patriot friend who came to a bad end.  

We have no commercial remedies.  We, living people, don't operate in commerce.  And we don't own the Municipal CORPORATIONS named after us. 

These same Gurus are also wrong-headedly teaching our people all sorts of other foreign Territorial Remedies meant for the British Persons ---- use of 1099's of various kinds, Treasury Direct and GMEI accounts, etc.

But all these British Subjects operating as British Territorial U.S. Citizens belong to who?  The Queen.  They aren't Americans even if they are named after Americans. 

Neither the British Persons operated in our Names nor their remedies have anything to do with us. 

Key to those teaching and misleading people about this is the idea that there's this "gold birth certificate bond" that Americans can access as a remedy for their damages---but remember that the gold that the Pope puts up is an insurance performance bond issued to the Queen to insure the British Person she operates in our name.  Not us. Again. 

In order to access that Insurance Bond, we would have to adopt the political status of a British Territorial U.S. Citizen --- which means acting as a British Subject, a Ward of the State, an Incompetent, and an Indentured Servant.  

That's not what we join an American State Assembly for.  

If you want to claim British remedies, you need to hike down the street and join a District Assembly instead.  

The American State Assemblies are for Americans, and that is another no-brainer, if you truly know who you are and who you are not.  

An American making claims against a British insurance policy would be viewed as an insurance fraud cheat by both the Pope and the Queen --- and prosecuted accordingly, if caught.   

Stay in your own lane, people.  Reclaim what you are owed.  Leave what belongs to others alone. Learn to effectively demonstrate who you are and what your political status is and enforce the Constitutional Guarantees you are owed. 

The remedy for Americans is for us to act as the Employers of these Run Amoks and put things back on track,  put an end to their evil and self-serving lies, fire their judges and shun their attorneys, and bring forward their deceit, bad faith, and criminality for everyone to see on a worldwide basis.   Let everyone know that this is what they have done to their friends, the people who protected them and fought to save their bacon through two World Wars 
All those Filipinos trying to bilk us and claim our gold and our credit can also be seen for what they have done and failed to do, in the face of the thousands of American lives shed in the defense of the Philippines and the billions of dollars spent on making the Philippines safe.

                                                    By:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                                                     The United States of America


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  1. Wouldn't it be nice if we had effective advocacy in the international jurisdiction? Maybe people wouldn't be tempted to seek out other means for addressing their problems. Instead, we get lectures about our own, individual failures to hold foreign powers accountable. Maybe I misread the Home page of TASA but wasn't it "Your Government" responsible for guaranteeing appropriate remedies? Or, is that too just empty rhetoric?

    1. "neither the British Persons operated in our Names nor their remedies have anything to do with us."
      well that might be true if the CONTENTS of the Trust/"British Person" didnt belong to the American people, but they DO belong to us, so how in the world could the Remedies not have anything to do with us, the Trust's CONTENT owners??
      i dont see how that is even possible, since i believe we are called the "naturalborn Beneficiary" of the Trust AND of the Trust's CONTENTS.
      and besides, we never authorized our stuff to be used as their Trusts' TRUST CONTENTS in the first place, so if they hadnt stolen our stuff to begin with there wouldnt even be a Trust in our Names to get Remedy for.
      Thats their fault. We cannot be held to blame when we knew nothing about it. and we have proofs of the lengths they have gone to to conceal all this from us!


    2. these creeps arent our EMPLOYEES either! anymore than the people who "serve" us by lying to us or by ripping homes or family members from us are "Our Employees" for Gaaawdsake.


    3. involuntary servitude

      First instance you were trafficed in to this 'state of mind'
      by the state without your knowledge or consent

      Second instance you are being trafficed in to this 'new state of mind' with your own consent and providing two witnesses to their fiction and are now VOLUNTEERING to do their bidding with the promise of some money/gold at the end of the rainbow

      Like this one here
      Ex member of their church but now compelled to 'tell the truth' and to get military and police to play along with their

      Democratic NON MILITARY government based on establishing peace and solving environmental problems

      They play both sides and these bafoons touring the glow ball and selling us this shit are players

    4. Whole new meaning of pay to play

    5. Books books and more books all he does is research

      And he remains 'adam'ant in his message

    6. As he discusses the 'gen' names
      This is why even today, militaries of the world (which are all just disguised armies of the Roman Empire), always refer to soldiers by their last name (i.e., forename).
      Thule airforce base in Greenland? A coincidence I think not

    7. Utah, one of the four corner 'states'
      Oregon and the devils staircase
      This is part of the land that ole orange man reserved when he took office for their own use like all the rest of the west so they could work on the scene of the crime for the next 100 years undetected which is the end times shew and the UN 2050 agenda of all the west declared as off limits to all 'humans'
      It's right in their UN planning documents and part of their so called Green New Deal (Green as in maybe Greenland?)
      Green Acres anyone

      The IT Project that Ate (8) America

      Nevada and Virginia City (Virgin)
      Where they filmed the series Bonanza on the Ponderosa Ranch

    8. Shelby, what are you doing wasting your time on this website? Girl, you have more potential than that!! Most of the people on this website don't know their ass from a, 'hole in the ground!' But of course, they totally believe that they're experts on the world's demise! Maggie

    9. shelby,

      we love you and look forward to your "finds. thanks for sharing!

      luvya, janmarie :)

  2. John 15
    like seeds planted in the ground, the most beautiful flowers will not bloom if they are not cultivated properly

  3. The world of rules is made of paper,printed in black & level is white.You can't change it, only burn it or record it for forever lasting echoes.Think Ink, black makes the mark & presses on the light reflection.The Masticmystic truth dissected correctly & spoke aligned in the center of your equasion problem. Problems are not printed in green and purple. Records are not red and blue are they?

  4. We are not a record! so the record is not us ! We live and breath! Praise YAh

  5. "Render unto Cesar the things that are Cesar's and unto God the things that are God's."

    1. You were created from a ripple of water, inserted in a equator controlled "level cavern". Therefore the Echo was ripples in the waters of LIFE.Center/Vortex / Navel/Magnetism.

  6. I am still very much the student here. I have choked down the red pill if you will. In the mean time how is one to get by in the meantime? We all toil to put food on a table, to keep the candle lit and so forth. Commercial remedies make you a party to the crimes of which you have spoken. Again, how is the flesh to survive in the meantime???

    1. keep your thinking simple. who are you? what is your name? how do you identify? (THEY are pretty clearly telling us right now that we are "free to identify" as we see fit. it is universal right of self-declaration, to "identify yourself." Rooted in our faith, if you identify as a believer, child of God = heir of God, joint-heirs with Joshua the Anointed High Priest, Who also is not ashamed to call us His brethren!!! The Light. The Way, Truth and Life! as He taught "our Father!" and "who do men say that I am? Who do you say that I am?" see? Or, As you (the one being addressed would say within himself "who do I say that I am?" One who sees himself simply in these ways, following The Way, source our light which fuels our sight from within the heart; not on the earth, under the sun. His people are entitled to live and walk in truth. And light. And fact. Serving only Him and according to His Ways. His Word is the necessary light, illuminating the steps of our paths, but we are led by the Spirit, from within. "study to show yourself approved" gathering knowledge and understanding, needed in order to take action. Like a "need to know" basis, with each step taken, itself an act of faith, light for the next step comes. Ex; Are we bound to participate in commerce, or may we freely trade? Are we capable of equal exchange of value transactions? 12 usc 411, an expression of "non-endorsement" of THAT system. In what other ways may i express my wish to be separate from, or recognized as other, foreign to THEM? In every case a man may not be forced to violate his conscience, which is sacred, unseen, unwritten, for him alone to know or say. "what I have done, I have done." The Promised Way of Escape is Provided, Present and accounted for! call it 'freedom of religion,' congress shall make no law respecting religion or free exercise thereof." Our faith, religion, culture, customs, social compacts, nation, people all predate this system, and are protected in all the original documents. the New Covenant, The Gospel of Freedom! of the Kingdom! is our charter and bill of rights. A few hundred years ago, this peculiar people, covenant people, the First and Royal Family, descendants and heirs of the Most High, settled a new land, and ... is this your family? nation? chosen generation? are you on the land promised to our fathers? from which we will move no more? Cuz thats a grandfathered, protected, recognized status already, which i know of none who adhere strictly to it? Why? Reinvent the wheel? no, but "forget none of His benefits! and, treasure your birthright, first estate!" Ask, seek, knock. It is the Father's good pleasure to give you your heritage; the Kingdom! and "He has no greater joy, than that His children walk in truth!" Peace

    2. much respect to you paul.


  7. Your Eyes are gyrascopes of knowledge vibrations, you dont feel level.Therefore it is hard to think / level/leeway.

  8. Wow do you place YOUR light source on the table of light.

  9. I was not asked if that was an option?

  10. Ms Reitz instructed is to use the 1099, instructed is to operate in 100% Commerical , and instructed us to reconvey and trademark out name. Now that she is on house arrest with ankle bracelet , now the name does not belong to us, we are not to operate under Commerical even though everything is contract. Eat shit lady I don't want your evil contract your pushing for the bad guys. You are a liar and a traitor against Americans and America. Dirty old rag witch .

    1. Agree. it is a fact if the whole fed res sys acted on presumption that the people would have access to credit for all their essentials, since there would be no real money, then there IS a remedy built in, which may be discovered and executed, which would be inconvenient to ? the originators; benefactors; the name-stealers; the murderers and slavers of 6 generations of our people; the Covenant People of our Father, and now annagram too. huh. odd bedfellows you keep granny.

    2. Who is the "owner"? What is he called who holds original title? What is it by def, in other words? 28 usc 1733 says authenticated doc is original; certified copy becomes authentic original, cover is deed conveying responsibility of the named organization "birthed"-(established, formed, organized, its origin, genesis, beginning, creation) attested to by its creator, the responsible party via authentic, original, specific, manufacturers certificate of origin held safe n secure, proven by "certificates of title" basically saying "yes, title exists. i am legal proof." That's not what an original title unencumbered, "state...assumes no responsibility." in other words; the Secretary "cut the cord!" So, what is the man actually called, standing on and for the record, in court which is bound to accept the "original" title he is holding in his hand, proof of paramount claim? Legal and equitable title to property; an "organization, corporation, or trust," quit by the State, if not "owner" or "an owner," what is correct term?

  11. Oh and the 1099 is what they use to claim we abandoned our property, Estate, and rights , of course they don't want us to learn the ropes cause it will sink their ship and their profit. Ms Reitz has sold out and sunk to the lowest low and if you board this ship she's promoting you will sink too , all the way to the bottomless pit of yet more darkness, deception , death and distraction. What a liar and whoremonger , they really do think we are all a bunch of lost sheep. Think again swine, scum.

    1. Sheep can cover you with their fur, they believe that we are Chickens cackling all the time, and only one rooster is needed to get them to lay more eggs!

  12. How do you deposit a Note? You can offset the Note by claiming it for what it is, a Credit, so when I go to the Bank with a Check on the back I write "For Further Credit", I believe that is all it is!

    1. "for further credit" can you elaborate on this a little more please, as you see it? i see it is form of endorsement- clearly not of the federal reserve; iou obligations n liabilities, debt, negative, minus, death pledge, legal tender monopoly money exchange- not debt but credit- asset(s)- lawful money as in real, substantial, inherent value attached, asset; gold, silver, land, deeded, titled, unencumbered property. is this simply all you do? does it accomplish same as 12 usc 411 redeem in lawful money? Do you need to modify signature card at bank? Any other explanatory convos w bank agents/principals? Any other simple thoughts, ways of looking at from another's perspective, nuggets helpful in connecting dots. Thanks

  13. Anna, Thank you once again for your advice, endless sharing of knowledge and guidance. I for one am so grateful for all you have done and continue to do. Your impeccable timing publishing the 2 articles are on point with a insurance situation I was attempting to navigate. I’m following your advice and stepping away before I step “ in it”. I’m using this experience as a learning lesson as to how they do it. This insurance co. Has been in business since the early 1900’s and have buttoned down every il-legal aspect of the process.

  14. Target weather warfare zones for the next two weeks folks

    1. I like watching Mike's weather also


    These pages expose the real luciferian illuminati agenda, not just the juicy tidbits the illuminati families ALLOW many searching people to find. The information that has been made available from other sources has been allowed as a smoke screen to throw those seeking off track. What is coming is far worse than a global fascist/communist state. What is coming is a devastation so massive humanity is going to plead for a New World Order and a messianic-style king.

  16. I asked a bondsman about a 10000 dollar bond for sale for 35 dollars at bond office required to act as a state notary. I thought it insured me but he said no it insured the state notary, the state entity called notary. Corporations have to insure all entity’s they/it creates in case it harms another. Also attorney departments are required it appears all corporations have them. Same old investment companies now incorporated unlawfully on our land now for years after revolution when the United States and the other one United States of America stayed in business as they had well before the revolution with foreign investors in the shadows. Makes sense now why King George refers to himself as Prince Elector and plenipotentiary of United States, he meant the company he was/is using to exercise treaty deals and was not referring to The United States of America the newly formed union of the people and their own unincorporated business. People better get on it or wind up “ those people too ignorant to hang on to their own land, possessions, and family” The ones so easily fooled few shots were ever fired to conquer them and cheat and win using their own pride, ego, ignorance and innocence. Innocent people are also hung lest the watchmen warns and the tower is understaffed

  17. Hospital my mother worked for for 30 years is now taking away her pension payments

    The public pension ponzi scheme

    Those SS payments that they promised the retiring populace will now be TRANSFORMED in to digital UBI but only if you consent and comply

    By 2030 you will own nothing - what a joke
    You don't own the shit now

    They have to wipe out the old to bring in the new

    And remember the other day I told you about ole DISNEY and that current shit shew
    Well as I said, not an accident
    Anagram Disney and add a 'T' and you get DESTINY

  18. You're not in Kansas anymore

  19. This guy is amazing as far as I'm concerned

    Never ever does he falter from his message

  20. Holy moly everybody, you have to watch this one

    1. Thanks for this "holy moly" Shelby, I said the same thing. "Holy Moly."

  21. Earth Worship, the Earth CONstitution, the connection to wind farms and World Parliament

    Your Gaia ID on the internet is all linked to gmail folks

    The internet ecosystem folks

  22. That’s nice, dear.


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